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  1. Thanks Loddon, will check them out . Thanks Monkey hanger, will check them out. Thanks Tracy, will check them out.
  2. We are looking for narrowboat insurance for a 3 year old, 57ft, owner fitout. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks Alec, my wife thought it had something to do with fear, her reply when I asked her what she thought nappy pin meant' was ''when yer crap yourself going across the Ribbe'' spoke in a north east acent. I nearly thought so too.
  4. Thanks. of course we have anchor , moorings pins and log splitter, but not goat chain. Is the nappy pins a joke or is that slang for something else.
  5. Another question to ask ( only because this site is a great recourse for answers) is Apart from handcuff key, standard windlass and crt key, do we need any other type of metal object, ta , Mike
  6. Probably 8 - 9 a day sometimes more sometimes less, always variables I guess, still, after doing the Rochdale in the rain ice and cold, and locks gates that sometimes take 3 people to open them. i'm hoping the trip may be a little easier. We leave mid September and hopefully get there before end of October.
  7. Many thanks for the sujjestions I certainly intend to work it out for myself , but not tonight but being the impatient person I am I need to know a very rough idea so I have a christmas dinner cooked .
  8. My wife and I are are cruising from Tarleton on the rufford arm of the Leeds and Liverpool to the Kennet and Avon. We will be leaving mid September. A question with many variables , I know but does anyone know a ballpark/ football pitch idea of days involved. 57 foot narrowboat. Thanks , Mike
  9. Sound like a wise women. I use our sheets for cleaning the cooker and boat when I need something to do, the only difference is the sheets are not old , my wife keeps asking me where are all the sheets. I quote back to her ' only one sheet' in a strange accent. Of course I have by this point had a glass or two.
  10. Well we ddn't find one because they don't exist, which is really surprising given the distance. We ended up staying at new Islington marina for the night and emptied out there and also on the leeds to liverpool. Worth having a 22 quid poo bucket with lid, more room than the cassette at 110 quid.
  11. That's reassuring grassman, thanks. I have family and friends in Lancaster so will be there for some time.
  12. Thanks Mike, I've seen a number of vids and written info so looking forward to the adventure however I'm getting a tow across the Ribble by Jim, where and unhook as we past the entrance to the Savick Brook. Thanks Scholar Gypsy, I'll refresh my brain with the info over the next 3 weeks, we cross on the 29th of April.
  13. Thanks pie eater. We should be going through Wigan at about 12.30 -1 pm Monday, hopefully We'll get through.
  14. Many thanks for everyone's information and suggestions. After we left castlefeild at about 12. 30 pm we just trundled on until we reached a place that was just right especially as it was 6 pm. This happened to be a lovely place just before Plank lane swing bridge. We're on our way to Lancaster but have some time before our crossing at the end of the month. I just booked the Ribble crossing the same way as the Bridgewater but not sure how it's 'policed'.
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