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  1. Sorry but more irelevant remainer waffle. the choice was simple, and was made. Nothing needs to be done now and Brexit will be delivered on the 29th it realy realy is that simple. Of course that wont happen as the result has not and will not ever be accepted as of course it was the wrong result.
  2. As you say we have been here before. There were two options and two options only on the ballot paper. Leave or Stay. Thats the whole story. Both main parties said they would deliver what the referendum result wanted. An act of parliament was then passed and article fifty triggered to tell the UK, the eu and the rest of the World we are leaving It realy is that simple. No crap about deals anywhere on any ballot paper. If we leave then Brexit has been delivered if we remain then quite simply it hasnt. There is no such thing as " Crashing out " thats a phrase, all part of project fear fuelled by the establishment and media to scare the gullible.
  3. For those who want to go oop norrf from Nottingham on a longish boat this could be crucial. I took my Hudson seventy footer thro Thorne lock, touching both ends, had it been an inch or so longer it simply would not have passed thro the lock. I never measured the boat so how long was it? 70 Foot dead? I doubt it. I would have been happy enough to go round Trent end, indeed I at first thought I would have to go that way, it was a bonus getting thro Thorne lock but many people wouldnt want to do Trent end in a bathtub/skip and I dont blame them.
  4. Ahhhhh you tell porkies 😁 Loose/slipping fan belt? Loose connection just about anywhere? Dodgy alternater? Very low tickover? etc etc
  5. Oh whatever makes you feel good. You are a typical minority losing voter that will argue black is white when you are wrong, which you are again, wrong, get over yourself. Go on reply with more nonsense and I will not respond so you can have the last word as thats what you want byeeeeee.
  6. Quit means to leave a place or maybe a job, usualy on a permenant basis. Like I said he Quit his country. He had no intention of returning unless of course Hitlers mob had won.
  7. Ah Australia. A sensible administration. Was he born there or did he have to ask permission to live there?
  8. Are you joking? The scumbag was arrested in Germany and brought back to England.
  9. If its only showing 12 volts when the engine is running its a case of " Houston, we have a problem "
  10. A foreign one at that!!
  11. You remind me of a bloke called William Joyce. His politics were similar. He too quitt his country.
  12. You become more hilarious by the minute. You quitt your country and slag it off whilst living in one that everything is running so smoothly in. Truly hilarious. Which shade of yellow is best for the vest?
  13. It aint that simple. Boats are like cars, different sizes and types differ with differing things in yer life. Being stuck on some miniscule 57 footer is daft if yer living on the vast majority of the waterways when a whole boat can be purchased. Besides houses are for hoildays, not living on. Until we binned the last house as we didnt use it enough we always lived on the boat and had days off and holidays in the house, makes moocho more sense than the weird way of living in a house and time off on a boat.
  14. Easy enough to sell and buy a different one though.
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