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    Not quite sure why producing evidence of an offence amounts to racism, perhaps you can assist in helping us out? The usual criminal ploy of "what about (Saudi Arabia)..." doesn't really work since it is already accepted that they are a bunch or terrorist supporters (why else wasn't Cameron's report into nations supporting terrorism ever published?) but is has bog all to do with Russian executioners. We have had Lugovoy and Kovtun come across here to execute Litvinenko and now Petrov and Boshirov come across to try to execute Skripal and you wish to be a Russian apologist, why is that? They asked to be part of the enquiry, does Italy invite the Mafia to take part in any suspected Mafia murder enquiry? if not, why do you think that is? I have to be honest that at one time I was also gullible, but I'm better now. When a Russian BUK missile shot down passenger aircraft MH17 over Ukraine in 2014 I watched Russia Today (the russian propaganda machine) and their reporting of it, at that point I realised that nothing coming from Russia can any longer be believed. I was expecting something like the incident when the USS Vincennnes inadvertently shot down Iranian passenger flight 655 in 1988 where they accepted that it was an error, whereas what we got was a total load of bullox. I could have lived with 'a mistake was made' but the propaganda bullsh*t that came forth Mr Goebbels would have been proud of. Since that time I no longer believe anything that a Russian source comes out with unless verified by a genuine source, nothing from Russia is a 'genuine source', this isn't racism, this is experience. The Russian people themselves are fine(as are Iranians), they are just led by a bunch of corrupt b*stards who cannot be believed on anything.
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    Problem is though that Russia is still behaving like the old USSR, Crimea and Ukraine just to mention two and the brutality in Syria is something else. Putin has pretty much absolute power and has had a few good years screwing the west, installing Trump, funding Brexit, and destabilising the middle east (With the added bonus of creating a refugee crisis that weakens the EU and decent Western governments) I think that the West would be happy to be friends with Russia if Russia was run by genuine democratic and un corrupt governments. I met some Russians a while ago - seemed nice people, I am happy to be friends with them so long as their awful government lays off of the rest of the world.
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    Knackered. Put up new log store and transported and filled it with 900 logs yesterday - 2 deep - like a bad dry stone waller - but very cave-manlike satisfying.
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    I had repeated callouts to a problem like this,and after much tankflushing,filter changing ,etc,it was a piece of polyester shirt material ,invisible when fuel wet,and would stick to the inside of the tank,when the tank was drained and flushed.After a period of running,it would float over the pickup,and restrict fuel delivery......It could have been cured first off by placing a large filter gauze over the pickup pipe when the tank was made,or putting a decent sized manhole in the tank top.But boat operators dont like filter gauzes in tanks,because they block with sludge............Incidentally,if a DPA pump gets air in it ,it usually wont start,or stalls straight after starting......One cause of this can be the controll spindle O rings worn.
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    Very pleased to read this... I'm usually dressed like a scarecrow whilst boating and feel a bit self-conscious when I meet others who are dressed less scruffily than me (i.e. most people). Now I will just consider myself to be a real boater, albeit only part-time.
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    I had a fisherman ask if i minded him fishing behind the boat yesterday. He explained that his normal spot was filled with boats. He realised we only had the back cabin and thought he was too close. Thats a first. He got a couple of fish and a cup of tea for being simply pleasant.
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    No idea but I gather it does sometimes. As indeed it does in St. Petersburg. 🤔
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    Never mind about that tame TV rubbish, Transvestite policemen, Lama theft, and class A drug dealing are rife in the Archers. ...............Dave
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    I would like to thank you for downloading all of these photographs of ARIES. Clearly these document an important period in the history of this boat and I certainly appreciate every single image
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    I wouldn't bother with any paid or other free anti virus. The free installed windows defender on W10 works well. No trouble at all on my W10 in two years.
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