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Beta or Canaline???

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On 23/06/2020 at 17:15, Tony Brooks said:

No, not if he want 50 odd HP, the largest one best for inland use is about 35 BHP so similar to the 1.5 but arguably with better torque in the canal cruising speed range.


Unfortunately they cost a fortune when new and there may be emissions complications if fitting one of the ex lifeboat engins



And the emissions compliant engines Bukh do sell are "in partnership" with Beta Marine, so probably just rebadged Betas.


I've not seen one in the flesh, but the sales brochure looks suspiciously like a Beta.

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On 22/06/2020 at 15:36, Gilsteamin said:

Looking at replacing my engine; BMC 1.5. 
Beta 50 and Canaline 52 are the current favoured options. Boat is Narrowboat 70’ x 7’ and 22 ton. 
Any feedback would be appreciated. ??

Watching with interest. I'm looking too.

But I need Mitsubishi or Vetus. 

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Just now, Terryb said:

Special features. Only that I have one already and fitting would line up with everything. Plus the miriad of spares I carry on board. 

Fair enough, the base engine is good but the marinisation and spares prices less so. But not worth changing it. Filters etc can be had cheap enough. 

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2 hours ago, NB Lola said:

Have had a canaline 42 running for 10 years.  Only problem was replacing an alternator.  Love the engine.

But which base engine? I think its an Isuzu. nowadays they use a less main stream engine I think so I don't think you can extrapolate from your experience to those an owner of a new Canaline will have.

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