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Mike the Boilerman

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  1. Mike the Boilerman

    Would you buy an overplated boat?

    I would not buy one unless the price was low enough to reflect the poor state of the hull bodged up with the overplating. Sadly most vendors pitch overplating as restoring a hull to new condition, which is most certainly a false assertion.
  2. Mike the Boilerman

    Lister LPWS4 smoking after prolonged idling

    Did you Audi have a Lister LPSW4 engine then??!!
  3. Mike the Boilerman

    Changing Pig Tails

    Certainly not. There will be neoprene washers held captive in the ends of the tails. Put them on dry. The threads don't have any sealing function, it is done by the washers. The threads just physically hold the washered joint together. On no account put sealant on the threads.
  4. Mike the Boilerman

    Giant Hogweed

    Yes Pete Barden's Camel. They used to be know as just "Camel" and were working the college circuit hard and achieving some commercial success when Humble Pie split up. Peter Frampton then started a band also called Camel, much to the amazement and horror of all us prog rock fans who were well into Barden's Camel.. Here is the real thing on the OGWT for your delectation:
  5. Mike the Boilerman

    Giant Hogweed

    I never managed to warm to Genesis. Much preferred Yes, Wishbone Ash, ELP and Camel (yes both of them).
  6. Mike the Boilerman

    Tv licence dilemna

    I find the same too. My DAB car radio is excellent.
  7. Mike the Boilerman

    Thames Rules for Continuous Cruising?

    Most? I think a lot are 24 hours, but I suspect if you pay up properly I doubt there would be any issues. Having to pay to moor is what prevents all but the most hardcore piss-takers migrating from the canal system onto the Thames. It will I suspect, take years for anyone to notice you are alternating between two sites whilst legitimately paying up though, and/or raise any objection to you doing this. And more years again for anyone to take any effective action to stop you because as you have realised, there ARE no rules on it so far. Just my opinion though.
  8. Mike the Boilerman

    12.6 wide down the GU

    And bear in mind as a widebeam you need to book your passage through with CRT in advance. If you go in without a booking and meet a boat or boats coming the other way (highly likely) there really WILL be chaos.
  9. Mike the Boilerman

    water pump being weird

    Good point. After her gig last night playing in The Drunken Stupors (or are they the Hazy Blurs?) she is probably smashed.
  10. Mike the Boilerman


    But given current management style, the more likely solution will be erection of a large blue and white sign saying: "WARNING, STIFF PADDLES - DO NOT OPERATE UNLESS EQUIPPED WITH RATCHET WINDLASS"
  11. Mike the Boilerman

    water pump being weird

    Looks like the lovely Dora is too, given her lack of comment on this fascinating anomaly.
  12. Mike the Boilerman

    water pump being weird

    Too late. I posted the screenshots anyway
  13. Mike the Boilerman

    water pump being weird

    But seriously, my post was 51 then you answered, and YOUR post was also 51 on my screen. Now your same post has changed to 53. And I have the screenshots to prove it!
  14. Mike the Boilerman

    water pump being weird

    The last post in this thread for example, is 51 according to my screen. In a while it will be something else. MARK MY WORDS...
  15. Mike the Boilerman

    water pump being weird

    Nope, the post numbers change all the time. Do you not find this?

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