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  1. Looking back a lot of moons ago i can remember them from handle start dumpers dont know what I will do with it to pi**ed off to return it write it off as a bad investment did you happen to come across the drawing of how to make one thinking about asking the very kind mr bizzard if he could make me one more than happy to pay his costs ah well sods law
  2. Hunted high and low for a number 8 dipstick nowhere to be got ended up ordering one from Realdiesels told them it was a sr2 marine engine fifty two pounds for a piece of metal it isn’t long enough to reach the bottom of the tube never mind go into the sump is there a place round the crank case door side that takes a dipstick if you look further up the thread there are some pics of where the dipstick is at the moment and here are some pics of the new dipstick
  3. Couple of pictures stick and tube inside and outside
  4. Quite sure it does but I will certainly have another look
  5. Back down to the boat this morning then had to walk back up as I had forgot to take the dipstick sump empty so put the drain plug back in put nine and a half pints back in maybe ten not showing on the dipstick started the engine as I know it had the correct amount of oil in it oil pressure gauge up to forty after half an hour at quarter throttle gauge showing just above twenty still not showing on the dipstick could the oil strainer be blocking the dipstick as I took it out to clean it when I fitted a new crankcase gasket i know it has the correct amount of oil just want see it show you on the dipstick
  6. Don’t know if this helps any or not but when I replaced the oil I poured it down through the rocker covers i now know that is not the correct procedure
  7. Yes no four before I changed the oil the stick always showed on the max or just below and like I said only got five litres out and the sump was empty so I would like to think it is the proper dipstick
  8. Ok Richard I will get the dipstick up and take a photo of it
  9. Forgot to add this is the dipstick that belongs the engine
  10. Here’s a couple of pictures of the dipstick you can clearly see the max mark the one with my thumb is the oil level at the moment pump sucked out a good ten litres took the sump drain nut out sits just behind the starter on the bottom of the sump only drips coming out so I know it’s empty going down tomorrow morning with a pint bottle make sure it only gets nine and a half pints hope it shows up on the dipstick
  11. Yes i do mean oil pressure Try and get a pic up when I get home from work may have bent the dipstick tube When fitting a new cylinder head It is the original dipstick
  12. Yes it is a typo 9 1/2 pints back out That will leave 9 1/2pints in
  13. Yes it was 91/2that came out I will take five litre back out Give it a small trip and see what the oil gauge is reading
  14. Pic of the engine
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