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  1. Thanks Jim, all good advice and my wife's especially pleased about the water point at Walsden.
  2. Hey, that's what my wife keeps saying to me. We've been back and forth between the said mooring spot and our marina mooring. 3 - 5 days at the mooring and then returning to the marina for a couple of days, cassettes emptied , water tank filled then back out. We will be trying other mooring spots usually within a ten mile radius.
  3. Great news, thank you, answers the question perfectly.
  4. Thanks Mike, very articulate and informative. The picture is getting clearer each day.
  5. Thanks Dave, you answered a few other questions we had. Regarding Hebden Bridge, I enjoy visiting theme parks but wouldn't one to live in one.
  6. If I retur If I return periodically can I return to the same mooring spot ?
  7. Hi , we have a home leisure mooring but plan to do spend most of the time off the mooring but usually not cruising very far. Do we have to follow the same rules as a continuous cruiser in that we have to make progress through the canal system rather than ' bridge hop' I hope the question makes sense. Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi , can anybody recommend a supplier of curtain curtain poles and fitting that don't cost an arm and a leg. It seems that anything below 19 mm diameter is almost quadruple the price especially the fittings, thanks, Mike
  9. Thanks for all the answers and suggestions. I fitted a sailaway out 10 years ago and was aware of the RCD conditions then but I'd heard on the grapevine that the latest RCD requires a flue to have a double lining, which by the way I think is a complete waste of heat. I will double check the latest regs and if it's not necessary I'll explain to the potential new owner the pros and cons of a double lining.
  10. Hi, I'm fitting out a sailaway and would like to know if I need a double flue lining to meet the RCD as the boat will be sold within 5 years, thanks, Mike.
  11. Sounds like a good idea taking the door, no blame game if sizes are incorrect, thanks TheBiscuits.
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