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    About half past six this evening, my dog started barking madly, and my wife thought she had heard someone shouting loudly. I went into the garden and saw that a man was in the canal, directly under the bridge. I ran through the house and over the bridge and arrived under the bridge just as my neighbour from across the canal got there. We pulled the man from the canal, who was obviously suffering from shock. It turmed out he was a cyclist and had collided with the bridge and bounced into the canal. We checked him put and he had cut his head and nose, my first aid training from years ago came in handy! He was worrying about his bike, so I returned home to get the boat hook and successfully retrieved his bike from the canal. He then took a turn for the worse and slumped to the ground, occasionally drifting into unconsciousness. We called an ambulance, got blankets to make him as comfortable as possible. Tried to get details from him, he gave his name and date of birth but when asked were he lived he said "Bedworth" but couldnt remeber the rest of his address. When the ambulance arrived they checked him out and took him off to hospital. Just goes to show how easy it is to have an accident. If he had knocked himself out he would have drowned and in the evening very few people walk that stretch of canal.
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    Oh god no. The ones who call themselves "real boaters" are the worst. Usually Midlanders in their late '60s, called Keith, with a beard. They inevitably have a 1990s NABO sticker saying "CANALS were built for BOATS" in the window and a sarcastic sign about "Which bit of SLOW DOWN don't you understand?". The signwriting used to say "Keith & Mary Pillock", but Mary had the good sense to up sticks as soon as the kids left home and so the "& Mary" bit has been inexpertly painted out. I generally like pretty much everyone I meet on the waterways, from first-time hire-boaters to the Broom-Broom brigade, but there is a particular breed of supercilious, know-it-all old fart that brings me out in hives. (With apologies to any 60-something Brummie Keiths on here.)
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    The whole concept of judging a person by whether or not their boat is newish, well painted and maintained, or not, is ludicrous and just demonstrates prejudice and snobbery (inverted, or not). Our boat is called Telemachus, named after the son of Odysseus in Greek mythology. We came across a moored shiny boat one day, by the name of Odysseus. The chap was standing on the back. As we passed I called out “Hello daddy!”. The chap gave me a horrified look like I was some deviant paedo or something, and scuttled inside without answering. The next day we passed a moored skanky dirty black rat-boat. Up popped the head of a young man whose hair had reached equilibrium having not been washed for many months, is scruff clothes. He gave us a cheery wave and said with a grin “Ah, Telemachus, the son of Odysseus!” which I will admit, slightly surprised me. Moral being you can’t judge a book by its cover.
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    I hung around Gas St in the 60s, helping out with the newly formed Birmingham & Midland carrying Co. One evening I was in the cabin of Ash with Eddie Hambridge and Dave Hogg. Things were not always going well for the company and consequently their boatmen. We put the following together, a parody of “ Bloody Orkney “ a song composed by a disgruntled soldier from WW2. I’ve just discovered it in an old notebook... The bloody pay is bloody bad The bloody boss is bloody mad It makes the brightest bloody sad In bloody Gas Street. The bloody folks are bloody poor They throw their crap out on the shore We’ll slide about for evermore In bloody Gas Street. The bloody water’s full of muck And Waterways don’t give a fuck There ain’t enough to float a duck In bloody Gas Street. The bloody gaffer’s on the drink Goes down him like a bloody sink Bank statements they are all dark pink In bloody Gas Street No bloody cash, they’ve stopped the dole We’ll starve to death in this dark hole We’ve burnt up all our bloody coal In bloody Gas Street. No bloody sun, no bloody sky The stench is getting somewhat high We’ll rot here till we bloody die In bloody Gas Street.
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    A snotty shiny boater just gave me and my boat the right stink eye, then came over with a look on his face like someone was holding a turd under his nose and asked if I was staying long. I told him I'll stay as long as I like. If you're one of these types, I hope your area gets invaded by a horde of real hardcore water gyppos from London who are A LOT less polite and quiet than I am! Thanks for reading. Isobel.
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    Well, mine was kindly repainted by the previous owner when I bought it. Unfortunately in lumpy hammerite which took an entire summer to get off. As I have been on an income of (usually considerably) less than 12 grand all my life, I can't afford to have it professionally painted, so I do the best I can with a couple of cans of Weathershield. The boat's hit a few bridges and been hit by a few boats in its time, so it's a bit dented here and there. I've done my best with what I've got, which is a much loved unshiny old boat that has been either my home or leisure activity for thirty years. I don't polish the brass because life's too short. I do the best I can with what I can afford. I also appreciate that some lucky people can afford professional care for their boats, and as long as they do it for the same reasons as me, and have an inclusive attitude to others pottering about, I'm all in favour. Almost all boats are interesting to look at, though sometimes the slightly more battered ones have more character, rather than looking like something out of Homes &Gardens - but the latter are nice too. Gives you something to aspire to! What matters is the attitude of the person (usually a bloke) at the tiller. There is certainly a higher proportion who refuse to make eye contact, wave or say hello as they go past you than there used to be, and I'm afraid they are, in fact, usually on shiny boats. Still a minority though, and they do make me laugh. What upset the OP wasn't, as far as I can see, the question, which was fair enough, nor the bloke's shiny boat, but the attitude. And also, in my opinion, she can justifiably get snotty about some of the attitudes shown by some in this thread, who, on the evidence of their willingness to go on the attack, would probably have responded to the approach even less charitably, assuming they had the nerve to act in person as they have online.
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    Snotty. Judgmental opinion. Shiny boater. Judgmental opinion ”right stink eye”. Judgemental opinion ”Look on his face (etc)”. Judgemental opinion ”I told him I’ll stay as long as I like”. Rude and obnoxious ”hope your area gets invaded (etc etc). Plain nasty.
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    This is really a point of information that I'm passing on on behalf of the sand barge skippers. John Branford and his son Jonathan have been thrilled to see the positive reaction from leisure boaters as we passed up the canal and river sections of the Aire & Calder navigations from Goole to Leeds. The clapping, cheering and positive messages over the radio have been really heart-warming and a vindication of nearly five years hard work to get the show on the road. The last thing they want to do is undermine all this good will so have asked me to share a wee detail re mooring: Several of the bridges on both the top (Lemonroyd to Leeds) and bottom (Goole to Ferrybridge) canal sections are low for a barge returning empty in ballast, meaning that to get the wheel box through unscathed, skippers are having to open the throttle wide 50 yds or so before the bridge hole. This brings the stern down and reduces air draught (yes that word again!) by approx 6". It's therefore a bad thing for boats to be mooring close to bridge holes where there is little headroom. So please don't think this is a case of bad boatmanship .......... it's just a harsh necessity, especially as the headroom in several instances appears to be actually reducing due to mining subsidence. If a rumoured backload comes to fruition it will be both a lot more profitable than carrying 200 tons of water ballast and will also reduce the need to use the engine power to pull the stern down for bridge holes.
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    I'd like to know a bit more before conclusion jumping. Where this happened, and why some bloke thought they had the right to ask how long someone was staying somewhere - assuming that person A is on an ordinary mooring and within the usual time limits. If you're on a water point, or a service station, then it's a valid question, though there are ways of asking... same on a short shopping mooring. I've asked a few at full visitor moorings who looked as if they might be moving on, in case it was worth waiting. I've also been asked to move a ring or two to make space, though I usually notice and offer first. I've certainly been sneered at a few times by shiny boats and one or two have refused to share locks (my boats about 60 years old and a bit bruised). Can't say it bothers me, but ivnever been spoken to particularly unpleasantly. The original post looks like someone whose been pissed off by someone's attitude and is venting, and most of us have done that one time or another and a fair few of the comments are imo uncalled for. ETA I also do wonder if some of the responses would have been quite so extreme if the OP had been male....
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    Top paddle jammed in raised position at Lock 5 Atherstone yesterday. Two CaRT staff attended promptly, unable to free "down the hole" Pound trained, waders donned and the whole lot done with no more than a couple of hours downtime.
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    I find, on reflection and having completed the survey, that all of this has been so predictable and depressing. There is now a significant minority of waterways users who are clearly ruining for the rest of us. Promotion by sellers of live aboard boats and the media suggest it is OK just be live on the towpath and move when you have to. Yet if you are compliant, have a mooring, when you are out boating you are going to be checked to see if you are genuinely cruising? Like many historic boat owners we accept the fact that navigation is going to be difficult at times but do not wish to have the book thrown at us for going aground or getting stuck in a lock on the grounds that we are 1/2" over the nominal width that someone has decided upon based on no historic evidence. It is clearly the fault of CaRT and their predecessors that they have failed to get on top of the various problems that are now becoming high profile issues for them. All these proposed changes to the T and C,s are because of problems they are getting which would have been obvious to anyone who was on the case. Take the oversize problem for example which appears to be centered on the GU and North Oxford. Wide boats going though tunnels without permission and being left partially blocking or damaging bridge holes of the North Oxford. These issues should have been dealt with locally instead of having to make changes to national T and C,s. Its not just CaRT but EA are suffering because of lack of enforcement. Boats moored everywhere they shouldn't clearly being lived on and yet not even displaying the name as required by the bylaws or not showing a license either. No sign of any enforcement in my experience. I've had my rant now.
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    @mrsmelly is this how their website looks to you then?
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    The problem with this forum, and it is not a very nice trait is that there is always a bunch of posters, and usually the same ones that are quick to jump on people for little or no reason, I once made the mistake of starting a thread about another boaters slightly unreasonable behaviour and got slaughtered, it really was quite shocking. As for Lord Byrons Maggot, you passed my mooring in Barrow last year and she has oodles of character.
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    After years of hearing about all these unlicensed boats.....on our trip North along the Leicester Line and River Soar, taking in the Market Harborough Arm as well, we just enjoyed our boating, laughed at lots, said hello to lots, and had a jolly good time. CRT have licence checkers, License Support Officers, Waterways Chaplains...and probably Free Licence Giver-Outer Managers to deal with the 4% nationally that dont have one for whatever reason.
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    CaRT claim that a quarter of their income is from boaters, so we paid for one side of that sign. If you look very carefully there is a mooring bollard icon on the side facing the water to let you know there are mooring bollards there, just in case you haven't seen them, what with them being painted white, so we get our moneys worth. The far side no doubt says "Away From the Locks" as @Bod reckons. The left hand side says "To the Water, Where It Is Better By". They missed a trick, 'cause the top doesn't say "To the Ground" and buried in the concrete it might not say "To the Sky", for the benefit of any water voles tunnelling through the bank. Water voles being another CaRT favourite for spending money. Jen
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    I’m with Roland on this one, I suspect we learned from similar sources. Yes, in the 20 years I had Resolute I strove to maintain high standards....paintwork clean, brasses bright and decorative ropework white. While many passed positive comments on the boat, the ones I cherished most came from the few ex working boaters who understood what I was trying to do. I’ll leave it here, Mount my dinosaur and ride off.....
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    This is most interesting. I'm hurting inside if I don't bow my head and give way to a blatantly abusive individual who believes his social standing entitles him to treat 'lesser boaters' like something he's scraped off his shoe? What a gaslighting, sociopathic, horrifically narcissistic reply. Honestly, that is staggering. I'm so glad I'm not married to you. Please pass my condolences to your missus if you have one. A lot of utterly putrid personalities have decided to expose themselves in this thread, but your response takes the cake. Snob.
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    Why the hell don't you stop gloating. Grow up - as you keep saying, you won - get over it. As it happens there has been no way of knowing what the effects will be for a whole raft of issues over the past 5 and a half years or even now with a couple of months to go. A lot of people will lose freedoms and ways of life they have enjoyed and you won't - be happy. Tam
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    I can do a screen shot but it gets a bit boring when you are trying to do it for a 258 page manual (example a Lister Master parts List) that I sent someone recently. I'm sure the readers of this forum would be most grateful to have to scroll past 258 pages to get to the next post. Many of my 'legal documents' and decsions have been sent to me, I have no 'links' If I have links I post them but many items in my library go back many years and I have never had, or have no record of, the original links. Many of the documents are too big - the forum will only accept pictures and documents up to a maximum of 2.9Mb - for example the ISO 12217-2 "Stability and buoyancy assesment for Small craft" (Part of the RCD requirement) is 3.3Mb I'm not bothered if I cannot provide the information, if folks want it they can send a message with their email and I will gladly forward on whatever I have
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    Unfortunately some people think that going as slowly as possible on the canals is some sort of virtuous act. They pass their day (after all, the scenery barely changes) by reciting the mantra "You mustn't rush on the canals". Actually the real reason is that they are inadequate pathetic people who get a sense of power by forcing other people to follow them at their pace. It is the only time they get to feel "in charge".
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    I love it when you pass a boat and the "Mary" has been replaced by "Vacancy" - makes me chuckle. I would love a shiny boat. I'm a shiny boat on the inside and shabby boat on the outside in the same way that I'm a youthful skinny supermodel on the inside and chubby middle-aged woman on the outside. When I repaint next year I hope I will be a bit shinier (and a bit skinnier).
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    Izz love,, you have now been molested by the four most antagonistic, argumentative, opinionated, attention seeking members of this forum. If you have survived and are still here, well done. Ignore them for long enough and they will go away, they are like naughty children, want to be heard all the time and hate being pulled up, especially by a woman. They get nasty at a whim, but are only internet tigers, not real bad people. I don't care what your boat , my boat or anyone else's boat looks like or how much Brasso they waste wearing the brass away needlessly.
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    They may have been boating for a long time ( don't know) but they are certainly not very experienced boaters. If they were experienced she would have shouted down to the skipper immediately she saw water pouring onto the front deck and he should have seen the water coming through the gate and moved the boat back. Instead, she went into panic mode (but still filming!) and he just stood on the back deck completely unaware of the situation. An experienced boater would be watching all the time the boat was in the lock and would instinctively take action. As I said, they may have been boating for a while but there is no way they are experienced boaters. Some people watch and learn quickly and others think they know it all and carry on regardless. Haggis
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    Is this CRT's "Get Tony Dunkley" department working overtime?
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    Health and Safety risk..... Notices and stoppages Cuthound Bridge Detail Tamworth. Coventry Canal, between Alvecote Marina and Cuthounds Bridge From Date: now To Date: 20/10/2020 17:00 inclusive Type: Navigation and Towpath Restriction Reason: Inspection and rebuild Is the towpath closed to bikes? Bloody well should be Teams will be onsite in orange Hi-Vis to inspect damage to brickwork, potential alterations to cycle paths and closure of Midlands region until arched bridges built 200 years ago are all rebuilt square to accommodate today's CRT customers in their natural quest for personal best times on towpaths, even in fading light conditions. Sustrans may be involved to improve towpath LED floodlighting across the network. TDteams eriptionRepair works will be carried out at Long Sandall Lock to repair a broken sluice.
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    Government covid response, Laurel and Hardy.
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    Theres a new one from a boater in East London... Unforeseen Horror in Hackney......Had to Untie Boat
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    He needs something like this to keep you lot in check on the cut 😇
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    DON'T JUDGE THE BOATER BY THE BOAT!... Not all shiny boats have snobby,self-important assholes aboard!... Not all tatty boats have alcoholic,druggie,"gippos" aboard... Keyboard warriors on the other hand....all MORONS!!! 😆
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    How arrogant that you think you can dictate how other people should use the canals. May I remind you that canals were built for rapid transport of goods and that not everyone wants to waste their life away doing everything as slowly as possible. There is no virtue in sluggishness. How arrogant to presume that no-one may be on a deadline, especially when the majority of canal users, except perhaps those using the canals for cheap housing, are probably on some sort of deadline. End of hire period, end of holiday, booked public transport, meeting up with other people, getting to a shop or business before closing. In fact the only people not on some sort of deadline are people with absolutely nothing of interest in their lives except waiting for death. All that rant said, yes it is normal practice to slow down for fishermen, for the reasons explained.
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    imagine all the fun you could have had with that time you wasted pointlessly checking licenses? if we guesstimate at 5mins per boat, to note number, fire up the webpage & check details = 1490 minutes thats just shy of 25 hours. you wasted an entire day of your trip
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    On Tuesday 22nd Sept. we got to Common Lock on the T&M and found three boats waiting to go down and one in the full lock. The top gate was stuck partly closed because the strap had come off the ground bracket. I suggested that it could be got back on with a bit of ingenuity but the guy with the boat in the lock was objecting because he didn't want to risk the gate falling off with his boat in the lock. One of the other boaters had already phoned CaRT and everyone was prepared for a night stay there. when about an hour later 3 CaRT chaps arrived on foot having walked the 1.5 miles from Fradley. One was carrying a roll of hazard tape so everyone there thought they would just close the lock but they got the collar sorted in 20 mins and everyone was on there way. I think CaRT did an excellent job and don't always deserve the bad press they get,
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    I thought this was how it already was. The cruise bit resets when you return to you home mooring, so you can go out to your favourite spot on weekend, go back to your home mooring then go back to your favourite spot the next weekend. I don’t see a problem with that. What they want to stop are “ghost moorings” where someone takes a cheap mooring somewhere but never uses it but stays in a locality somewhere else and basically bridge hopping or not moving at all.
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    Mrs Melly, these newbie vloggers have been continuously cruising for nearly 3 1/2 years. At what point does one amass sufficient experience to be a moderately experienced narrowboat vlogger?
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    So, reading between the lines, they had a boat (a boat) moored on a leisure mooring and lived on it, the sort of thing that lots of people do and get away with by maintaining a low profile, though maybe a bit risky in a highly controlled place like Bristol. At some stage they got rid of the boat and decided to replace it with a large house like structure without getting planning permission or formal approval from the harbourmaster. Now they feel that by emphasising that they have a young child it will all be ok???? If this is ok then the ultimate conclusion would be to fill in the harbour and build a housing estate. Many years ago that's what Bristol council wanted to do (though to build a road rather than houses) but luckily that did not happen. ...............Dave
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