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Yesterday, 10:02 PM


Have a look at Water Explorer  and maybe Navvygator


The good thing about it is that, other than any required hardware you may or may not already have, it is free to use, so is worth finding out what it can, and can not do for you.


Alternatively any ordinary hand-held GPS allows you to upload track data into Google Earth, and see where you have been overlaid on to their mapping or aerial images.


I've said before Alan you do  not need the hardware if you have a smartphone (and yes i know you haven't got one yet)........there's an app for that!


Having said that we do have the hardware and just might be persuaded to sell it...........................;)

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Yesterday, 09:54 PM

Even simpler..........ask one of the fuel boats when you see one

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16 April 2014 - 10:20 PM

We used to have a huge koi pond in our garden when we had the house...........a pagoda over the pond with suitable plants to shade the pond and a thrice yearly treatment with Pond Balance was the norm......we didnt have plants in the pond cos the fish used to destroy them

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06 April 2014 - 10:21 PM




Is there a reason that you and the missus are at opposite ends of the Aylesbury Arm?

taking Odin for a walk??? A long walk?


Seriously though Alan if you do change to a smart phone there are a few people on here who use water explorer who would only be too happy to help you set it up (or anyone else for that matter) :)

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06 April 2014 - 09:53 PM





OK not strictly real time updates of current position to a central map, but in reality with location sent to Water Explorer every few minutes, pretty damn close.


(I have no idea what is being offered here in this thread, because I can't control the maps from the devices I'm trying to use over a slow connection).

you dont need navvygator if you have a smart phone........just sign up to water explorer download a free gpx logger, set it up

and off you go............easy and yes it is real time..............it logs all locks, bridges etc etc depending on what times you set. if you look at the boat location page you will find us..........more or less where we are as i switched it off at the services block