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  1. I can't see a pic. Only a grey triangle implying pic no longer available.
  2. Oh yeah, that too. Forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder!
  3. I'll set 'em up, you knock 'em in!!
  4. It's been discussed here before, and nobody seems to know. Have they gone now from being laid up on the bank at Galions Reach then?
  5. I think I might have one of those under the floor in my boat, being used as ballast. I'll have a look later....
  6. <rant> But tap water is simply not good enough for some. This is the reason Perrier and Evian bottled water gained traction in the 80's with yuppies IIRC. Nowadays having established the principle that refusing to drink tap water in favour of stuff in bottles shows one up as being a better and more discerning human being than those who can't tell the difference, Perrier and Evian have gifted us the idea that ANY water in bottles no matter how cheap and is somehow better than tap. So now we have people drinking bottled water but choosing it entirely on price, when the best quality water is piped straight into they house. A triumph of marketing over common sense. </rant>
  7. If only you'd bought a nice 6ft 10in ColeCraft.....
  8. Once written and tested and all faults found, fixed. No-one knows how long this will take, in particular the programmers whose favourite question from management is "how long will it take you to find all the bugs and fix them?" 🙀
  9. Don't worry, it doesn't really matter. Wherever you post, nearly everyone will see it. But if you pot the same thing twice, expect some good-natured ribbing!!
  10. But... but... the canal is the best bit of Southall!! OTOH the further north you go, the better the GU gets. (Up to a point!)
  11. Did you put the old one back once he had done the damn stifficate?
  12. Yeahiknow!!! Just for future reference as you're new around here, one thread on a given subject is always enough. People WILL see it! Duplicate threads will always draw acerbic comments, rather than more information.
  13. You also missed of excessive HEIGHT. There is one fffugly fatbote the moors bang opposite me once in a while that must be a good 18" higher at the roofline than the average NB that moors in the same spot. I can see the picturesque hill and fields over the roofline of narrow boats that moor there but not this particular fatbote. Just acres of painted steel facing me across the cut.
  14. So, ummm..... which way was you gonna vote??
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