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  1. Guard? We've not had train guards around here for several years. We have train managers. Wellposh, us.
  2. "Paris in the the Spring" Spot the error...
  3. How silly. Pointless caring about the RCD papers on a second hand boat. I predict they will still be looking for a boat to buy in a year or three, so best you give up on this one.
  4. Yeah well that's no surprise. You see nothing wrong with Tony Dunkley's posting style either.
  5. Curiously, it has grown a cylinder since you posted....
  6. Not necessarily. There are several anecdotes on here where boaters living on leisure moorings have attempted to pay council tax, and payment has been been refused.
  7. If Martyn came back I'd be gone again. His constant shit stirring was one of the factors that drove me to leave.
  8. I think you are missing the point. This IS how I use my satnav. Athy was proposing doing the opposite (turn off the screen and listen to the voice), and I was squabbling with him about how hopeless that would be!
  9. Ah, a new poster who likes pushing water uphill.... Dudette, your objection to off-topic posts is futile, they are part of the culture of this site. You would know this had you perused the site in any depth before posting. You may as well get used to it here because it isn't going to change. Or... seek out and use one of the many other lively and buzzing canal forums that post in styles more to your taste...
  10. If I may chuck a spanner in your works, the terminal voltage for a given state of charge changes with LiFeP04, and depends on whether the last work the battery did was delivering a charge or receiving a charge. Apparently. I've mentioned this a couple of times on here but no-one so far has picked up on it. http://nordkyndesign.com/practical-characteristics-of-lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-cells/ Unless I'm misinterpreting what Mr Nordkyn is saying.
  11. Can't be the one I'm thinking of. That one has been here several years on a west London Thames mooring. I was possibly after the mooring had you recently vacated it! And yes a Netherlands import. Fine boat and very seaworthy. Looked identical to yours, to my eye.
  12. Given the glacially slow rate at which CRT enfircement operates, i reckon i could save myself £30k by the time the CRT crane arrives to lift my boats out.
  13. Yes my phone satnav does this, which makes R4 virtually unlistenable as 25-30% of the time, the satnav is interrupting. When BLUETOOTH connected to the van hifi, that is.
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