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  1. you’re going to have to explain that one to me please
  2. yes, it was Peel’s Wharf in particular I was thinking about. And I do understand a deal was done with Fazeley Marina to allow boaters to use and have access to facilities. not sure what my point was really, other than the increase in license fees whilst access to services are in decline.
  3. added trouble/issue is CRT are doing away with such amenities that I now have to drop in to marinas to use theirs.
  4. probably not because I’m unlikely to take on a winter mooring again, and I’d rather just get on with life than save/fiddle a pound one way or the other. And you’re supposing/assuming too much regards license increase.
  5. I don’t know, I can’t be arsed with the contrived CC definition it does me nut in. I’m just someone without a Home mooring who keeps on the move.
  6. of course yes, IF I (one) could find a mooring less than say £1500 for the year.
  7. No because I paid me money to stay over. I’ve just left my boat in a marina for 10 days while I go on holiday. Would you like to redefine me for that? I can’t continuously cruise while I’m away on holiday, and neither do I state a home mooring while I’m away. Which pocket would you like me in?
  8. winter moorings are a con really, you’re really paying CRT to turn a blind eye to over stay, and you pay to stay somewhere with little or no facilities, when really if you wanted to stay you could shuffle about or plead for special whatevers to stay over, Plus I’ve met a few who are already heading for areas where they’ll be stuck by a winter stoppage. I really don’t see why many would want to pay for a winter towpath mooring.
  9. because I wanted to work and stay in an area I once took on a towpath winter mooring for two months, Jan to Feb. As far as I am aware, I was still regarded by CRT as not having a home mooring.
  10. I refer you back to the original image you posted.
  11. and you’ve the smallest, sort them mooring lines/ropes while you’re at it, 🥸
  12. What I thought, some stock stuff,
  13. with space to compost properly 👍 but that’s not the way it’s been working (or has it?) I understand most use a compost loo then wonder where to dump the waste ? so yeah, it’s a big marketing ploy, companies are making these compo loos with no regard where the shit ends up.
  14. wow! That’s a big fender on the motor there I can’t quite tell, Is it all one ? or is there a tip on it?
  15. if one had a short term winter mooring and were quite happy to not question CRT for thinking you still had one when the spring came, because it seemed beneficial to let them think you still had one, and were willing to leave the argument til later on…then… bad luck.
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