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    Skipping Rigadoons, Afternoon tea, croquet,<br />Cheese, Seagulls legs flapping when they fly, scottish islands, wind in my hair, playing the piano very fast and badly, people, purple, engine oil and purple. Narrowboating, classic motorbikes, steam engines, vintage cars, cream jam and pastry - preferably together (is that too shallow?)

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    Scientist and village idiot in my spare time
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  1. Bones

    Wi Fi Aerial

    he isn't ha ha ha ha ha! i am now using it - poor Timmy is weeping along the cut (last seen springing over the hedges to buy his own). It seems to work, mostly, without the ariel and it doesn't need the great stick of the north either... I am hoping EE will end up being good around here in due course. 02 needs some competition. thank you! I grinned. I hope we meet this year soon!
  2. Ah! OK - thank you! A friend of mine is having a similar trouble to you were having.... but I don't think they will sell their boat!
  3. Alan, A bit of a time warp here - but did you solve the increasingly hard to light fridge mystery?
  4. it is a nice mooring alongside the lock, but it has been occupied this year
  5. As ever the obvious isn't quite so. I have been looking for answers to the very same question and came across this thread. I found the question to be unanswered entirely so I asked a BSS and gas safe engineer the question. The answer I posted was theirs, in the interest of good spirit and contributing to a knowledge pool on an uncertain discussion, I added it here for any future people who may come across this thread. It was not an 'answer' but information given to me, that had I read it here, I would have found it useful in making my decision about where to install my appliance. I have put it in the kitchen. Gender is irrelevant. I can't remember the last time my bathroom filled up with hot steam!
  6. I asked someone about this. The BSS does allow the heater to be installed in the bathroom. HOWEVER, the gas safe engineer recommends against it. He says the condensation from the shower can reduce the temperature of the flame causing CO which isn't good. don't shoot the messenger
  7. I will be travelling back from Nottingham on the 16th. Let me know if I can be of help then.
  8. Things get done in god's name, but I think she can speak for herself.
  9. Having attended more funerals than I care to count, the ones when I was young (suicides, accidents, unfortunate health) were more tragic (and too frequent) than those of those who died of old age (less often!). It wasn't fun, but I think it set the foundation for celebrating life - and really seeing that people who have lived a long time are a celebration. When someone dies, I give myself the space, and the time, to get used to the change. I take myself off, remember the person and think about what, of them, I will carry on - a story, a song, a poem, a memory, a philosophy, a life lesson, anything. or nothing. A year later, I do it again. After that, I am left with the memories. I used to think of them on one day a year but the list was too long and I found it too morose listing their names. When I buried my friends I had youth on my side and many years ahead of me. Losing friends, when young, will have had an affect on me, and I often wonder what it would be like to live decades and then lose the people you have walked so many years with. I can imagine there would be a sense of anxiety as people we know drop off and the path ahead of us is shorter (statistically as we never know!) That will come for me, but the last death (a peer of mine, 43years old, died of a heart attack out of the blue - his only sibling died 12 years earlier; suicide) made my feet feel so heavy on this earth that I slipped into thoughts of 'life' (well practiced from my early years). My favourite gravestone heading so far is 'Don't be sad that I died, be glad that I lived'. It's on a stone in Northamptonshire. It summed up how I have felt about death since I was a nipper (I buried more friends than one should) - I am glad the person lived, and that I knew them.
  10. OK...camera to the ready. I ordered the bits, but one of them was a bit of a surprise - not quite the shape I was expecting....but we shall see.
  11. Me neither, but I suspect that if my knowledge of various books is up to scratch heaven will have a higher proportion of atheists in it than the atheists would like to believe and there will be more Christians in hell than they expected.
  12. Thank you everyone. I have 5 inches spare - so that's a good sign. I have been for a class on how to do it from someone who has done it. I have PJ's number on speed dial. what could possibly go wrong!
  13. I did think I would have to lift the engine or cut an access hole in the bulk head.... is it a pig of a job?
  14. I am pretty sure I need to replace the crank shaft oil seal. I was wondering whether anyone had done this on a BMC 1.5 before and what sort of things I should be careful about (if any!). Thank you!
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