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  1. All good stuff guys, and I guess I'd better not ask about using a trike! On a conventional two wheeler carrying stuff could also be a problem especially if you have a basket with say groceries on the front because of the wobble factor - so unless you fancy an early bath, a trailer behind is probably going to be a lot safer as you head back to that boat along the canal path.
  2. .... and not one doing 25mph!
  3. What's the deal with electric bikes on towpaths. Are they allowed and if so, what sort of restrictions if any are there... and recommendations please as thinking of getting a couple of 'em. Bikes in general can be a but of a nuisance as walkers will know, but are electric bikes charging along (see what I did there πŸ™‚) going just a bit too far?
  4. I'm left wondering if post Covid the bottom will start to fall out of the camper van/motor home market. Still popular of course, but for how much longer.
  5. For those like myself that sell their house before buying a 'live aboard' boat, where do you/did you live during the interim. Not wanting to impose on friends and family we'll need to find somewhere that does not deplete our capital too much but by crikey, rentals are really expensive - so any suggestions guys... apart from don't be so daft. One idea which might be daft is to buy a motor home and sell it once we find a boat but that just seems messy plus, there would be some sort of ground rent to pay if it's parked up somewhere for weeks or even months.
  6. Anybody tried sofa bunk beds? Not sure if you'd get the height. interesting idea though.... or not. https://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/a26065840/luonto-sofa-bunkbed/
  7. So what's the latest guys on solar panels. Trying to find a price/company to fit flexible/adhesive panels on a 57' new build (5/6 panels?) Willing to pay a fair price for a decent set-up, but not willing or wanting to be robbed! These two guys seem to have it well sorted, but on asking they tell me it was a couple of years back and cannot remember? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N8MDSI1R5Y
  8. Yes, I did see the search box once - but then seemed to lose it again. πŸ˜€
  9. I did a little search but new to the site and like a narrowboat, not always easy to navigate. πŸ™‚
  10. Are extra cassettes expensive? There are storage issues of course.
  11. Π‘Π»Π°Π²Π° Π£ΠΊΡ€Π°Ρ—Π½Ρ–..... πŸ‘
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