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  1. Goliath

    Gang plank

    I got myself a new scaffold plank. Found it floating. Although it’s rare for me to need a gang plank, I was thinking of cutting it down to make an 8’ one just in case. And they’re not that heavy- Unless wet. I can always chop it up and burn it.
  2. Came down the Rochdale 9 earlier this week. Locks were fine but it seemed to take an age with having to dodge scaffolding and temporary fencing. There are already railings along a good portion of the towpath, especially where it’s quite narrow. I can’t see the problem with having more. I can’t understand why it’s still a bit if a shit hole throughout? There’s a sculpture of a horse made from what looks like wicker but isn’t, as an attempt to brighten things up. And theres some lettering about the Hacienda further up. And there’s daffodils in crackhead corner. But generally it’s not good and stinks of piss. With all the bars and businesses along that stretch I’d have thought there’d be more of an input or pressure from them (the bars and businesses) to improve it. Tibs (?) Lock is the big problem with the drunks jumping in. Apparently they enjoy jumping off the curved bridge. Let them. Only got themselves to blame if it goes wrong. But a railing for the stumbling drunk on a narrow towpath is ok. Just get the local bars and clubs selling the booze to pay for it.
  3. It was a massive simplification, so thanks for expanding and explaining things clearly.
  4. Nothing wrong other than it’s not strictly legit. Is it? I was thinking about leisure moorings in a marina. At one marina I was told “don’t mind how many nights you spend on your boat but you’re not to live on it or keep anything on the roof”. So a blind eye was being turned if you didn’t make it obvious. I understand with a residential mooring you get a postal address and pay council tax? And residential moorings are harder to come by and more expensive therefore it’s easier and cheaper to get a leisure mooring and live on that.
  5. I was responding to the previuos post regarding normal boaters. Yes, it (the guide) is asking and recommending for 42 day moorings but it is also pointing towards other needs By saying ‘us’, I meant Cc’s, travellers, itinerants, full time live aboards, whatever you'd like to refer to them/us as. Yes, we ought to respect each other, and fortunately the majority of us do (and that ‘us’ is inclusive of all boaters) Living on a leisure mooring is also mentioned in the guide.
  6. Yes, a friendly safe mooring. And the washing machines are good! so another vote for Salisford.
  7. I’ve got a Cello telly. I use the 12v lead it comes with because I ain’t got an inverter. I would be interested to know what aerial you use for the tv. So far I’ve only used it for DVD. And yes the sound is rubbish but the picture is very good. I ‘ve thought about attaching a separate speaker.
  8. what is normal? there’s a broad range of ways in which people live on the canal and a major point to this best practice guide is to raise an awareness of exactly that. I don’t share all the views of NBTA or necessarily agree with their confrontational approach but they do raise issues common to all of us. Such as the basic need for water and sewage points, the difficulty of using a postal address and accessing health care. How about all the folk out there who keep hush hush about living on a leisure mooring for fear of being chucked off?
  9. Yep, kind of agree if you can pass with some speed. I’ve enjoyed theBridgewater today. It’s wide enough and the boats are well moored. A few on pins that I slowed down for otherwise I cruised at usual speed (which aint fast). And I saw some lovely old boats.
  10. Well done NBTA Keep up the good work. If anyone hasn’t read through the Best Practice Guide for Boat Dweller Accommodation Needs Assessments under Section 124 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 then I suggest you have a look. The OP title is a bit of a daily mail headline.
  11. I agree. Was thinking similar this morning. After 10 minutes I’ve had enough of his guitar it does me head in. (But I enjoy those 10 min) And I would never have heard of him if it weren’t for the Tarantino film. RIP Dick Dale.
  12. I’ll agree with Alan he answered succinctly enough. Not sure I’m making an argument? Just a response to what I thought was sarcasm.
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