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    With out wanting to sound critical I think every body was just trying to do the best they could; I can't imagine that any man during that time who had decisions to make to wasn't constantly terrified that he was making choices that could prove catastrophic. I some times wonder if what we look back at and see as arrogance was actually men living lives of abject terror and simply trying to hold it together the best way they knew how. I can only imagine but I think the realties of war could slap anyones ego into check pretty quick. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I'm sure a great many of the men thrust into positions of authority felt that they weren't actually the best person for the job but what else could they do - If for no other reason than I attended a private school and had an expensive education I was given a band of men to lead into battle I personally would feel such a fraud. And I don't think it would have mattered whether your decision making took place on the battlefield or back in Britain. I rabbited on but it's not to criticise just offer different perspective.
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    Lots of sensible and helpful replies too. Did you miss those? Some might say making yourself look bit of a chump, getting all shirty over some silly replies once the sensible ones petered out.
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    People use glueboards without thinking ahead as to how they are going to deal with a mouse/rat caught on it. Many people rather than carrying out a humane dispatch just leave the rodent to die a slow, distressing and painful death whilst trapped in the glue. My job used to take me into houses and commercial kitchens and on many occasions I came across a dead mouse or rat on a glueboard which had gnawed one of it's legs off in its desperation to free itself while slowly dying of starvation and/or exhaustion. They should be banned IMO. Poison or a legally approved spring trap is much more humane.
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    You're just looking for a thread worthy of pinning. 3 1/2 years back and still no joy...
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    I guess a lot of lives could have been spared if the stone age methods + incompetence /arrogance & general belief that some of the upper crust officers of the day had that they & they alone knew what was what ,proved by the catastrophic life loss that they didn't ,at least with modern military that has improved some what over the last 100 odd years but then again warfare has totally changed & the foot soldier is required in less numbers although they still get the shitty end of the stick, to each & every one who lost their life defending future freedom Sir /Madam I salute & thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    Thing is, it isn’t the OP’s call. No-one here has any control or authority over the course a thread takes after starting it. As as you say, it appears a petulent flounce was being set up right at the start of the thread
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    Does the inverter have it's own isolator? if so turn it off and see if you still have the current drain. An inverter uses power even when there is no 240 volt load so turning off the breakers will not result in zero amps to the inverter.. Some cheapies use 5 amps when doing nothing, many older ones of 10 years ago use about 2 amps even good brands, a recent one should be about 1 amp with no load. There is of course also the chance that the inverter has developed a fault.
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    It could be Karelian bear dog of course, but I would think they are difficult to import. And apolologies?
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    I highly doubt it's a mouse. It's more likely to be a very large rat, capable of inflicting horrific bites to the throat if cornered, and carrying bubonic plague.
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    This year I have paid between £10.50 for the cheapest ( Thames ) and twenty quid. Its a bit irrelevant realy as if the tank needs emptying it needs emptying.

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