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  1. Vintage height (Per bloke) was about 5’7”. .
  2. There’s an opening here: To check the coast is clear ; Pay me to travel ahead, shop and cook, drink and gamble. Everyone’s a winner.
  3. Yes please. Always need beer. But I think the perfection is down to your painty skills. So yes, great way to isolate when working
  4. ....before I lit the flamethrower
  5. It’s really difficult. A marina might take it if your a customer. If you’ve a car you can take it to a dump. but otherwise it’s really hard to get rid of. it usually stays on board for a year or so before I find somewhere legit to get rid of it.
  6. If only they were so straightforward
  7. Just laffing at the stir ability. Too many answers to that
  8. I once climbed inside a gas locker and spent a long sunny day sitting cross legged grinding back to bare metal for someone once. 😃 Nice chap, very nice chap, rewarded me with a lot of beer money.
  9. Water level went down so slowly. Yep good book. only just started boozing wrote post sober i’ve left paddles open too so it wasn’t meant as a rant but an irritated reminder I met the boater He and his crew were struggling to get in Lock 24W, after 20min I went to see if I could help but they sorted themselves out. I guess the water level was too low for them to get over the cill? Til they dropped a bit of water down. Anyway they’re bigger than me and certainly no olddies.
  10. Hoping you read or contribute to this forum: Just a gentle reminder to close paddles after yourself. Lock 23W top paddle left fully open. (unless of course there’s a notice which specificity asks you to leave a lock empty, as at lock 24W. Which you left full.) I was reading all afternoon and didn’t really take any notice til I realised the bank behind me was shoulder height, and when I looked out to the left the unattended boat was hanging on it’s ropes. The HNC easily runs dry in places with paddles left open. Just posting here on the off chance you read the forum and incase I don’t get the chance to remind you in person.
  11. Will be interesting to know if they put in a realistic offer or try and take the piss. Good luck.
  12. Looks like you’ve been ripped off. I paint (DIY) like I can’t be arsed but what I do lasts at least a couple of years or more. Who knows? You must have asked for emulsion? if I’d paid money for that I’d be straight back to them
  13. ‘ear, did you realise after reading a Guardian article, within their begging letter at the bottom, there’s a bit to say how many times you’ve read one of their articles on your device? I wanted to cut and paste it to show you but it’s gone. It said 21. Any way: perhaps the Guardian has a better track and trace in place than the government. They’ll have the dates of the articles read, will they know where you were? 🧐😃 That article is shocking by the way But completely believable.
  14. Yes I’m interested to know how they’ll do it. I was making enquiries to CRT yesterday because I’m weighing up what to do. I’m waiting on the enforcer team to ring and confirm if it’s reasonable to wait here. And I can’t see why not. My initial phone calls implied it’ll be a matter of a few weeks. But who knows? A few weeks could turn into a month or more. Yep, I’ve been looking at these too. I thought going from Manchester to the Summit would be a good journey to pass the time. There’s going to be an update on the culvert at locks 61-64 on Friday the 5th. If that update looks promising I might go back down the Ashton to Manchester and up the Rochdale. What’s Chadderton like? Should the culvert be a shortish term fix, I might make my way around and time to get there as the work finishes, or sit the last week or so out below the locks and wait for the work to finish. So what’s Chadderton like?
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