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  1. I dont know where you live? but here in the British isles known as the UK we are far from " Fully metricated " The list is endless in applications that we dont use foreign measurements. Ive just taken a quick piccie of two of my tapes both bought in recent years from B and Q and homebase. You will see the largest print is in English with Imperial measurements with smaller Johny Foreigner stuff at the bottom of the tape.
  2. Make sure you leave the cap off until you get it fixed, it will be fine.
  3. I think its fair to to assume they voted to leave the poxy cancerous eu, that is easy to understand as they voted out of the cancer ,as in Leave, what do you think is hard to understand about that????? Are you telling me that its hard to understand that you as a losing minority voter with other losing minority voters who voted Remain realy want to leave???? Please confirm you realy want to remain as I dont think you know all the other voters and how can you therefore be sure that they want to remain even though they voted remain.
  4. I dont know? You lot remember are the ones shouting the loudest for a second referendum as you say you didnt understand it first time round. We the majority who voted leave fully understood what we were voting for so we are happy with the majority result reached after much propaganda on both sides.
  5. So do I normaly. Gone are the days they were built to last. Anyway I would have another although my new spare that I keep onboard is another jabsco as thats what was in stock when i bought it about three years ago.
  6. I hadnt seen that story till I googled it now lol. I have given up on the news as there isnt any lol. Anyway kippers should be banned by the eu along with celery and marmite 🤪
  7. Ahhhh but, the eu does care!! We have to abide by eu law in all things boat over here sorry to say. The eu even stipulates we abide by its RC directive isnt that wonderful.
  8. Hi Stan My present pump is a whale, its all they had at Fenny marina when mine went tits up when I was passing. Fitted it over four years ago and still working without fault.
  9. Precisely. AND to prove to the World we are mice that obey the rule of the losing minority voter unable to accept a democratic MAJORITY vote, the truly sad thing is we have people like you that not only would vote Labour ( At least they are no longer a party ) but also actively want a democratic result thrown aside.
  10. I do so wish you are right but be honest, how the hell can it happen? The remainer Mays deal was kicked out, we have told the World we will not go " No Deal " getting any sort of agreement by various parties inside parliament is impossible so how can the next PM get us out? The eu say no more negotiation so it looks impossible to me. The easy option is to revoke article fifty therefore enabling the correct result.
  11. Typical losing minority voter cows droppings. THE referendum that we are still trying to bring in against the wishes of the losing minority who will not accept their losing minority position. Countries simply dont keep having referendums until the losing voter eventualy wins. You STILL simply cannot accept your minority view of staying with your Lord and Masters over in the continent of europe has been overthrown by us the majority. If Boris does get in he will be stopped taking us out of the cancer by any means and pathetic little whinging minority members in Parliament will produce the first referendum result that worked by reversing the numbers, we are then finished in the Worlds eyes never mind the pathetic tiny part of it known as the eu. Of course though we will be better off as telefone roaming charges will not go up, a proper life saver.
  12. I think you are right, I have said it for years now. The losing minority vote will show the World that the UK is now totaly crushed by club membership and we will be continuing good little mice until the eu collapse, which of course it must, all empires do at some point. We will be a proper joke then brought down by " The enemy within " more commonly known as The losing minority voter.
  13. Brexit voters would be well chuffed to get out if it ever happened. Its the losing minority remainers who are doing all the whining, which is strange really as so far the losing minority voters are having it all their own way against the majority vote.
  14. Probably non of the above, just a sense of achievement like many other countries recently have by being independant of some poxy empire. Do you only measure progress by material wealth?
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