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  1. The erosion of the steel is known as "explosive pitting" caused as previously mentioned by the speed of the propeller and the proximity of the pipe steel. We used to see it a lot in the enclosed prepellers on ghe ships. I would not call bow thrusters on ships "cissy buttons" they help to control the vessel. I will agree that too many boaters mis-use them as they do not understand how to get the best from them. A lot of bank erosion is down to inexperinced boaters using them to push off the bow having unmoored. Just walk forward and give a good shove, however in the middle of the canal or river when manoeuvering that is not so easy. In the same disparaging vein I suppose hot water tanks could be classed as a bit cissy. Old sea dogs and canal boaters used to get bathed from a kettle of hot water off the stove. Some things just make life easier and better. Now that's going to be fun . . . .
  2. DaveR

    Have Diesel Cars Had Their Day ?

    For interest please read this article. Rather long and the real information is in the last quarter of the piece. Article on emissions testing.
  3. DaveR

    Beta 43 temp sender

    On mine it is on the aft starboard side of the engine alongside the cylinder head.
  4. DaveR

    Sourcing Lamp Oil

    B & Q have loads as it is the same as used in the garden "candles" that they sell. Major supermarkets also have stocks during the barbecue season.
  5. DaveR


    Legacy was docked earlier this year to check how the Keel Black was performing. At the waists there were extensive failures of the coating in round spots which resulted in a significant amount of corrosion. It is thought that the positive ion paint has been affected by the lower cathodic current at the distant point from the anodes. These areas of paint failure were pressure washed and standard blacking applied. The usual mechanical damage at the bow section from my careless lock entries were also cleaned and re-blacked. In the areas where there had been no failure the results are looking good but the increased costs of the Keel Black do not justify my using this product again.
  6. DaveR

    Out again

    Propeller efficiency decreases with speed. Propeller slip changes quite dramatically as the boat speed through the water increases. So engine revs are not in any way directly proportional. The readings I noted earlier, were done on the same stretch of canal but, as mentioned in subsequent posts, who knows what the depth of water was at each observation point. We have all heard the change in engine note when the boat reaches a part of the canal/river where the water depth is much greater - usually at the same time the boat speed increases. When allowed, in deep water, I have turned up the speed to the full 2200 rpm and achieved 5.5mph.
  7. DaveR

    Out again

    During the last voyage on Legacy, I set up the car sat-nav to see how engine revs changed the boat speed. Accepting that it may not be completely accurate at slow speed the numbers are, however, indicative of how the boat reacts to engine revs. I found that my usual running speed of 1500 rpm gave a speed of 3.5 mph Coming down to 1100 rpm gave a speed of 2.8 mph Tickover 900 rpm gave 2.1 mph I think that many boaters reduce their engine speed and do not realise how little that takes off their top speed. In addition many reduce the engine revs just as they approach moored boats and let the high momentum carry them on. Being able to increase the revs on the other side of the moored boat indicates to them that they have slowed down. Stands back and puts on flak jacket.
  8. DaveR

    EU Strikes again?

    Looks like the real thing. Orange Swarfega
  9. DaveR

    Metric stupidity

    Ah the usual stuff, 2.44 meters of 2 x 1 for the cabin sides to hold up the 8 x 4 sheet of 19mm ply. I was working for British Steel in the early 70s when we went metric currency, thought everything was going to follow suit then but we just ended up with a right mish mash. Even the kids nowadays are part and part. Bring back the rod and chains - I say.
  10. DaveR

    Tunnel light

    Aligning your headlight so that it shines way ahead into the eyes of oncoming boats is, to me, not the way to do it. I have two LED fog lights turned up to shine at the roof and sides of the tunnel. There is enough light scatter to show any obstructions of problems ahead. I also have another fog light mounted about 10 feet forward of the steering position so that the steerer can monitor how the aft end of the boat is doing.
  11. DaveR

    Fire extinguishers use by date?

    At sea I was used to the 10 year pressure test allowance for pre-charged extinguishers. I believe BSS follows the same rules.
  12. DaveR

    Liverpool Link

    Use of the Elsan, last year, was quoted by the Marina at £10. Boaters do it ashore.
  13. Just a note of caution with these pins, on one ship I was on, they were left after being installed holding up sound proofing. At a later date an engineer was up doing some other work and stood up under one of these pins resulting in a very severe head injury. Cutting them as close as you can will only minimise the risk of injury and possibly reduce the effective holding power. From a safety point of view I would endeavour to find another fixing method.
  14. In planning my cruise on the Thames in August this year I asked BWML about a visitor mooring in Limehouse Basin. Guess how much per day . . . . . I was truly shocked . . . . now I know why BWML want to install more pontoons in Limehouse. If you do feel strongly about this matter, you must go online and register your objection. How much per day? £73.95 so the invoice was for £369.75 for 5 days mooring. OCM said no in certain words I can not use on this forum.
  15. DaveR

    London Livaboard Life in the Morning Star

    Having married a London girl and managed to persuade her to leave old London town, the rest of her siblings remain and struggle to find a home they can afford. With a budget of 400k it was a coice of a 2 bed flat or (here up North) a 3 bed semi with garage, garden and 230k left over. To me it was a "no brainer" but Londoners just do not, easily, leave the capital. Persuading employers to move North is nothing new. A company based in Hertfordshire decided to relocate to Hartlepool. Weeping and wailing ensued until the employer brought employees and families to see the area. Once they realised that selling a small property gave enough cash to buy a mansion then their attitude did change. The down side to this is that if other employers did the same then the problems of house purchase would be spread country wide. It is a great selling point in the education business to say on a teachers salary you can afford to live in the North. In the South, no chance.

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