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  1. Alan Pease has been supplying these for many years and there are quite a few lived on on such as the A nd C and the northern rivers, a bloke lived on one next to my widebeam at Woodlesford that was shortened to about 100 feet. Loads of room for him and the missus and a bedroom each for each of his three kids. It was the first boat he had ever driven or owned and they loved it. A good idea if you have the skills and money available to sort it out. 👍
  2. Hows the " Range extender " panning out?
  3. Make sure you walk or swim when you go back old sport. Must use any nasty fossil fueled methods of transport such as aeroplanes for instance 😉
  4. mrsmelly

    Wood burners

    For future reference dont use cement, use envirograff high heat silicone to seal the flue joints. Works much better on boats as it doesnt crack with vibration or clouting the hull unlike fire cement.
  5. I agree. when we get several billion chinese and others to stop belching fossil fuels out during their growth and when we stop loads of Europeans such as our country men flying all over the world on holiday we have a chance. Until then a few boats is peeing in the wind.
  6. mrsmelly

    Wood burners

    To be honest if the tiles are fitted onto fire proof board with an air gap between that and the hull sides etc you will have no problem. Still think its too near the sides and always wonder why peeps fit em like it? theres plenty of space for small stuff like a squirrel to be further out and heat will circulate better rather than heating the tiles up.
  7. Whats up sour puss? eco fans have always been my sport
  8. I didnt need to google that honest.......
  9. Good thinking!! They could be on hydraulics so not to dig into the canal bed but as the boat got onto the plane they could lower to lift the hull out for greater speed 👍
  10. mrsmelly

    Wood burners

    Like many of boats for some reason that is fitted very close to the tiles but it wont set on fire if mounted as described. mine is fitted in top left corner and is 8 inches away from the hull and 18 inches away from the front bulkhead. Why they are often stuffed tight into the corner always amazes me. Can you not move it 3 inches out and re jig the flue?
  11. There is a much easier option. It would be a bit warm in summer but ideal in winter. Light multi fuel stove and place eco fan on top blades facing to stern of boat with rear boat doors open. The massive thrust developed could be reduced by opening and closing gap between doors at arse end of boat and an anchor could be rigged to throw over the back to stop the boat.
  12. mrsmelly

    Wood burners

    It doesnt matter if the tiles are getting hot if mounted on fireproof board with a gap between that and any combustibles. How far away is the stove from the tiles anyway?
  13. There are several posts at the moment aimed at millionaire hobby boaters that use electrical propulsion. How that electricity is provided is far from clear in most cases. wen we cc which we have done many times over the last 30 plus liveaboard years and are doing again next year we travel every day and moor up then move again, moving every 3 or more days would be crap and more akin to cmers than ccers. We have this brilliant gadget fitted that propels the boat, charges all domestic batteries, provides 3.5 kw of mains power and oodles of hot water. Lasts for may thousands of hours with minimal maintenence and an abundance of places to get the fuel, summer or winter. Having looked at brokerages there seems to be many of these fitted to boats up and down the country but I have copied a foto and am putting it on here. They are also hugely less expensive to buy at the outset and I recommend them to new boaters who read this forum.
  14. mrsmelly

    Washer dryer

    We had one on a a boat a few years ago, it was an expensive make and to be precise it was crap!! BUT by far the worst thing about washer dryers is, well ours did is that they use water in the drying process from yer tank which is a bloomin waste of water on a boat with limited resources. Present boat has seperates in designated laundry room, way better idea.
  15. No chance. I havnt got money to waste on a dead cert loss.
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