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  1. Have you got one of them speed camera boxes set up? I love seeing them. Made from a shoe box and a toilet roll. Painted yellow.
  2. This has happened to friends of mine. They’d even travelled the length of two further canals before returning Not having been spotted out and about, it was thought they’d over stayed. A quick call/email resolved it.
  3. But then you’re pointlessly hitting someone (like myself) without a home mooring who doesn’t transgress the rules.
  4. Winter moorings rarely offer any value. Sometimes they are in miserable spots well away from water or an elsan. I tend not to think of 48hr moorings becoming 14 days in winter but good 14 day moorings becoming an irritating and restricting 48 hrs in the summer. I can possibly understand the honey pots becoming 48hr, but there are plenty of spots where it’s unnecessary, particularly on the Shroppie and notably on the Middlewitch branch. Not advocating rule breaking or supporting it.
  5. Be careful, you’ll have a cooling off period but your monthly bills (should you get any contract) will be set in motion. I got caught out on this earlier in the month. The bill has now been recredited.
  6. When you coming through. I might be available to help.
  7. That’s good news. I’m heading that way tomorrow. There ok. But were very mucky.
  8. Goliath

    solar power

    I put a Biard semi flexible panel on 14 months ago. Still looking and working like new. Screwed it down with self tapping screws. Took it up last month when I repainted cabin top. All Ok. You can walk on them but I try to avoid it.
  9. A good PO will let you have longer. (On their discretion)
  10. I find it hit and miss. The POs in shops don’t tend to do it claiming they don’t have room for storage and when I find myself explaining at a PO counter what Poste Restante is I tend to walk away.
  11. Yes. 🧐 I think you have the idea. So how to implement it is the problem. Got any ideas?
  12. I thought the idea is you make a claim for benefit in one office and therefore it’s a universal claim. Rather than going to the dole office, then the housing benefit, then the whatever office and all the other offices. Instead one makes a univesal claim. Supposedly easy peasy. But I believe it ain’t proving to be so easy peasy.
  13. 😃 Why’s that? what’ve I missed?
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