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  1. I’ll often push the gate open as a standard. In single locks the boat is usually left in gear as it rises to push the gate open, while I close the paddles and shut the gate as it passes through. But if the boat’s unable to push the gate open, with me pushing as well, then I use a Spanish Windlass. I found using a Spanish Windlass is very gradual and will ease the gate gently. I’d have thought that’d be directing exactly the desired forces the gate and beam are designed to take. It’s just like having ten(?) people pushing. Dunno 🤷‍♀️ Physics weren't me best subject. Not had to do it on a double gate. How would you open a difficult gate if your boat is not in a lock? Say you’re coming down hill?
  2. I haven’t been that way for a couple of years but I remember all your gnomes and ornaments used to make me smile.
  3. I’ve used a Spanish windlass but only a couple of times. Dead easy and very effective. I’ll give scholar gypsy’s method a go.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Goliath


    Brilliant ! Would love to see them 👍 Joy Division Oven Gloves and Restless Legs are just 2 of my favourites
  6. Goliath


    Is that where the Monkeyman is? Something like that I’m sure. A halfman half monkey. Or is that Grubb Street ?
  7. Did you want to go South this winter?
  8. Is the office open? I thought the online booking was to avoid having to have staff back off furlough, covid and all that Now I’m confused Booking is to assure a passage So it don’t matter what the queue is? Does it? Surely they wouldn’t over book 😂
  9. maybe 4 winters ago the lecky was switched on and free I didn’t need it mind. But the moorings were full and everyone else was on hook up for nowt. I’m on about the towpath mooring
  10. Are they still free in the winter? including free hook up?
  11. Ok then maybe it depends how officious the marina is. Would showing them the basic details CRT have be enough to prove you have one?
  12. I don’t think CRT have a copy ? They’ll just have the basic info to say whether you have one or not and the date of expiry. their search site is a pain
  13. Your examiner will have a digital copy?
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