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  1. When I owned a four bedroomed house I gave up the spare rooms to a series of strangers, it stopped the relatives visiting.
  2. I thought 6 was a lot. Mine gets just 2 coats, every two or three years.
  3. Looks like I might have to do a FOI request myself if he don’t answer. I kept it easy, I asked only for the last 5 years.
  4. If you continue to head North you’ll need better than pipe fenders. Get a car wheel and a couple of wheelbarrow wheels. (with those still attached you’ll definitely not get in a narrow lock)
  5. Genuine question: How many Freedom of information requests have you entered over the last 5 years?
  6. Back on topic: Just hammer a mooring pin up the twits’ ass and wire him to both his generators.
  7. Some mornings I wake and think it’s all bollocks, some mornings I wake and think we’re all doomed. One morning I won’t wake. Until then I’ll just get on with ‘stuff’.
  8. Listening to them, they each believe they are the clarity amongst the confusion. I dunno. Best place is on a boat.
  9. Because the UK is not so unified, the Welsh and the Scots welcome any opportunity to distance themselves from any Westminster decision, and why wouldn’t they?
  10. I’m another who stays below the top lock. Just back far enough to be amongst the greenery. I don’t think there’s anything to stop someone mooring at the tunnel entrance over night but I was advised not to because of vandals.
  11. That’s a little game I play sometimes. Single handed going up hill with a 48’ boat.
  12. No it’s not, I’d forgotten about that one 😃. There were plenty more like that too. I’m not outraged by the way, nor a sicko, just think it’s a shite advert in this day and age.
  13. I’m surprised none of you seem to see/read the symbolism that’s going on in that image. I bet it was
  14. 15! You’ve some work then. You’ll be an expert by the end. I’d be tempted to take a couple of the prints to a local framer. That way you can test them against a variety of coloured boarders with a variety of depths and against a range of frames. They should have just corners which you can play with to get an idea. I remember measuring over and over, then over again to check I’d got everything correct when making frames. I’m sure you’re aware, but don’t forget the importance of the rebate, everything slots into the rebate. So you’ll measure to the rebate when cutting. So, yes, I’d take a visit to the local framer for ideas. Good luck.
  15. What size are your prints? And how many are in the set? First decision to make is whether the prints will need a bordered mount within your frame or whether you’d prefer the prints to take up the whole frame. Personally I think a mount looks best, but depends what you’ve got. If you want mounts I can give you a link to a supplier who will cut daler board with an aperture to what ever size you need. It’ll give a professional look. You can hand cut, but this can be very tricky to be precise especially with a nice bevelled edge for the aperture. Been awhile since I’ve made frames. Lovely thing to do and quite simple. A good mitre saw and corner clamps are needed. Youtube is probably good place to start looking for tips. It’s possible to buy frames cheaper than you can make them but that would spoil your fun. And yours will look 10 x better. 😃
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