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  1. Where is it? the Prince of Wales in Birmingham use red plastic barrels?
  2. Children should have to sit outside in the car drinking vimto and eating crisps. The good old days 👍 Not so long ago, 25 to 30 ago I used to drink with me dad in a club in Nuneaton. Women were not permitted at the bar, could not become a member and no way we’re they allowed to play the snooker. The not so good days.
  3. Opens at 1pm yes ask Janine and anyone else reading this thread who fancies a pint.
  4. Choose a pub. I can make tomorrow afternoon. After that, I’m working full time till the end of the month. Red Lion at Littleborough? It’s by the station, so easy for anyone to get to. And a trot around the corner for yourself.
  5. Where did/does Boughy rank? would he have got in the taxi?
  6. Ok 🙄 i give up keep the north Full of northerners anyway.
  7. Not asking you to recruite but you would be a very good lockie. The residents east side don’t give a shit. Why should they? I dare say they have never done the west side. we know most volunteer lockies like to do and be seen to do the honey spots. we need some more hard core volunteers like Ian.
  8. I’ve just been looking and the stretch we’re on about is off the radar.
  9. Should it survive, it will become an historic boat. 🥸 It’ll have to loose the two trees growing form the top.
  10. If I were here this winter I’d gladly help you with the litter picking and the bits and bobs of painting. I reckon there are lots of locals who would help with stuff like that, if they ain’t doing something to help already.
  11. I’ll agree although I’ve limited knowledge of this stretch, most of it appears in good condition. I think all paddle gear work? Which is a rarity. How do you fancy volunteering as a lockie? It’s something I’ll consider doing when I come back next Spring. (and yea, most common name for a lockie is?……Dave! You’ll fit right in 😃)
  12. for future reference use tel no.01422 284436 for booking Hebden Dry Dock
  13. Officially one books with the council and they send a bloke to let you in and out on a Monday morning. you pay for 7 days. give a certain bloke a wink 😉 and a back hander and he’ll let you in and out between official bookings.
  14. Yea, I remember But time to be done again and then again … and again.
  15. So let’s get a group of boats together.
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