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Raised hand start


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2 hours ago, Roxylass said:

It does have a dogged starting handle for the camshaft 

getting past trying to keep it spinning while blindly 

reaching up for the compression levers 

Looks like the type that has a ratchet pawl in the starting handle where it slips over the end of the camshaft and works on the long key sticking up.

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20 minutes ago, Roxylass said:

Thanks bizzard 

is there a lot involved in taking the bottom sprocket off

i do have a diagram of it in the parts book

or stick with the bungee cord

I'd stick with the bungee cord. The decompression levers should have holes at the top to which a link bar can be attached so they can be worked both together. A Meccano strip is your friend. Loads s/h on Ebay.

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If you never or rarely use the hand start- remove the split link in the chain and take the chain off. Store it in a bag safely (with split link!) in case you ever need it- its only a few minutes to refit if needed.

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Are you not meant to put NO1 cylinder  decompression lever down first

And then NO2 decompression lever I’ve always done that 

but then I’m not as learned as you guys 

Once again many thanks

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