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  1. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    I certainly do. ALL teachers read the grauniad, silly!
  2. How is your side hatch secured?

    Photos tell all...
  3. New Boating Product

    Shirley that could not ever possibly happen...
  4. New Boating Product

    I'm definitely pre-interested in ordering one....!
  5. 3D zebra crossing

    I get that all the time when I'm towpath riding...
  6. My turn - Moving on a boat

    Shame about the bus windows....
  7. My turn - Moving on a boat

    Bloody hell thats GORGEOUS. I made one just like that out of card when I was about seven. I accidentally sat on it and squashed it on the bus to see my grandma with my mum. I was mortified. Mum was all like, never mind dear. She just didn't understand, it was my masterpiece. Muvvers. Huh.
  8. I LURVE your sense of humour!
  9. No it isn't. That particular one is horribly prone to failing and dribbling water out. I don't use those any more. The best one is the Flamco Flexvent. Still not bombproof though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-2-Flamco-Flexvent-Floatvent-c-w-shut-off-valve-Automatic-Air-Vent-BNIB/172961052155?hash=item28454835fb:g:ttYAAOSwEaBZ-1SJ
  10. 3D zebra crossing

    For those wary of clicking unknown links:
  11. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    You obviously never buy stuff on the internet then! Unless by 'instant gratification' you mean gratification a day or two after you click the "buy" button. For truly instant gratification, still nothing beats a bricks and mortar shop.
  12. Maplin to the wall, this can't happen

    Truer than you think in the Reading branch. The serving counter where you used to do this has been removed. Replaced with a computer permanently displaying the Maplins website. God knows how this is supposed to help people buy stuff in there.
  13. I'd felt a little down on power lately...

    Why did you wrap it round your prop in the first place??
  14. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    Really, there is no need for you to wash your mouth out. There is no shame in reading a left wing newspaper and quoting it. Just quaintly misguided about how the world works.
  15. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    Look at the real life data, not your lefty imaginary grauniad wishful thinking! There has never been a time in the whole of history when housing was more expensive than now. And you say demand is falling. Lol!