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  1. The instructions that came with my accumulator: At what pressure should I set the accumulator tank? The pressure in the tank is adjusted by means of the air valve in the closed end. The tank is supplied with an internal pressure of about 2.8 bar (35 psi). Reduce this pressure to 2 - 3 psi below the cut-in pressure of the pump (refer to pump instructions for details). This pressure adjustment is best done before installation of the tank, using a car-type pressure gauge to determine when the required pressure is reached, as follows: i. Depress the central pin of the Schrader valve with your finger, to release gas ii. Release gas a little at a time, until the pressure is correct iii. If you release too much gas by mistake, air may be pumped back in with a hand - or foot-pump. WARNING Make sure that there is adequate ventilation when setting or adjusting pressure in an accumulator tank. Nitrogen is non-toxic, but oxygen levels may be reduced in confined spaces. If the tank pressure requires adjustment after installation, ensure first that the pump is switched off and that an outlet is open, so that there is no pressure in the system. Then regulate the pressure as indicated above. Check the accumulator tank performance in this way every 6 months, and adjust the pressure if necessary. EXAMPLE Pump Cut-in Acc. Tank Pressure Pressure setting 1 bar (15 psi) 0.8 bar (12 psi) 0.7 bar (10 psi) 0.5 bar (7 psi) 0.5 bar ( 7 psi) 0.3 bar (5 psi)
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Also fix any sound deadening sheets before the engine goes in. Hospital silencer, great idea but make sure the exhaust pipe from the engine has either a 90 degree dog leg or at least it runs at 45 degrees between engine manifold and exhaust box. When we had ours done they took away the exhaust pipe which ran at 90 degrees from the engine to exhaust box - that change made a huge difference in sound transmitted to the hull.
  4. Looking at the restriction for access to the weed hatch, do keep in mind the space needed to kneel/stand to be able to get down there. Also a thought for what & how you bring out the debris.. I concur about the thoughts on battery maintenance. Battery isolators, I think outside the engine room is the best location. Consider a vent plug on the skin cooling tank, easier to drill, tap & paint before everything is fitted. Also a larger plug will allow any silt/rust debris to be vacuumed out. Legacy has a plate cut into the diesel tank, easily removable for any clean out job.
  5. I can not see any details of the holding power for the kobra, must be missing them. Please would you point me in the right direction?I Thanks
  6. I found that a length of plumbing waste pipe, long enough to reach the bottom of the tank, fitted well into the pump out nozzle & with a turn of two of electricians tape formed a near perfect seal. I shaped the bottom of the pipe so it did not vacuum itself to the base of the tank.
  7. So many forget that bow thrusters are not effective when the boat is moving forward. After many years in ships with bow thrusters I know how good they are when used correctly.
  8. I really can not drink white wine, it is just acid in a glass. Now a red from Aldi at £7 or £8 a bottle is a good deal. Which reminds me, need one out for supper tonight.
  9. Having been travelling the M62 many times in the last 6 weeks, the levels in reservoirs close to where the M62 passes either side of the farmhouse have fallen dramatically in recent weeks. I can understand how the canal reservoirs have done the same,
  10. Ahh great suggestions but will the Southerners pay the Northern water boards for the aqua pure they take? Mmmm, I didn't think so.
  11. Mmmm why do I not trust the Trust, this survey nor the results they will draw from it.
  12. It is not only the canals short of water. Yesterday, came back from Anderton via the M62 & the reservoir at Boothwood (where the road goes either side of the farm) - I have not seen it so low for a long time. No mention of hose pipe ban just yet, at least not in Sunny Teesside.
  13. Have just done the run from the lift to Winsford. Left the lift at 1515 & arrived at Winsford at 1715. The lockies are brilliant and if you call them they will have the lock ready for you. The bridge just South of the Park Royal locks has an air tap of 6 feet 8 inches we just made it with a full water tank. Winsford marina has very high sides above the waterline to the point where mooring roles off the roof bar are better. I also used the old wheelbarrow wheels as fenders - above the gunwales! So far nice & quiet, it is now 10pm. The water point in the Marina does work so will be topping up before the return journey. Return will be at a more leisurely pace rather than the 5 mph push against the flow.
  14. Thing to remember is that in verbal face to face communication, 30% of the information in the message is physical demeanour, how you move when you talk, 30% of the information is tone of voice and inflection & only 40% of the information are the words used. Working abroad all my life taught me to be so very careful with telephone conversations & even more so with letters & now mails/posts. One of the training courses I attended involved a message being read by participants & aiming to get different meanings across by changing tone of voice and inflection. Very easy to do.
  15. We are to take Legacy down onto the Weaver & I can not find any information if the Winsford Flashes are navigable for a narrow boat with 2' 3" draught. Can I go beyond the Winsford Marina? Thanks Dave R
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