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  1. Goliath

    Holiday In Florence, what to visit?

    Try the Brancacci Chapel with the Masaccio frescos. and Brunelleschi's Duomo. Beautiful city with so much to see. Enjoy, I'm jealous.
  2. Goliath


    I’ve a lot of practice. thank you. Will post again as soon as I’m safe and sound at home on board. But don’t wait up.
  3. Goliath


    And it is all guesswork and spinning a story. I’vE stumbled in a good pub. So I’ll carry on tomorrow as in post tomorrow
  4. Alan have you a couple of photos to show the OP what an ice breaker would have looked like and to show why it needed that round bottom to rock. And then we can imagine the boat in question without the cabin.
  5. Goliath

    Planning a big cruise

    Good point. Enjoy having a boat and taking advantage of mooring up to see stuff you wouldn’t normally see. But you know that.
  6. This is an ideal hobby boat. Where’s the ‘high’ maintenance? It’s 23’ long. It hasn't even got a base plate.
  7. Yea, but that’s the dull answer. Too sensible
  8. So it sounds perfect for you. Go and look. Cheap as chips. If I had enough money I’d go and look at that. I’d make it into a darkroom studio and tow it around.
  9. Goliath

    Should I buy a narrowboat

    Me too. Then I realised I can live on the boat! Quids in.
  10. Exactly, this could be a little gem. With years of fun to be had on it. Make sure the bike comes with it!
  11. Don’t cancel the viewing. Unless it’s a long trip and a pain to get to. You will at least learn and gain a bit more knowledge from seeing it. (I love the simplicity of the tiller and rudder attachment) And who knows, it might be the one. It looks lovely, it’s the only one of it’s kind out there. It’s only 23’ so will go and turn anywhere, brilliant. You could have lots of fun on that. Get a good hull survey done and if you fancy it... But go look at it. If I’d seen the comments on here before I bought my boat I would never have gone to view it. As it is, I’ve a sound boat with an iron hull. End of the day it’s your money.
  12. Goliath

    Planning a big cruise

    I guess it’s all doable if you’ve got a willing crew - And the works shared out.
  13. Goliath

    BMC 1.8 dipstick.

    I thought the OP was on about his engine oil dipstick rather than gearbox. I find it hard to take a reading with my gearbox dipstick like your in the picture. Ive made a wooden one but your design is much better so I’ll pinch your idea. Cheers.

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