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  1. I have been 'reliably' informed that 3/8" will possibly cause problems with a lack of pressure if e.g. the oven and a couple of rings were on, as well as the shower running. I am just trying to avoid BSS problems in the future. I have emailed them but they have not come back to me yet. Cheers
  2. I wish to upgrade the gas pipe on my boat from the current 3/8" to 15mm. The Morco water heater manual says it requires a 15mm supply (i.e. metric) yet the chandlers only stock 1/2" pipe and fittings, in copper? Surely in the real world everything is now metric? Metric pipe and fittings are a lot cheaper from plumbers merchants and of course more readily available than having to go to the chandlers. I have emailed the BSS people and am awaiting their reply, but thought I would see if anyone here has any good practical views on the matter?
  3. "Sounds like the heater isn't designed to be splashed with water in any way. IP regulations deal with ingress protection for any equipment, not just electrical: " "--- try emailing the BSS office, they're quite helpful. Then you can show their reply to the BSS examiner before they start." Thanks once again to all for your comments. I have emailed the BSS office and had a very informative reply. The gist of it is from PD 5482-3, (which is the installation standard which the installer will be working to) and to which 'Boilerman' refers. Here is the relevant bit: "For example, it is essential that any conventionally flued appliance and/or its combustion air supply does not communicate with any room/cabin containing a bath or shower". I think that is enough for me and I will not have it put in the bathroom. Thanks also for the link re IP standards. I had only ever come across this before many years ago when doing an IEE Electrical Installers course and assumed it only referred to electrical safety. Cheers
  4. Well! First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has replied. I am so glad I found this site. I took 'Smiley Pete's' advice and rang up Morco. A young lady there informed me that they cannot be installed in a bathroom because of IP regulations. I'm sorry to say that I think this is rubbish as IP regulations are to do with the dangers of high voltage (ie240v) equipment being installed in the vicinity of water. This does not apply to their water heater, but she was adamant that that was the reason. I guess basically what most of you are saying is that it would be fine in the bathroom really, but if the BSS examiner wont allow it I'll be left with a 4" hole in the bathroom roof! I will start looking for another suitable location. Thanks again. VeeJay
  5. I have just bought a new Morco water heater and discovered that the installation instructions specifically state 'not to be installed in a bathroom'. Which was exactly where I had intended to install it on my boat! Does anyone know why that is the case? And does anyone have any suggestions / comments about how to get round it other than find somewhere else to install it? Thanks VeeJay
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