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  1. Since that very hot two days Mon/Tue our gas regulator appears to have thrown a wobbler and I can smell gas in the locker. There’s hardly any gas getting through to the hob so we’ve switched everything off. One full tank and one in use..We intend arriving Banbury today so some recommendations please.
  2. jeanb

    Ashby Canal

    We think this is the cause of the Griff Brook, where CRT pump water from, running dry. The building works site is huge.
  3. Another vote for blogger. Apart from the pandemic we've done a blog every year April to October since 2013. Family and friends worldwide check in every day. We post two photos with a pithy title and a short irreverent paragraph each day.
  4. Thank you for replying. What usually takes less than an hour took over 20. Settled down at 10pm last night.
  5. Here’s an update. The charger is still flashing but the charger is not running but making a faint clicking noise. Usually when the charger stops the light remains steady and the unit is quiet. It charged the BT battery up to 15.2 volts this morning.
  6. Thanks for replying. The battery is 110Ah and I regret I don’t know how to measure the amps. The battery is isolated over winter as was our previous one, which lasted 6 years. (The covid layup did for it). In previous years the charger goes into float after about half an hour. We switched it off overnight and the battery read 13.4 volts this morning.
  7. Advice please. We are preparing our boat after winter lay-up on shore power. The Mastervolt charger has been on and flashing for five hours whilst charging the (new July 2022) BT battery, which is reading 14.5 volts at present. It’s never run for that time before so what’s going on? Unless we’ve missed something the manual isn’t of much help. Grateful for suggestions/advice/help thanks.
  8. I think that's a disaster. Just saying.
  9. Our new build in 2015 has a Barrus Shire 45. No problems so far and very quiet. Chose the 45 for the big alternator and power for the river. However, the manual recommends run at max load for 15 minutes every 50 hours to burn off stuff which can be a bit of a pain as we just like tootling around unless we're on the river. It has a tendency to be a bit smokey.
  10. jeanb

    Pancakes yummy

    Freshly squeezed orange juice and a sprinkling of sugar. Favourite for over 70 years,
  11. We wish that CRT would reinstate the visitor moorings at New Mills. It's a lovely town and area to visit.
  12. We got away in July until winter layup at end of October and we had a wonderful time if a bit wet. Happy New Year everybody and thanks to the mods. As soon as the clocks change we intend heading off again fingers etc crossed.
  13. Thanks atgordon, quite an ambitious October trip.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Many thanks for valuable replies and sorry for not saying why it needs replacing. It is embarrassingly damaged.
  16. Apologies for asking yet another onboard wifi question but our Huawei Mobile WiFi E5577C needs replacing after many years good service via Three, including a blog. Would you recommend the latest version or is there anything else out there? We would like to stay with Three. Thanks for any replies.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Evening all, once again thanks for all the replies. We now have a new bt battery fitted. The original, installed on building during 2014 had no labels. Etched into the casing was 661210_ and that was all, which was difficult to see. It took about 18 hours of online searching to find an equivalent replacement/supplier which has a maker’s name and various bits of info.
  19. We haven't been to Rugeley for a couple of years, however we noticed that The Shrew is in a building called The Talbot. FWIW if we pass by later we may post a photo presuming it's still in situ.
  20. Is this pub The Shrew in Rugeley? Has it been demolished?
  21. Very many thanks for all replies. Much appreciated. We haven't seen our boat since October 2019 due lockdown etc. The battery label is on the side of the battery and not visible until the big lump is lifted out, something we've never done. Fingers crossed we will see our boat next week and after clearing the cobwebs we'll lift the big truck starter battery out, take some photos then find the nearest Halfords after a cuppa. Thanks again folks!
  22. Our BT installed in 2014 is a Sleipner twin blade 6hp 12V SE80/185 with/connected to a 240V marine charger operating from our onboard system. We need a new battery. We would greatly appreciate any advice as to what heavy duty battery to purchase. Thanks.
  23. Is the crane still there? It was barriered off in 2018 when we passed through.
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