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  1. Wild wild guess and I know I’m wrong but to get the ball rolling: Where the Tame Valley meets the Rushall? I should know the junction but can’t remember.
  2. Catch catch the Horror taxi, I fell in love with a video Nasty
  3. Are there down sides to charging faster? In theory: Why shouldn’t I get a 120A alternator?
  4. Yeah wiring, I do struggle with wiring. Learning bit by bit but not me favourite. What I was thinking is simply a bigger alternator to give a quicker bulk charge in the morning if I’m sitting moored up, then let the solar do the rest through the day (summer time anyway). Maybe I’ll come back to the issue of using a modern alternator controller, I understand what you’re saying. But bit by bit and slowly for my noggin. Firstly I’ll get a straight swop 90A alternator and go from there. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, that’s the kind of thing a simple swop over 👍 but I’ll go for the 90A.
  6. Ok, thanks Tony. Going down a twin alternator ain’t for me at the moment so I’ll check what I have and perhaps go to a 90A. Swopping for a 90A won’t involve any thing other than taking the old one off and putting the new on will it? Im good at swopping like for like but if it involves changing some wiring or brackets then it becomes another thing. Especially wiring.
  7. BMC 1800 with I think a 55A alternator, I’ll need to double check. It charges a starter battery and 3x110ah leisure batteries. So far I’ve not had an issue with electrics because I use little of it but I plan to start using a bit more. (I’m yet to fathom out how much) But soon I’ll be needing to run the engine daily to charge rather than weekly. simply; what are the size options for a larger alternator for a 1800 BMC and what are the pitfalls in putting a bigger alternator on an engine? Thanks
  8. The looking straight past but with the very slight raising of the hand is on the increase. It’s odd: a recognition but a dismissal in one.
  9. Yes, I came across a boat a few days ago like that. Horrible when you walk past on the way back from the pub at night to have lights glare at you. There were 3 sets that lit up down the boat. I walked back and forth a few times because I’d had a few and thought I’d get some fun out of it.
  10. the trick is to make the boat look as unoccupied as possible… but still occupy the boat. Then when someone breaks in you’re there to stop them.
  11. Good old Jeremy he’ll get to the bottom of this 🧐
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  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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