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  1. Do you mean Rudgley? On the T&M. Make sure you sleep with the lights on ?
  2. Whilst I can’t argue CRT are a bag of shit, you’re really just making shit up. You have just made a less than sensible risk assessment about summat you know nowt about. Everything you just wrote is bollocks. what you drinking? can I have some?
  3. As shit as things have been this year, boats have been escaping to and from the Rochdale since August.
  4. Just this electric boat thing to save the planet why not get a donkey or horse to pull used to be the norm choose any from below; ? ? ? ? ?
  5. Yep ? Just a tad. Been awhile since I saw that documentary but I think I recall him at the end of his journey point at Leeds and remark how great it could be with development and restaurants and the like. Long before Leeds United ever dreamed of having a luxury hotel to meet before the match.
  6. All this bla bla bla bla bla bla a bla bla bla bla de bla bla bla about Electric boats bla bla I’ll get a donkey. Eyore Eyore Eyore.
  7. I thought it was a motor thing. When there’s enough water in the lock to hit your boat at the top gate. So hit the gate as early as possible?
  8. I once met a couple of coppers on motorbikes riding down the towpath. A law unto themselves. ( Leeds Liverpool Canal, got on the towpath at Saltaire)
  9. I guess in the days of need for speed and getting stuff delivered it (using a wedge) would have been the done thing. Would they have just kept knocking with the motor until a gap allowed a wedge to be put in? And then would they knock again so it can be driven further? How would it have been done? If done today it’d probably be done for that last couple of inches that won’t fill? But would they have smashed it at a foot or more?
  10. I’ll often push the gate open as a standard. In single locks the boat is usually left in gear as it rises to push the gate open, while I close the paddles and shut the gate as it passes through. But if the boat’s unable to push the gate open, with me pushing as well, then I use a Spanish Windlass. I found using a Spanish Windlass is very gradual and will ease the gate gently. I’d have thought that’d be directing exactly the desired forces the gate and beam are designed to take. It’s just like having ten(?) people pushing. Dunno ?‍♀️ Physics weren't me best subject. Not had to do it on a double gate. How would you open a difficult gate if your boat is not in a lock? Say you’re coming down hill?
  11. I haven’t been that way for a couple of years but I remember all your gnomes and ornaments used to make me smile.
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