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  1. After so many years of successful layup why change? Why do you think it is needed? I too do as you have done for so many years, we are away from the boat October to March (other than an odd visit to make sure all is OK ) and like yourselves had no problems. It doesn't take too long to empty the boat of water & left over groceries, which if still in date go to the food bank, and It is also good to make sure the boat doesn't slowly fill up with accumulated. "stuff". It just takes about 2 days to warm the boat up in the Spring.
  2. I use,a door wedge, can be moved up or down for variation on how much the window is open.
  3. Want a quieter life onboard, get a high attenuation silencer fitted. Had Legacy done at the TW Marine Engineering place on the Peak Forrest. So many comments now such as "is that an electric boat".
  4. Well I took the plunge and used them. I am so pleased with the results - smart set of covers (both ends) at a price which I think reasonable. Dealing with Karl was easy though communications were sometimes a little difficult. However its the end result that matters. So, I can recommend them.
  5. I, like you, have just finished the BCN and have seen more of the weed hatch than the wife. 😁 As I cleared the prop I separated the weed from the plastic\clothing that had been picked up and keep it in a black bag on the roof to be emptied at a refuse point. Like yourself I am constantly disappointed with those who clear the prop & leave the detritus handy to be kicked back into the canal to ensnare another boater. However having walked the Walsall canal from Walsall town arm to the new canal to assess my planned journey I found that CaRT had carefully fished a load of bikes\trollies\pushchairs etc. from the canal & left them on the side only for the fauna to return them back into the water. So it is not only boaters who do some not so clever things. Having left the BCN I am loving the ease of movement, however there are parts of the BCN I would like to go back & do again or to expand the exploring.
  6. Mooring on springs, multiple reeved, really does solve the problem of boat movement when someone passes. There is not enough movement to bother about.
  7. Good morning, Has anyone had any dealings with this company? Allboatcovers.co.uk based in Coventry Thanks Dave R
  8. I cut back the internal wood by 1 inch. This allows any water to collect at the bottom of the door & Norwalk into the wood. Works a treat Norwalk = bloomin auto correct, should read "not allow"
  9. Had something the same on Legacy, changed the batteries (4) and found the exact problem re-occured. Turned out the batteries were not being charged efficiently. Bought an alternator charge controller from Sterling and have not had a repeat event in 4 years. Bought the 100 amp unit but should have splashed out on the 150 unit so the starter alternator could have been booked up too. If I remember correctly the cost was about £200 but worth it. Now we find that after a full days use the ammeter is showing the charge going into the batteries down to less the 20 amps in under an hour. The Beta 43 has a 95 amps alternator @ max so at cruising revs of 1300 gives 75 amps max.
  10. So taking heat out of the canal water will be better for the environment on CO2 production but with no mention of the impact on the aquatic life. CaRT have been populating the sides of the canal with reeds for many years, no mention on how they will control them or remove them when they block navigation, as they do in quite a few places now. I will not knock CaRT for the sake of it - but I do wonder if they do give a thought to the boats and boater community in their many, rather wild ideas.
  11. I followed David S's idea for Legacy. The bed pull out works well but we made the backs vertical & now have to use cushions to achieve the needed back slope, wish Haggis had mentioned this earlier.? We had a table with folding legs made which sits up against the bulkhead when not in use. Once unfolded, we can set the table, sit down & then draw the table in to us to eat rather than having to slide in with knees under a desmo style table, you can guarantee I would tip everything up one day. That system where the table is on desmo legs is a pain if you have more than two for the meal & the holes in the floor which attract crumbs!. The folding table also has the advantage of being portable when we are eating "al fresco"
  12. I only use lines in locks when single handing preferring to use the engine and carful movement of the lock paddles & sluices. Fenders, no they should be lifted when you leave your mooring and put back down when you tie up again.
  13. I had a couple of steel doors made to measure at the local fabrication shop, cost less that £150 (can't remember the exact figure). I then cut (using jig saw) the window & vent holes. I then inserted two pieces (one each side) of faced block board in the same veneer as the rest of the boat. Glued & waxed the wood, fitted the windows (using toughened glass from a local supplier) & the vents. Total cost about £250. I only have a photograph of the lower half of the door from a picture I took about something else. All in all it was not difficult to do as a DIY project.
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