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  1. I was poking fun at the propensity some here have for demanding hard evidence to back up casual, personal impressions. 'Tis my impression as a boater that widebeams cause as many, or more, obstructions than narrow boats, and now BR wants me to produce stats to prove it! FFS
  2. I'm estimating them from personal experience. Can you quote the source you are using to suggest I am wrong?
  3. So the shell was by Collingwood. Is Collingwood the phoenix firm that rose from the ashes of Liverpool Boats? LB used to play fast and loose with agreed specifications in exactly this way, in my experience when we use to sell them at T&K Marina in Reading. They went bust.
  4. I doubt Machine Mart would be selling 'death traps' if anyone had died as a result of installing one. Or do you you know otherwise?
  5. Perhaps it is better to keep some perspective. Crossing the road is dangerous too. A degree of risk is what life is all about, Shirley. Managing the risk is what it's all about, not eliminating and avoiding every scrap of it. Stay in bed if this is your approach.
  6. Check the title of this forum, I reckon you've bin knocking back the good stuff again!!
  7. I'd say this is the behaviour of a company on the skids and within an ace of bankruptcy. Anything to wring a few quid of profit out of your new build. You may turn out to have been lucky to get it even delivered. Pursue them through the courts and they may well just fold rather than pay up, I reckon. How long was their order book?
  8. Wot, in the UK canals? I saw a widebeam in the Oxford a few years back at Enslow. Put in on the slipway at Kingsground. God nose why.
  9. That doesn't really follow. Air getting in = air getting in. Fumes only come out through a gap or crack only happens if air is NOT getting in. There is a lot of hysterical nonsense written about stoves and flues.
  10. A figure only ever quoted by armchair experts who don't use solar panels on a boat, I'd suggest. Alan's 1% is fsr closer to the mark. On a grey winter day in Jan I might see 0.1A at midday from my 560W of solar, at 24V.
  11. Yes but widebeams only comprise 1% of the boating population yet manage to cause 50% of the obstructions. And that boat is still there now, with its hose on the tap but turned OFF.
  12. Was there any reason preventing a waiting boater going up and turning a lock themselves? Or was everyone waiting, waiting for the vollies to do the lock for them?
  13. Sure what we need here is MORE SIGNS!!! "Max 1 Hour on Services Mooring"
  14. Trite and smug comment. There is no such butcher.
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