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BCN Challenge 2023

Captain Pegg

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4 hours ago, MoominPapa said:

Melaleuca took two hours from Oldbury top lock to the pools and back, including 45 minutes clearing an engine-stopping bladeful. The Pools are deep: the arm isn't.


25 minutes to get out of Spon Lane Bottom lock and around the junction.


Passed David on to Vulpes at Pudding Green.


Just passed Rivets on our way to Rider's Green.





That’s because there’s so many people on board you’re drawing 53’.

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4 hours ago, MoominPapa said:


Our Titford fruit-of-the-prop heavily featured leopard print fabric and zips, so I think single-dogging may have been involved there too.



With all this talk of dogging, and so on, should I mention the team 'Red Wharf' is tied up at Windmill End.


We passed 'Goliath' just after we turned towards the tunnel at Dudley Port Jn.


David was sat by the aqueduct waiting for 'Alice & Malice'.

I'm wondering if someone needs to go and rescue him?



19:40. Windmill End.

'Alice & Malice' just gone past, heading for Blowers Green, to a chorus of SLOW DOWN.


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The annual extreme marathon along the Grand Union (Gas st to Little Venice non stop)seems to have hit some problem this year(always the same weekend as the BCN challenge).

We are moored at Yardley Gobion and have had runners heading North past us since late afternoon, and runners heading south from early evening. All seem to be leisure runners not elite athletes so not sure what has happened, unless CRT has withdrawn funding unless they all get on bikes.




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Heading for Walsall town arm, just had to clear the prop FOUR times in about 100ft. The fourth was actually weed. 


Our guest crew member, Craigie, is more focused on collecting litter, the bigger the better, but mainly sticking to the themes of got wheels or classed as tube or pipe. Personally I'm quite happy filling sacks with bottles and cans but the fellas have taken some nasty stuff out.


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13 hours ago, Rob-M said:

We have just been told by Misbourne that Rushall Locks are closed as a gate has come off, they reversed back to Newton Junction from two locks up.

Wasn't us! Was fine and surprisingly easy coming up Rushall yesterday morning. 

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Hopped off Song of the Waterways at Ryders Green to get the train for a holiday on my own boat. Rest of the crew heading to Tipton via Brades probably. The Rushall closure and our enforced rerouting to W&E there and back makes that the least locky Challenge I’ve ever done! Delighted to have ticked off a few stretches I’ve never boated (Cannock Extension and Anglesey). 


On balance we decided not to pick up the chest freezer from the W&E which would have been a very creditable entrant for the Trolley Trophy. 

Edited by Richard Fairhurst
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On 26/05/2023 at 20:25, john6767 said:

As an observer this year, fingers crossed for next year; is anyone manning the @BCNChallenge Twitter account?


I've stopped using Twitter I'm afraid. It's an Elon Musk thing...

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34 minutes ago, HuggableHamster said:

Rivets 5000 won on points… I think the rest of us won on having space 🤣

Fair play that took some dedication, doing the challenge on a more "conventional" boat is hard work never mind winning on or in rivets.

Plus congratulations to @Captain Pegg on getting the scores completed so quickly and of course stepping up to take over.


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