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    Looking to transport a barge from North Holland (Sneek) to Ireland! Please note - I only want replies that I want to hear, anything questioning my intentions, or requesting further information will be treated with contempt. Please only answer the question and give me a list of freight companies - NOTHING ELSE. Thank you. Petisa
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    Bear in mind, if you want to move during the winter, that the Liverpool Link is supposedly closed from beginning of November to end of March.
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    I would bet money on it being gunged up filters. Probably all of them. Dont forget the tiny one in the fuel pump. My vetus did exactly that until I replaced all and cleaned through.
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    Only as in a planned closure. As I understand it, it ran with a temporary landlord for a couple of months as described earlier, then when the new landlady took over, she closed it for a week or so whilst they deep cleaned the kitchens and sorted the cellar out.
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    make sure you have the right anodes fitted and get a galvanic isolator
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    Would you have the power to keep the growlights working?
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    Thanks Andyberg! I think the link is here: https://stanleydock.com/marina/ 30 spaces, with more to follow apparently. Not sure where it says they are permanent? I've emailed them to confirm. This area of Liverpool will be undergoing a massive redevelopment over the next few years. Liverpool is really booming at the moment!
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    Maybe if the 'baddies' see you posting pictures of your boat and decide they fancy the TV they may walk the canal at Radcliffe, looking for a boat called "Faffer".
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    so far the only casualty of ice on our boat has been the filter / strainer on the shower drain pump (which may have already been damaged before we bought the boat) our winterisation process (engine and alde heating are known to have correct mix of anti-freeze / possibly a little too rich) 1. run the taps until air comes out (especially the hot tap), the calorifier makes some wonderful glooping sounds (leave taps on) 2. turn pump off at power 3. flush the loo twice (leaves it's feed and the bowl empty) 4. put shower head on floor and turn shower taps on 5. take the drawer under the cooker out and remove strainer bowl from shower drain pump 6. curse because we now have a dirty strainer and no water to clean it with 7. place strainer and bowl on the draining board (so that we don't forget to put it back on next time we come to the boat) 8. replace batteries in alarm sensors (otherwise low batteries die in cold temps and set the alarm off in January) 9. isolate batteries 10. lock doors 11. turn gas off at bottle and lock locker lid 12. leave 13. return to boat because we have left the marina gate key in the cutlery drawer and can't get out 14. really leave. I will add that our boat is not hooked up to mains solar takes care of keeping the leisure bank topped up (bilge pump etc all run off the leisure bank) the starter battery is left alone, so far we have had no problems with not charging it over winter but are expecting it to fail at any time (it was originally fitted in 1998)
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    here's an FAQ. How does a topic get so far off-topic so quickly and how do you get it back on-topic, without you appearing to be the rude one?

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