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  1. 3D zebra crossing

    The illusion won't work from a side view or from the other direction. And it doesn't work from above. So yes, the illusion will only work convincingly from a single point of view, in this case the driver's If you can freeze the three flickering photos you'll see the differences. It's been created by painting a type of isometric projection which when viewed from the correct angle makes the lines look like floating bars.
  2. 3D zebra crossing

    Perhaps it's traffic going into town that needs the extra reminder to be cautious and mindful of their speed, where as the vehicles coming out of town are already going slow?
  3. BCN Challenge 2018

    Try one of these. Everything on them. Perfect for the job.
  4. Freeloaders

    53p? Where do find that sum? lets redistribute it?
  5. Freeloaders

    I'll make my way and pay my tax as I travel. Musicians and artists make a sack load of money for the country. Footballers make a sack full too. The Royal Family choose their rate of pay to the taxman. Flyboy: sorry if I've hit a nerve.
  6. Freeloaders

    Have skim reread the thread and haven't found any support for the royal family. Any reason, (other than Dmr's), is either an appeal for sympathy for them being born privileged or an attack on me being an itinerant. I can't offer an alernative to having a King or Queen as head of state, but... come on, should we forever be so humble ?
  7. Freeloaders

    I'm sorry if I've put a downer on your celebrations, it was never my intention. Please enjoy and wave a flag I do live and let live, probably more than most. More than a society that thinks it's ok to sweep the streets of down and outs in advance of a royal wedding.
  8. Freeloaders

    If you're referring to me, the OP, I wasn't trolling. I read here, there and everywhere, how folk are getting stuff for nothing and 'freeloaading'. So, I was readdressing the balance and pointing towards the obvious. The obvious is that while lower classes are paying their way and are encouraged into austerity there's a privileged class smiling.
  9. My grumble with the pub would be it's over staffed with young folk busy on their phones or talking to each other and not showing attention to the bar and waiting customers. Otherwise beer and food been ok.
  10. As above. (Meaning Nick's post) I usually moor close to the gate/opening in fence across the road from the pub and have never had a problem with the noise. Yes, you can hear the odd train but not enough to spoil your sleep Enjoy.
  11. I've a 4' bath. I sit and shower in it. I dont have head room to stand comfortably. I'll use it from time to time if washing clothes by hand, letting items soak. I'd prefer just a shower space with headroom and the extra space for storage or whatever. There was a time when I had a large board on the bath to increase storage space but it became irritating, moving stuff each time I wanted to shower. I personally would prefer a 'proper' shower because one day I will get stuck in the bath tub owing to obesity and old age.
  12. I've not experienced any sloshing or spillage caused by other boats moving, including travelling on the Leeds Liverpoool, where a majority of boats continue to travel past moored boats at a decent speed. It was a small worry to begin with but trays only a quarter full, if that, are unlikely to spill with the motion of other moving boats.
  13. London gets tough

    I saw the boat at Saltair in September. Seemed to be uninhabited for most of the time. I like the idea of it changing appearance depending on the things found or scrounged on the way.
  14. Yep, I got a darkroom on my boat. I'm not rich. Keep things simple and it's cheap as chips.