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  1. Great, many thanks for the suggestions. CEF electrical sounds the business, thanks once again, Mike.
  2. Hi, can anybody recommend a decent waterproof 240 hook up socket. There seems to be so many on the market but most say splash proof so not sure if they are suitable for life on a narrowboat . any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks, Mike
  3. I think I've found the answer. It was a recommended distance of 300 mm.
  4. Thanks Brian, I'd better check with the RCD as I'm fitting out a sailaway but it will be sold under 5 years so has to have a new RCD cert. Mike.
  5. Hi , are there any safety regs regarding the a mains plug socket on a kitchen work surface and the kitchen sink , do they have to be a particular distance apart ? thanks, Mike
  6. Bought and using 'ultra high density foam' mini sleeves by Axus decor. Bought from Amazon. Craftmaster primer going on great. Thanks for all your ideas and thoughts regarding painting.
  7. Many thanks for all your suggestions, Mike.
  8. Hi, could some one please recommend a decent 4 inch gloss roller for applying craftmaster paint on a new sailaway. I'll be laying off with a 4 inch purdy, thanks , Mike.
  9. Wow, thanks once again for all the information and reassurance. I think both my wife and I should be fine. Lancaster here we come.?
  10. Many thanks for all the information, it's much appreciated.Apologies for taking so long to respond, internet down, Mike and Melanie.
  11. Hi, my partner and I would like to travel from Todmorden to Lancaster in summer 2020. Any suggestions to how many days it may take. We will be moving 8 hours each day. Also, we've seen a couple of videos on crossing the Ribble link. One was towed the other not. Has anyone had experience of being towed and the cost involved. 'To be brave or not to be brave' , is the question my wife keeps reminding me of, especially after watching some of the videos on the internet. many thanks for reading, Mike
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