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  1. Having been travelling the M62 many times in the last 6 weeks, the levels in reservoirs close to where the M62 passes either side of the farmhouse have fallen dramatically in recent weeks. I can understand how the canal reservoirs have done the same,
  2. Ahh great suggestions but will the Southerners pay the Northern water boards for the aqua pure they take? Mmmm, I didn't think so.
  3. Mmmm why do I not trust the Trust, this survey nor the results they will draw from it.
  4. It is not only the canals short of water. Yesterday, came back from Anderton via the M62 & the reservoir at Boothwood (where the road goes either side of the farm) - I have not seen it so low for a long time. No mention of hose pipe ban just yet, at least not in Sunny Teesside.
  5. Have just done the run from the lift to Winsford. Left the lift at 1515 & arrived at Winsford at 1715. The lockies are brilliant and if you call them they will have the lock ready for you. The bridge just South of the Park Royal locks has an air tap of 6 feet 8 inches we just made it with a full water tank. Winsford marina has very high sides above the waterline to the point where mooring roles off the roof bar are better. I also used the old wheelbarrow wheels as fenders - above the gunwales! So far nice & quiet, it is now 10pm. The water point in the Marina does work so will be topping up before the return journey. Return will be at a more leisurely pace rather than the 5 mph push against the flow.
  6. Thing to remember is that in verbal face to face communication, 30% of the information in the message is physical demeanour, how you move when you talk, 30% of the information is tone of voice and inflection & only 40% of the information are the words used. Working abroad all my life taught me to be so very careful with telephone conversations & even more so with letters & now mails/posts. One of the training courses I attended involved a message being read by participants & aiming to get different meanings across by changing tone of voice and inflection. Very easy to do.
  7. We are to take Legacy down onto the Weaver & I can not find any information if the Winsford Flashes are navigable for a narrow boat with 2' 3" draught. Can I go beyond the Winsford Marina? Thanks Dave R
  8. Remember it is only open Thursday & Sunday
  9. Well that did not work. 3am the inverter is complaining, I took the voltages 12.5 at the batteries, 12.5 at the inverter but when the fridge compressor tried to start . . . 9.2v. Guess they are shot. Why do they go down hill so quickly? Right now to put my battery buying research into action & get 6 new ones + a new starter. They are all the same age (except the rogue one) I might as well do them all in one go. 7 batteries, Pass the hankie, I need a cry.
  10. I have isolated the sealed battery & will run a test over the next 2 days. See if thigs last longer.
  11. Thank you for the thoughts, Tony, the starter battery is beside the domestics - the sealed 110 is with the domestic bank. Anyway, as suggested 6 years is not bad so I guess I will be shopping soon. Regards Dave R
  12. Good day, Well we ran out of battery power this morning and I was most concerned. Yesterday, after a good days engine run for moving, this should not have happened - or I believe it should not. The charge ammeter (large faced moving coil via a shunt) at the end of the days run was showing hardly an Amp or two. However at 0830 this morning the inverter was complaining & the battery voltage was down to 11.6v On stopping the inverter (running a 700w toaster) the batteries recovered, within seconds, to 12.4v This afternoon, I switched off the solar panels 30 minutes before taking battery SGs of the now 6 years old 110Ah units. I was most surprised to find 1 sealed 110Ah unit hidden at the back of the line of wet cell units. Anyway the SGs obtained from the 5 wet cell batteries are all between 1.275 & 1.3 for all cells. Questions, was I right in leaving 30 minutes after switching off the solar cells and doing the readings? The MPPT was showing 9A charge at the time I switched them off. I have no idea where the sealed unit came from nor how old it is. If this has reached the end of its life could this be dragging the other batteries down? If yes and I disconnect the +ve terminal, do I also have to disconnect the -ve? Set up is a Beta 43 with a 95 Amp alternator for the domestics. This is controlled by a Sterling 4 step digital charge controller. 4 solar panels through a 40A MPPT controller all from Onboard Solar. The inverter is a 3kW pure sine wave unit from Sunshine Solar. Thank you Dave R
  13. I found with my 55kgf bow thruster from BCS that tucked away by the solenoid is a small 5A blade fuse which is on the control circuit. It may not be that the solenoids have gone but this fuse. I too went down the road of sourcing new solenoids only to discover this fuse - which was sprayed black the same as the motor body.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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