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Raised hand start


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On the SR2 is there a device for stopping the hand start 

Spinning or is it up to the individual to come up with their own device 

don’t wish to drill a hole through one of the support brackets and insert a long bolt

Also don’t think bungee are reliable enough 

Kind Regards 

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I may be very wrong here, but I thought raised hand starts system usually had a free wheel (sprag clutch) in them to prevent them spinning when the engine is running. If so, I fear yours may be seizing up, so don't go trying to stop it turning until you are sure it is safe to do so. Maybe @bizzard or @RLWP will give chapter and verse for the SR engines.

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1 minute ago, Tony Brooks said:


Agreed, but I am not sure it has one.



From the OP's comment about drilling a hole and adding a bolt to stop it spinning I think there must be one, and it is just picking up with some friction drag.

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6 minutes ago, Roxylass said:

When the engine is running i can hold the raised start and 

stop it spinning without hardly tightening my handgrip 

let it go and it will start spinning again


Do as Mike suggested, try lubricating the free wheel.


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The raised hand start doesn't need anything to stop it turning. I would suggest that the ratchet wheel bearing is a little tight. This could be down to wear. It could also be down to the old grease hardening and making it stiff. The best thing to do would be to remove the bearing and clean it out. If it appears to be in good condition repack with fresh clean grease. There should be a grease nipple for this purpose.

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On 29/05/2023 at 19:04, Mike Tee said:

attach a mole grip to the shaft, the weight of it could well be enough to stop it spinning (idea implemented by previous owner of 'Alice May'!)


This is highly likely to work well! 


Another approach if it still picks up once the freewheel has been properly lubricated, is to try to increase the friction in the bearings of the high level shaft. Dismantle and clean the bearings and remove all lubrication, perhaps...



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2 hours ago, Roxylass said:

Will that be the at the crankshaft standing at the crankshaft end

i can freewheel the raised hand start one way half a turn the other way 

then it engages 

got a wee vid hope it shows

That is beginning to sound like a dog clutch not a freewheel.

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Should have a free wheel sprocket on the camshaft end, same as a bicycle free wheel unit. Sounds like it's there but needs lubricating. On dumper trucks and the like a dogged starting handle was used directly on the camshaft.

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2 minutes ago, Tracy D'arth said:

Not all of use use or wish to use You Tube or Facebook.

You do know you can just go to YouTube on the web, you don't have to sign up and it won't infect you with any nasty spyware?

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1 minute ago, Tracy D'arth said:

So you say, can you prove it?


Well if you don't want to visit a YouTube webpage, what makes you think any webpage is safe? Including this one, or anything else you look at?


If you're wearing a tinfoil hat then you obviously can't see *any* videos... 😉

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44 minutes ago, Tracy D'arth said:

Well of course, here we are not safe from your silly and sarcastic comments.


Anyway, I have something that you do not have. Can you guess?

You're the one who seems to hate modern technology so much that you refuse to use it and look down on those who do as somehow inferior, even when there's no reason not to and it might actually be helpful or informative... 😉


I've probably got lots of things you don't have, as have many other people, including a sense of humour. What's your point?

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I have a you tube account but can’t seem to move the video from the iPad 

using the handle start on the camshaft the bottom sprocket doesn’t turn also the

raised hand start and chain stay still whilst turning the handle

looking from the camshaft end I can move the raised hand start  half a revolution 

Clockwise then it stops spins freely anti-clockwise 

fitted a bungee cord to stop the spinning just now 

would it be to complicated for a novice to remove the bottom sprocket 

to have a look inside 

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