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  1. Yes Tony 16ft displacement hull Viking Marine made them Then taken over by Cheverton Originally used by rosyth sea cadets
  2. Quite right Tony Quite right Thinking of using a hole saw Let some air into the box I do have the fitting on mine Like Arthur's for letting the hot air out But sadly not one for letting air in
  3. Very similar indeed I will see where I can get a canvas Trunking
  4. Arthur Do you have any photos of your engines ducting could be helpful Other wise going to have to cut slots In the front of the box and enlarge The holes I already have can't see how I would be able to fit ducting in that box
  5. Tony I shall take some photos of inside the box today you will see a clearer picture of what I am trying to explain Your help is appreciated as always
  6. Half inch plywood engine box Only outlet is the one I described As far as I knew the fan sucked Cold air in circulated the engine Any air coming from the exhaust I would have thought to be far to hot
  7. The fan in front of the gear box Also a 9inch x 6inch cut out On the engine box port side
  8. Half throttle 4 miles out 4 miles back in
  9. Half throttle 4 miles out 4 miles back in
  10. Came in from fishing yesterday Lifted the engine box lid as I saw Some light smoke engine hotter than its ever been SR2 cut out when I put it down to tick over let it cool down and pulled the dipstick showing correctly on the dipstick mark had latex gloves on The last inch of the dipstick actually Burnt my fingers The oil looks good no smell of diesel There is a film of oil on the exhaust manifold Puzzled
  11. Roxylass

    Lister ST2?

    Remember that the gaskets go on The outside of the exhaust manifold
  12. Don’t see how an inline filter would possibly work
  13. Can someone please let me know the make and number of the small fuel filter the one before the lift pump number on it is C11941PL. R11T28 have been trying jolly hard to find one will post a pic if need be eng is lister sr2
  14. Roxylass

    Drain plug

    Is there a drain plug underneath the cooling fan for excess water when I started the engine today looked like there were drops of water being spun around by the fan first start since October
  15. Roxylass

    Fuel pipe

    Thanks for the heads up certainly have a look at them measured the pipe this morning 5/16th spot on once again bizzard
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