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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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On 04/09/2020 at 12:08, Victor Vectis said:

And a Barry Hawkins job at the place of it's birth.




I would have loved to see this beast working there.





Loco 'William Francis' crossing the A5 Watling Street from Baddesley Wharf, Atherstone.

I think the life expectancy of the man with the flag would be rather short today!


Garratt loco William Francis | National Preservation

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The Masurian lakes in eastern Poland, 6 September 1999. The lock is at Guzianka, and joins two lakes. The other photo is of one of the uncompleted locks on the Masurian Canal. Originally planned circa 1890, it was never completed because of the 1st WW. Under a subsequent plan in the 1930s construction work started, but was never completed because of the 2nd WW, bur several concrete lock structures survive. The canal would have linked the Masurian Lakes with Königsburg (now Kaliningrad).

1999 Masurian Lakes 342.jpg

1999 Masurian Canal 348.jpg

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In 2005 on the land At Vankerkoven’s yard near Charleroi. Needed a patch. At this time they were a very efficient yard but when we went in 2011 for survey and for the new trwiv certificate we were lucky to get back in the water as they went bust 2 days later.

on the same day in 2004 we were at Givet on the French Belgium border on our way back to our winter mooring near Antwerp



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