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  1. “Private plate” is a misnomer if ever I saw one. They are clearly public, one being required to be displayed on each end of the car.
  2. Aren’t we supposed to have stopped boating?
  3. What are your views on climate change and landing on the moon? I bet you think they are both hoaxes too! And vaccination. I have you down as an anti-vaccer. Am I correct?
  4. One good thing is Boris has caught it. The downside is it proves the virus has done another species jump, from human to whatever Boris is.
  5. The people wearing masks are usually the best informed regarding risk. It is widely known amongst the statisticians that mask-wearing affords the mask wearer little protection against catching it, but a LOT of protection against the mask-wearer infecting others. This is a particular risk with C-19 as the incubation period before symptoms show up is 5 days approx, during which time the person is infectious.
  6. That nice Dominic Cummings has C-19. He was last seen "running through the corridors at No.10" two days ago, apparently. Presumably started running when that nice Mr Boris was diagnosed.
  7. The OP was almost immediately outed when he first started posting as having previously posting here as "Ricco". For some reason, the mods don't seem to mind.
  8. Absolutely yes. We know this is the case because here in England for example, we only test admissions to hospital. Germany attempts to test everyone with symptoms. Even Scotland and Wales do it differently AIUI.
  9. Ah ok. Alan has a track record of willfully misunderstanding. Is that what you mean?
  10. You have misunderstood Post 120. "They" does not refer to the NHS, but to them as won't stay at home.
  11. Masks. They wear masks in public. That's the difference. Or one difference, more accurately.
  12. That was the case with the old RCD, but AIUI the scope of the new RCD in 2017 extended to cover alterations to existing boats regardless of whether you plan to sell them. Hopefully I'm wrong but ISTR satisfying myself that the new RCD prevented me installing a vintage engine in any boat I might own, regardless of my future plans for the boat. The OP would be well advised to read the RCD for himself rather than rely on guesses on internet forums.
  13. As title, I'm not sure how this is all expected to end. The media today is full of forecasts that lockdown will continue for another 3 or 6 months, but what happens after that? How is it expected to play out? I just don't know and no-one seems to discuss it. The closest we have is the Imperial College report which suggests lockdown will cycle on and off for a couple of years until a high enough proportion in the population have had it and enough people have developed immunity to depress the R rate below 1.0. The other possibility is we will have to wait until the vaccine testing has finished and a mass vaccination programme completed. Also a couple of years. Very much at odds with what the media is filled with. There is an interesting page about the locking down that happened in the USA during the Spanish flu' epidemic. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/2020/03/how-cities-flattened-curve-1918-spanish-flu-pandemic-coronavirus/
  14. Good list, but I think this is what should happen, not what will happen. I'd add less air travel (less spreading of virus)
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