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  1. So smoke and heat detectors are easy to test for correct operation. With CO detectors pressing the button only tells you the alarm sounder and bettery are operational. Do the test sprays which are available, do they stimulate the detection head in a way which will give confidence in correct operation? With some of these sprays there are a maximum number of times the detector can be functioned like this. Does anyone have information on this please?
  2. DaveR

    Bridgewater boat crime

    It is just modern attitude to life, people and possessions. If I don't have I will take.
  3. DaveR

    Pre-purchase surveyors [Derbyshire]

    Ian Jones @ Shobnall Marina is very good and has done surveys for me in the past.
  4. DaveR

    Led spot light query

    90 lumens is equivalent to a ruptured glow worm. In our bedside lights I have 600lm as we need a decent light to read by. I would suggest that the notation 12/24 volt says it will work on either voltage, as you note the usual way of putting it is 10 ~ 30 volt.
  5. I have just had a new exhaust fitted. The fitters commented that the flexible joint which ran at 90 degrees to the line of the engine to the silencer box, which was fitted tight to the hull. This, they said, meant the flexible joint was not working as it should. New exhaust with the flex joint at 45 degrees and the knocking noise heard all through the boat has gone down dramatically. Ok your engine mounts may be weak allowing the engine to shake and vibrate - but which way is your flex joint?
  6. £3.99 for 10kg bags from Aldi. Burns very well.
  7. DaveR

    Black Plastic products

    Happened to our PURE DAB radio. Left it in the window over winter a couple of years ago. Devilishly difficult to let go of after changing the station. Have tried all sorts of chemicals to clean the sticky stuff off but with no success. Looking for ideas.
  8. So how many local helicopters have under slung load ability and the pilots with experience to do it? Flight time from aberdeen needs to be factored into the cost as well as the time to make the delivery runs. £20k as previously mentioned probably less than the cost of moving the stuff by land.
  9. DaveR

    Some thoughts on fire extinguishers.

    I thought the idea of any fire extinguisher was to kill the flames by removing the oxygen. So how is this good for the person using it? I think foam is the only medium which does not involve this danger to life, but as they are designed for oil fires then the danger comes from the smoke of the fire itself. The idea of an extinguisher is to aid escape and not encourage you to stay in a place of danger. As the OP said, using a fire extinguisher without breathing apparatus is not a great idea. As just about everyone has mentioned the best fire extinguisher is person who takes care not to have a fire in the first place. Can I throw in a curve ball here? What about having smoke escape hoods as part of the safety equipment onboard? about £20 each, same as a good extinguisher.
  10. DaveR


    As previously noted the one lock operation is to allow the back pumps to keep up during the 24 hours., they can with one lock in operation but not two. I must admit I do struggle with how two locks use more water than one - maybe the draw in a short time is the problem. Anyway, they are trying to keep the levels up above the locks as other flights are also drawing water from that pound to pump up to higher levels. One was the Napton flight - I forget the other. The long term moorers on the lock flights were two boats & as noted there is not much room for lock moorings and when a couple of inconsiderate boaters moor where they are not supposed to then it makes life more difficult for others. The Lady Volockie said they tried to prevent this happening but obviously they are not successful.
  11. DaveR


    Just through Hillmorton, absolute mayhem at the top end. Too many boats long term moored on the lock moorings. We were stacked back to bridge 72 in any available mooring space. One boater at the bridge to stop anyone trying to move up the line towards the lock. Took some organising to have 3 boats at a time move onto the available lock moorings but it worked fine. The Lady Volockie was great, Helpful, chatty and full of information for other boaters who did not appreciate why one of the two locks was locked up. Just took a while to get through but all done in good spirit.
  12. DaveR

    LED headlights.

    I thought tunnel lights were to show the tunnel wall not the way ahead. We are not doing a massive speed - why do you need to see so far ahead? I have 2 of these LED lights fitted both are turned 60 degrees outwards to the tunnel walls as well as 45 degrees up, The one at the stern with me is at 45 degrees up on the centre line. I have asked boaters coming towards me in the tunnels when we finally pass slowly and all have said no problem. If I do need to travel at night, although why is beyond me, it is a moment to adjust the angles.
  13. DaveR

    sound deadening

    Have had TW Marine fit both hospital silencer and sound deadening. The effect is sooooo good. The silencer is the bigest part of the effect. Where as many places have one or two silencers available these guys have a load which meant that the result is very neat. I have no links to them but I can recomend their services.
  14. DaveR

    More hot water?

    I use a hand operated stirup air pump and push the water out through the cold connection. The cylinder has domed ends at both ends so can not stand up
  15. DaveR

    More hot water?

    Thank you for the thoughts. The connections on the tank are all on the top-side of the tank - somewhat different from the SureCal ones. Should have included this information in the original post. The line up is Hot water out 22mm CH input 22mm CH outlet Immersion heater boss ( 1kw unit fitted) 15mm input from engine 15mm outlet from engine Pressure relief valve Cold water in. Regards Dave R

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