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  1. Yes i do mean oil pressure Try and get a pic up when I get home from work may have bent the dipstick tube When fitting a new cylinder head It is the original dipstick
  2. Yes it is a typo 9 1/2 pints back out That will leave 9 1/2pints in
  3. Yes it was 91/2that came out I will take five litre back out Give it a small trip and see what the oil gauge is reading
  4. Drained the engine oil from my lister sr2 the manual specifies nine and a half pints of which I put back in 10/40 lister petter own brand didnt even show on the dipstick to get it to show had to put another 5ltr in a little above the max mark now had a good run down the river forth noticed the oil gauge about same setting as before changing the oil then the gauge started slowly dropping back in the harbour took about five pints back out now not showing on the dipstick again should I put the five pints back in quite puzzled by this
  5. Roxylass

    Lister JP2?

    I used to operate one of these many years ago 30 cwt road roller two thin barrels on the back a wider split one on the front made a first class job of footpaths metal seat with holes in it to let the water run out so your bum didn’t get wet allways did though 20 gallon water tank at the back of the seat gravity feed to the three barrels if someone nicked the tank cap water used to splash down your neck all ways remember scraping the ice off the seat in the winter before you could sit on the seat all handle starts piece of lighted diesel rag to the intake while you were turning the handle as far as I remember they were all lister engines same as the dumpers dont miss those days key start roller now cab fitted wireless and kettle and heater as standard
  6. Roxylass


    I shall do that also if you enlarge the picture you will notice a grease nipple between the chain and the thinner end of the camshaft as always your good advice is most welcome
  7. Roxylass


    Apologies bizzard it is the camshaft the raised handstart chain goes around it also
  8. Roxylass


    Is there any specific grease to be used when greaseing the crank shaft on the lister sr2 i can get grease catridges from my work but would like to know if there is a certain one to use
  9. Roxylass


    The engine in question is a lister sr2
  10. Roxylass


    Are whitworth the proper spanner’s to use on the lister engine
  11. Roxylass

    Rocker covers

    Going to fit a couple of new rocker cover gaskets tomorrow do I need gasket sealer or will tightening the nuts down be seal enough
  12. Roxylass

    Sickly sr2

    Hi bizzard the engine was started from cold
  13. Roxylass

    Sickly sr2

    Thank you very much rusty could you possibly let me know how you do this i mean get it from you tube on to the forum save bothering you again kindest regards
  14. Roxylass

    Sickly sr2

    Put a video up if rusty would be so kind to put it on the forum again roxylass1 you tube
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