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  1. On several occasions I have started the engine .... cast off .... jumped aboard ... and reached for the tiller ........... which I forgot to fit.
  2. Will you be permanently moored in a marina with water and electricity available? If not, I suggest you might find that showers are the best option. If you are out boating you might get fed up of replenishing water tanks on a very frequent basis and running the engine to heat the water.
  3. PhilR


    In my experiences depth of the waterways is one of the thing that has improved over the last 50 years. It is important infrastucture like lock maintenance which has deteriorated.
  4. The Kelvins are wonderful engines. The K1 and J2 are ideal for narrowboats. Anything larger is overkill ... but that is just my opinion!
  5. With a 12 litre Kelvin I assume there isn't much difference between idling and running? Have the alternators been charging OK before your current problem or is this a new problem?
  6. The best light I have is fitted on the stern rail. I bought it for £3 from the 2nd hand bin at Kings Lock Chandlery. It has a wonderful 180 degree flat beam. I fitted it after my dog had slipped off the counter a couple of times in Harecastle tunnel. I no longer have the dog (he died of natural causes), but the light is still very useful when mooring in the dark.
  7. And formerly St Margaret's Insurance! ......... I first insured a boat with them 55 years ago. I have just received my renewal notice. They probably aren't the cheapest but they are reputable and helpful.
  8. I agree. I would be inclined to fully open the top damper and close down the bottom damper more. Maybe there isn't enough low level ventilation in the boat or the door seals on the stove need replacing ?
  9. Given their recent track record , I am not filled with confidence for 2021.
  10. Am I being too optimistic in anticipating that CaRT might give us another month extension on our licences?
  11. I think most people are behaving sensibly, even if they are confused by the rules. Some of those who "just carry on as they want to" do it regardless of the rules?.
  12. A lot of the problem at the moment seems to be that nobody understands the rules anymore. The "rules" seem to change daily and even the politicians and "experts" don't appear to agree?
  13. When the teacher tests positive the whole class is sent home to isolate.
  14. That sounds good, and a cheap and convenient way for your needs with a water cooled engine. I have an air cooled engine and can easily drain down the fresh water system. So I am thinking that a de-humidifier might be more beneficial and cost effective than heaters? I just want to prevent water damage and mould from condensation etc. I have access to a landline at 12 pence per KW/hr.
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