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  1. Evidence, please? ETA OK. Perhaps I should read through to the end of a thread before posting. I seem to recall forum member having his boat broken into at those moorings by the Blue Bell on the North Stratford a while back. Does that make it a 'no go' area?
  2. Thanks for that chaps. I would never have guessed the location, even with the help of the cryptic clue.
  3. Oh come on! Barnby Dun is in Yorkshire. A short hop from Barnby Dun is still in Yorkshire. Now, I'm not one to promote the stereotype of tightfisted Yorkshire men, but............? 😃
  4. OK. I give up. Where is it? BTW and Does anyone else play the 'Where Was I?' in the Sunday Times?
  5. Thanks for that. I think I know the Bembridge car park but I can't picture anywhere in Ryde that isn't pay parking, hasn't got 'No overnight parking' signs or a height barrier. The reason I asked is when travelling about I sometimes think 'If we had a motorhome instead of the boat could we park it here overnight?' And as for outside our house........sorry, double yellow lines.
  6. As an Isle of Wight resident I'd be interested on where plan to go 'off grid'. (Not a complaint, just curious)
  7. I'm so old I can remember when the only cask conditioned beers available in Sheffield were from Tetley, Stones or Wards. 👴
  8. Yeahbut..... If one is a beer snob, sorry geek one knows to avoid Gloom Bar, Abbot etc. Hophead and a selection of Salopian beers have appeared on the wickets at the local McSpoons here in Ryde, as has Holden's Golden Glow, which I'm convinced is Holden's take on Batham's Bitter. And Landlord is best avoided anywhere but a TT tied house (it's a matter of how long a cask is cellered before being put up) I've just returned home from there (coffee not beer for me at 09:30!) and as well as the usual suspects beers from these breweries was available: Peerless, Titanic, Goff's, a n other, can't remember, and Goddard's the local brewery. What does get up my nose about Wetherspoons, apart from Mr Martin's politics, is their table service app. Introduced for lazy sods who are too idle to get off their lardy arses and wait at the bar in the proper, time honoured way.
  9. Wot! No propeller? (or even associated gubbins)
  10. Yeahbut...... It's got a big hole for a girly button.
  11. Hence my earlier post. And other readers please take note.
  12. Oi! You're supposed to be poorly. Hospital, munching grapes, complaining that theres nothing wrong with you etc. Or is our sympathy misplaced? 😃
  13. Back in 2011 we bought 'Red Wharf' from the people who lived there. They moved shortly afterwards and sold the house to a past forum member, whose name escapes me.
  14. It struck me on a recent jaunt up to Brum and back to Lapworth that the long grass made it difficult to spot bollards and mooring rings.
  15. Yes. What they all said. Give him our regards too. If he has picked up Weil's disease then hospital is the right place for him.
  16. There was something written in Barney's diary about him being hungry. So young Lily, of Tatty Lucy, fed him the noodles and there they were in his tummy when he got to Withymoor Island.
  17. I wondered after posting that........ Do Lily (6ish) and Bea (8 months) count as crew? Overtaken on the Walsall? Good Gawd.......How?
  18. Well done 'Vulpes'! And well done 'Tatty Lucy' too. A big thank you to those who organised things (we know who you are!) Thank you too to all the people at Withymoor Island for such a warm welcome. We had a fun weekend so a final big THANK YOU to all who took part. ETA PS (and we didn't come last)
  19. Seriously. Don't faff about. Get him to a quack and say Weil's disease and/or leptospiwhatsit VERY LOUDLY! I had reason to visit the NHS walk in centre in Walsall a few years back after cutting off one of those awful chinese lantern things from RW's prop. I mentioned Weil's disease and the staff there said they had never heard of it! Changing the subject...... Any offers for what engine powers Rivets 5000? I've just looked at Jan's photo of it again and burst out laughing. It's such a fun little boat. 😃
  20. Yeahbut……. We met them at Ryders Green Top Lock at about 08:15. I won’t say one of their crew got the first inundation of the Challenge! Yes! Made us laugh!
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