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  1. We’re all doomed then. And I see a dystopian Mad Max future on the offing.
  2. you could say if red becomes harder to find in marinas then a fuel boat will benefit by continuing to sell red and meet the demand that’ll still be out there.
  3. It wouldn’t be a problem for a fuel boat to have both? Would it?
  4. And ‘all day opening’ is a misnomer because they’re not open all day.
  5. There’s always an option to have red delivered in a bowser if it’s a worthwhile delivery. It just takes a few boaters to get together to make the order.
  6. As I understand it, having a dedicated tank for domestic will be ok. 🧐 You’ll still be able to buy and use red for domestic. As long as the red can’t be fed to the engine and used for propulsion.
  7. Think ahead – Plan cruises to minimise use of locks well that would scupper Phil’s plan on the BCN then!
  8. And the “THRIFT CODE?” What’s that then?
  9. I hope he goes for it and tells us how it went. Personally I’d split it into 2 relaxed days to enjoy and appreciate it. But he hasn’t that option
  10. A favourite pub of mine recently locked the doors at 11pm and the landlord very politely asked “you don’t mind if we smoke do you?” “as long as I can join in?” I said. I think it was gone 2am when we left. The afternoon lock in on a Sunday used to be brilliant. But you had to be in the bar at least an hour before they drew the curtains and bolted the door otherwise you were deemed to be taking the piss and only turning up for the lock in. Must be 30 years now since all day opening came in?
  11. Yes-I hope to go down them on Monday. If anyone is unaware there are two major stoppages on the Macclesfield through the winter one by Clarence Mill and the other by Goyt Mill. The stoppages are on the website.
  12. I should stop buying fresh oil and instead take the part worn oil off others who are chucking it away. It’d do for my car.
  13. No not me - Philip. I was agreeing with your advice for him to do the challenge. I’ve done it a few times. And it’s a good.
  14. I misread “3/4” you got 3 quarters of a day not 3 to 4 My silly mistake. Have an half day in the Museum and Art Gallery instead and a pint in the Post Office Vaults. Yes do the challenge. 👍
  15. The locks on the BCN are a piece of cake. Easy to use and gentle. I’ve single handed around Brum a fair bit. The question with your route is where to stop over night? I’d suggest Star City. Two days at a steady pace. Overnighting at Star City. I’ll have a look back at my map and notes later to see times on the flights. Have you already explored other areas around Birmingham?
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