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Another one beyond saving...

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I caught a snap of this before it was carted away, possibly for scrappage but the haulier couldn't say for certain.

I could see the boat had recently been cut up for whatever reason, all I could gather was that it had been in the way where it was and so had to go. What will become of it who knows.? 


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Looks like a Yarwoods front end. 


There was an old Yarwoods butty stored on the hard years ago below Norwood top locks where the new housing is. It was a BW yard. I wonder if it's the same boat. 


Looks like a nice bow section for someone or has that sort of thing gone out of fashion in favour of new boats. 



If it's being road transported it is going to be re-used. 


Scrap would be cut up on site. 

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Where was this being moved from? And what happened to the other half?

Does it have a name?

My guess is it was a full length converted butty and has been cut to make two shorter boats, and it was easier to cut insitu and transport the two halves to wherever they are going to be rebuilt.

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1 hour ago, magnetman said:

Yes that seems probable. 


A Northwich butty me thinks. 


It should be quite an easy one to recognise with that little bow cabin. 



Looks like a rounded chine to me - narrows it down even more ...

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40 minutes ago, magnetman said:

It's a good guess the location picture. 


Surely someone recognises those trees. 


And the boat behind on stands and the red old fashioned cruiser narrow boat. 



Looks like a CRT boat behind it as well, doesn't the OP know where he was when he took the photo

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That's a point. Leonids has brass / bronze portholes on the visible side so it seems a bit unlikely it would have aluminium portholes on the other side. 


Of course it could be that someone wanted opening portholes and put aluminium ones on one side perhaps the canal side for air. 


As for the knuckle crackers being missing perhaps someone wanted them and they were removed while the boat was on the bank out of service. 



Speaking of boats on the bank I noticed the other day that Archimedes and Ara are still on the bank down at Royal docks and not covered up. Been there quite a while. I doubt that is doing the inside of the hulls much good. 


A shame because that is a lovely pair of boats. 



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