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  1. Mine too. Was/is good quality. I can’t walk up walls so cant say it’s had much wear. I’m not sure what colour it is anymore. It was originally described as a purple. Looks red brown to me. But I’m colour blind so don’t really care. Maybe I’ll shake and vac.
  2. I’m not arsed about fighting for the want to have a diesel engine. I’d love a lecky engine. Way forward (and reverse). Anyone with an engine room should be charged the equivalent of a bedroom tax for wasting space. But what I want, what I want, what I really really want is to keep my stove.
  3. Just left the Stanley Arms and all nearby moorings are free.
  4. I wasn’t thinking from that angle, more an opportunity to expand. And being a charity, couldn’t CRT rather than use their capital, raise funds from wherever? Maybe they already have?
  5. What’s the odds it don’t?
  6. Bloody lovely! You’ve got the Fire Engine a little further up with a view to match. I am jealous. Enjoy
  7. I found leaving the water cap on helps significantly to reduce water loss when disconnecting the end caps. Job done. Easy peasy.
  8. I might have missed this earier: the lock you filled, did you have to close the bottom gates before filling the lock? Bottom gates left open would imply they’ve set ahead or a previous boat left them open knowing the boat was coming up. In which case I would definitely have waited. However, I don’t think they ought to have been locking ahead if it’s busy and boats are coming down. I’m quite lazy and waiting would mean 2 locks set in my favour. I guess people waiting behind giving you pressure to move doesn’t help.
  9. Yes, 😃 let’s see how long it takes for the handbags to come out.
  10. I see no one takes any notice of the vast majority of 48hr moorings on the Shroppie - there's never anyone on them! Most of the Middlewitch branch moorings for example are underused. So I occasionally overstay on unoopular 48hr moorings but the ‘Honey Spots’ I’ll move off of for sure.
  11. I recently got a discounted price at a garage for paying cash. The discount was offered, not asked for. It’s happened a lot, “Cash?, lets just call it ..... then “ As a general rule I pay on time in cash, and I include a bit extra as a thank you when the work and customer service is really good. And I must make it clear: I have not recommended someone to the OP who will do work on the cheap but an honest tradesman who will do an excellent job at a fair price, should the OP use him.
  12. 😃 I got a bracket from him, to support my head lamp. Did a little sketch of a ‘G’ supporting a right angled bracket and he knocked it up no trouble, conplete with swirls. I’m at Bugsworth basin tomorrow so will look out for some recent work he’s done on a replica wagon.
  13. the blacksmith on Nb Emily Brontë is in Cheshire. Had a chat with him at Anderton last Sunday and he’s on his way to Nantwich. He’s more than capable of doing what you need. He’s on Facebook, so should be easy enough to track down. I could PM his mobile number if you want? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, his details are easliy found on the Internet.
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