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    Isn’t he still married to that ghastly woman?
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    Two apposite letters in today's Times.
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    Correct. Or even a couple of decades. Even when the sale of petrol only and diesel only cars cease there will still be a long transition period whilst vehicles made before that ban are still running. Plus some hybrids will still be around even longer. Peter unfortunately gets a bit confused by what is actually achievable due to his rather over enthusiastic exuberance for electric vehicles. I suspect both him and I wil be six feet under before everybody is driving a purely electric vehicle.
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    They won't be getting very far, there's still a hole at Melling and a distinct lack of water beyond. I'd be surprised if there was anything much moving at Burscough, unless it was heading for Tarleton.
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    Not all of us, and it wont be a couple of years.
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    Welcome on board ......….Reade Jr.'s success with his mechanical man encouraged him to construct the Electric Horse, shown below harnessed to its power source, an electric carriage. The Electric Horse was actually inspired by the Steam Horse
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    Very end mooring below Hunts lock shades the last ten feet of the boat for most of the day! I might go up to the T&M and go through those tunnels very slowly ? ...............Dave
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    In ten years of CCing I have seen one possible case of a boater doing a pumpout into the cut, though it was actually a small river. So is the OP saying that all of these offending boats choose to moor up at Burscough, get their self pump out kit out onto the bank and do a pumpout? It just doesn't happen like that. I know there are very few pumpout facilities on that bit of canal, but surely if it was going to happen it would be done out in the sticks and out of sight?. Its most likely a natural process due to the hot weather and nothing to do with sewage, otherwise its a local static boat emptying a cassette into the cut. .............Dave
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    ...and then two of us post photos on the same day!
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    Just say you're not a liveaboard. Simples.
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    Thanks Rusty for putting me straight. Clearly there is more to this than a gauge that is misreading. I really ought not take part in conversations about matters I don't understand.
  12. 1 point
    If you don't know who is doing it, how do you know its 'passers thru' ? Had I been asked I would have thought 'passers thru' would be unlikely to do it as they will be passing a elsan point most days. I would have suggested the guilty party(s) are those locals that don't move very much and its easier to tip it overboard than it is to start up the boat and go and find an elsan station. Try getting photo's of the offenders then you will know rather than just speculating.
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    Alan Faulkener describes the incident in his Grand Junction Canal Book (D & C 1972). referring to Stephenson (presumably Robert) The railway wanted to build a temporary bridge over the Grand Junction at Wolverton, which meant driving piles into the canal banks. The Grand Junction disputed the right to erect this bridge. Stephenson assembled a strong workforce and began building the bridge on the night of 23 December 1834. They worked non stop and had finished this bridge midday Christmas day. Thomas Lake, the northern district engineer, came to this bridge with a strong body of canal employees and proceeded to demolish the bridge completely. The matter was settled in the Court of Chancery when the railway obtained an injunction to prevent the Grand Junction from destroying any of the railway works.
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    Pedant alert: - You can't have a piece of my mind; I have none to spare. You may however have peace...
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    You will hear this constantly from barrack room diesel engineers but with a modern engine it is generally regarded to be piffle. Vintage diesels possibly, but not a Yanmar.
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    I wouldn't trust a dinghy made by a cosmetics company!
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    You just wait until you try and inflate it though...
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  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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    Stick some money in now. Its going too slow and the fear is that everybody is holding back to see if its going to work, a self full filling recipe for failure. They hope to give about 3% return on investment which fits in pretty well with some of our "buy a pub" conversations. Trouble is they plan to pay the dividend in beer so if you stick in £100k you will need to drink £3000 worth of beer every year, or do a lot of eating. I can help with the beer. ...............Dave
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    Yes I have an Inlander on the boat I'm on now. Curiously I just checked the current draw as it flattened my (apparently knackered) one year old 200ah battery bank overnight. It draws 5.7A when running. It is virtually identical inside and out to the 15-year-old Shoreline I have in my liveaboard, which is still working fine BTW. (Fingers crossed!) Oh forgot to say, my battery bank is being charged by a single 100W solar panel. My gut feeling is this is not big enough to power the fridge 24/7 even in summer as it only delivers 7A when the sun is overhead on a midsummer's day. The rest of the time it tends towards 2-3a.
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    If my experience of Alibaba is anything to go by, you'll be quoted many times that amount when you ask for a quote. With a production capacity of 100k units per month they're clearly not targeting the private buyer. They don't seem to be sure whether it's 12v AC or DC either.
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    Most 12v fridges use the same compressor make and they are good quality. If the fridge is playing up then it’s more likely to be a installation problem rather than the reliability of the compressor. Especially as it sounds like you’ve had issues previously.
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    Do that in relation to children and we really would be getting somewhere! ? George
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    Any advertising blurb with the words "up to" or "should" involved, must be treated as the bull***t they are!. George
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  29. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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    As I was walking along the Huddersfield tow path swinging my handspike absent mindedly in my hand i was so pleased to see how polite the cyclists were and just how cautiously they passed me by. I put it down to good old fashioned Yorkshire manners at the time.
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    https://www.ft.com/content/78e15cb8-7a9a-11e8-bc55-50daf11b720d A massive statement on the Future of Electric Vehicles as BP an Oil Company jumps on the Bandwagon https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44640647
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    Worth putting a bucket in your shower and seeing how much water your shower uses per minute. If it is significantly less than the pump capacity, then derating the next one should be OK. Another consideration is operating pressure of the pump as Tony said. Generally, the higher the pressure and the higher the flow rate, then the more they cost. If the only problem with the current pump is the cut out not working right, then a better solution could be installing a separate pressure switch and bypassing the one on the pump. The pump fitted ones have a reputation for unreliability, though I've not had a problem with any myself. If living aboard, then pumps are a consumable. Around 4 years on average I've found. Jen
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    We were moored at Lymm a month ago when there was a knock on the cabin and a gent said he was the enforcement officer for the bridgewater canal and he was just about to photograph our plate in the window. This he did and as he turned and left, he showed us the image in which our plate nearly filled the frame. I thought it was all fair enough, location date and time recorded electronically. The canal is well maintained. God knows how they could actually make money out of it though. Don
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