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  1. Thank you everybody for your ideas. We've a notional make an quick solution to get us all on board then go for he proper solution after some time in the saddle. thanks again, trish
  2. Hi mrmoss, We have two large dogs and an almost vertical companionway ladder. There is no way they will be able to get down it. We need to find a replacement that gives a greater tread area and reduces the steepness. A carpenter has quoted to make some, but they become very expensive and not immediately available. Thanks for your interest. Trish
  3. Hi, can you suggest suitable designs for dogs friendly stairs, that don't take up too much space and that are moveable? The stairs in the companionway are ladder like and are not workable for our dogs. We have someone lined up to make us a new set so I would really appreciate ideas and experience led designs. Thanks in advance, Trish
  4. Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions, they've given us food for thought which is great for us newbies.
  5. Hi Rick, Thank you for your reply. You've described exactly what my husband pictured. We've spent this morning talking through your suggestions. This is all so exciting, I doubt whether I'll ever sleep again so reducing the need for a bigger bed. thank you, Trish
  6. Hi DaveR, Yes please to the photo and can you remember where you bought the mattresses. The clearance sounds great, it is important as we have two big dogs too. thank you for your reply, Trish
  7. Hi Bizzard, thank you for your reply. we have bendable dogs, it might work! trush
  8. Hi Mr Smelly, which style of bed do you recommend? I was thinking about adding a pull out bit down the length of the bed, still sleeping down the length of the boat. I just don't know how to add and manage that extra bit of mattress. thank you for your reply we have so much to learn. trish.
  9. Hi, we are just buying our first narrowboat. We need to make a bigger bed, thankfully the carpenter has some ideas about the base design, but we don't really know the best way to go with the mattress. It will have to be pulled out at night and pushed, folded or stacked during the day. Have you any advise about form or type of mattress? And any ideas where to buy the adaptable mattress. Thank you in advance.
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