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  1. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    No were near as pretty as the e type. I have owned two e types and one xjs. The xjs however was an awesome piece of kit and light years ahead of most stuff in its day with the sublime 12 pot engine. The 3.6 was good but not in the same league. My fave though was a toss up between my s type 3.8 and my Daimler double six which was my commuting car for three years, totaly sublime. I know drive boring grown ups cars ☹️
  2. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    Ahh yes Alf, a brilliant character of an age that would have repelled intruders rather than just squeek in a corner in 2019.
  3. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    So do we.
  4. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    He differs as Peter still lives in the fantastic UK and our learned friend although still at it has a lot to learn and lives in a foreign country and moans about what his x countrymen have done with their vote, to rid ourselves of the canker. You couldnt make it up. I think I should start moaning about what the frogs vote for?
  5. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    The consequences are very simple to understand. If it ever happens the consequences are simply that we will be rid of an empire and they will no longer have primacy over MY country. It realy is that simple as was the choices on the paper in/out, nothing else, nothing about deals good/bad/indifferent just in/out.
  6. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    Only votes count. They count now, they counted in 2016 and your pie in the sky cowsdroppings losing, minority voters need to get over it. Proud to say I voted to rid you and myself of the poxy eu.
  7. mrsmelly

    Elderly Drivers

    Thats an easy one. If the top light is iluminated it means stop. If the middle light is iluminated it means stop. The next one is the one that most drivers find hard to understand. If the bottom light is iluminated it means stop unless it is safe to go.
  8. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    But wouldnt that be " Austin " dancing rather than " Morris " dancing?
  9. mrsmelly

    Elderly Drivers

    Frightening stuff. Problem of course is we are all different re abilities and health at very differing ages. My old Dad went instantly blind during a stroke whilst driving his car aged ninety. My bro in law aged 47 a fit healthy non smoker who drinks nearly nowt had a stroke last week.
  10. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    Naah that must be fotoshopped, As we ALL know only people over the age of sixty voted out and there are several people in view there under sixty, in fact a couple of babies under thirty even!!!!
  11. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    As you, I, and every body knows this would certainly be the best option for the country, of course thats why it will never happen ☹️
  12. mrsmelly

    Elderly Drivers

    Most big companys protect their arses by having some form of driving ability test for their employees. As a for instance every driver working for the post office which is a considerable number are given a competence test which they must pass before driving or shortly after taking up employment. I used to undertake these tests when I was a driving instructer with an AA franchise. It consisted of a short forty minutes ish drive and debrief all in all one hour. I passed all but one who then had to undertake lessons with me until I validated him for the Post office. I didnt rip them off he only had two or three hours with me to show him mainly the difference between his little car and a long wheelbase van to stop him going up the footpath exiting junctions!! Advice had to be given to all, re stuff they were rusty on and it wasnt a strict driving test just to put right any inheritant dangerous aspects of their driving. There are around forty thousand driving instructers in the uk who could undertake this task and anyone below parr could be given a legal length of time to come up to scratch. You would be amazed at how bad some people drive but realy most are not that bad and only need a bit of advice. It always amazes me that people who take a very basic driving test aged about 17 then think they can drive for life and need no further training. There are many many driving courses out there to help people improve from the basic level they attained aged 17. People fully expect in many jobs having to undertake refresher courses and further training for life but fail to understand that need when driving a one tonish killing machine, beggars belief realy. Believe it or not there are a hell of a lot of drivers out there that actualy thinks a green traffic light means GO!!!!!!
  13. mrsmelly

    Watts to Amps please!!

    OOh blimey I hadnt thought of that lol. Well I am fick innitt. You may well be right but it doesnt seem much? I was hoping somett like a 1000 watt verter would do but will wait for more answers 👍
  14. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    The arguement was lost in june 2016. the British electorate voted out the crock of crap but a minority still scaremonger in a very real attempt to overthrow a democratic result.
  15. mrsmelly

    Watts to Amps please!!

    Ok so I am just playing with stuff to see how much juice it uses. I am going to buy an inverter to have in stock as a spare but dont need it big. My fridge shows 628 watts on start up for less than half a second then drops down to forty four very quickly whilst running. My question is what capacity inverter needs to cope with the initial surge to start the fridge? Taa

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