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  1. Roxylass


    Thanks Tracy
  2. Roxylass


    £60 twenty ltrs good bargain or not
  3. Roxylass

    Gland packing

    Hi Tony the gear box on this SR2 LM 100
  4. Roxylass

    Gland packing

    I wouldn’t think so
  5. Roxylass

    Gland packing

    Boat back in the water this week noticed a small drip not much of a drip but again don’t want a drip at all engine in question Lister SR2 is it a case of taking the nut of each side of the prop shaft and pull the collar back remove packing and renew also is the graphite packing the best to use quite sure my prop shaft is an inch in diameter
  6. Many Thanks Gentlemen Appreciated
  7. Engine in question Lister SR2 when I stop said engine which is just warm to touch after a couple of hours running touch it again 5 minutes later and it is quite hotter is this the normal since it is not drawing cooling air
  8. Two gents who will certainly know again many thanks Tony
  9. Tony she will be put on a hard standing end of this month good couple of hours running today in the river forth every half hour touched the rocker covers they were just a nice warm got back to the moorings idling as it should pulled the engine stop touched the rockers five minutes later to hot to touch heads will be coming off and fins cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner is there a diagram anywhere showing how the baffles should sit thanks for your advice
  10. Hopefully should be okay for air now One more
  11. Does all this side have to come off also
  12. Oh well I have a torque wrench and the sr2marine manual pity there wasn’t somebody near me that knew what they were doing thanks again for the good advice Tony
  13. Took the engine box off and made sure that the engine was getting plenty of cooling air i will try to post some photos later. Took a run to rosyth dockyard on the water roughly three miles not even half throttle i have fitted the canvas that I bought from primrose engineering thanks sue Plenty heat exiting from it also blue smoke circulating around the engine box engine hot to touch but didn’t cut out this time when I put it to idle starting to think now that it could be the fins needing cleaning i have had the exhaust and inlet manifold off can only see a bit of the fins cant seem to be able to remove the air baffles Do the cylinder heads have to come off to carry out this operation
  14. Pic of said engine lister sub forum Page two titled fuel pipe No space to make the box bigger Does the rectangular frame look Complete As this is how it was when I purchased it
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