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  1. Goliath

    Long Term Mooring on the Coventry Canal

    I’d highly recommend Glascote Basin. But they do get full. So no harm approaching them now. Sarah who runs the yard is helpful and will get you in if she can. An advantage here is you can have your van/car by your boat which will save endless walks down a pontoon. I paid monthly when I was there. No deposit. Alvecote would be good too and they’ll most likely have space. But they require deposits and moneys upfront. If you’ve a short boat it’s easier to get in somewhere, if full length can be tricky. Mine’s only 48’ so I usually find a space easily. Which ever, no harm looking now. There’s Fazely, but they probably wont want noise. Springwood Haven might be worth a look?
  2. Goliath

    Receiving Packages

    I’ll make a note of that for future. But I think it must depend a lot on how good the post office staff are. My experience is varied. Can be hit or miss. Small village PO staff are usually very friendly and willing to accept any package. And some POs don’t know what poste restante is. POs within shops don't tend to offer the service. The PO I currently use has never refused a letter or parcel.
  3. Goliath

    Receiving Packages

    And most proper Post Offices will offer the service ‘Poste Restante’. It’s discretionary and some Post Offices are better with it than others.
  4. Goliath

    Over Wintering

    Yes, you’ll be missing out on some lovely days and you will probably want to escape the marina from time to time. And It’s good to give the engine a proper run. Whenever I’ve stayed in a marina I informed crt. (Crts) Expectations change when you have a home mooring. Your license will still be a CC because you wont have renewed.
  5. Goliath

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    You havent pinned the correct side of the tower. That’s not the side in th OP photo. the recess is south facing.
  6. Goliath

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    There’s a beautiful mechanism in Wells Cathedral. Is that claimed to be one of the oldest?
  7. Goliath

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    If there’s a circular recess on just one side of the tower, and on the sunny side, then maybe it was for a sundial. The tower being older than clocks. Ps I like dr bob’s paint job! its proper good.
  8. Goliath

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    Dunno? A big gnomon and some sunshine?
  9. Goliath

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    And the recess is for a sundial.
  10. Goliath

    Engine hours

    Me too. My honda motorbike started on kickover first time yesterday, after standing outside for two months without being used. Fantastic!
  11. Goliath

    Chicken Stick (Kindling)

    I have the same make of hatchet, was a present from work. Lovely thing, perfectly weighted and very very sharp when new. I’ve had it three years now and still dont feel a need to sharpen it. As long as the edge don’t get dinted by hitting anything other than wood, it should sharpen easily with an oil stone.
  12. Goliath

    The best waterside pubs

    Rochdale is hard and the Huddersfield but you know it ‘s worth it. They have rewards
  13. Goliath

    The best waterside pubs

    In the pub.
  14. Goliath

    The best waterside pubs

    Ace! You deserve it. Services are in short supply. Luckily good pubs by you are not in short supply. I’ve found a couple of decent boozers that’ll keep me going til new year. I suppose I should say what they are: the railway at Greenfield the diggle hotel and any in betwen

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