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  1. Could it be the swarf from when holes were cut for the fittings?
  2. This is already on the thread "Boater cruising down River Severn " by Leo also in General Boating
  3. Isnt it Marine 16 which makes the water settle out, its the other one (whose name escapes me) which makes the water emulsify so that it is burned with the diesel?
  4. He's going UP the Severn with the bore, he won't get in to Gloucester that way unless the bore is going to carry him up over Maisemore weir.
  5. Debdale is a long way from Castle Cary, might be worth speaking to Sharpness Shipyard, they always seem to have a lot of "work in progress" boats going on on their hardstanding.
  6. Have you tried a real shop, WH Smiths in the bigger towns usually stock them, certainly in Worcester a couple of months ago.
  7. See Case 966 re CCing on the G&S. http://www.waterways-ombudsman.org/publications/case-summaries/2017-18-case-summaries/ Living where we do if we use the car we have to cross at least one of the bridges, I can only think of 2 of the 18 with 2 way traffic, REA bridge that Dora used as an example is no way 2 way (except for pushbikes). The 2 which are 2 way are the only lift bridges, the rest are swing bridges, all manned at this time of year, some handraulic, some powered. The only parking which I can think of which is "unchecked" and used regularly by boaters long term is roadside N of Parkend Bridge.
  8. Its not the VOC number you need, its the WOC number, on my engine its on a plate/label on the rocker cover along with the serial number.
  9. Seems likely, its hammering down here in Framilode at the moment.
  10. Our 45ft sailaway was 9 1/2 tonnes when craned in.
  11. That's right, there is no connection with The Ship at Framilode now, it changed hands 6 months ago. There was an attempt to buy it as a community owned pub but it was eventually bought by a local family. I think I would still be looking for Carla if we wanted a mooring there.
  12. That is the overnight mooring fee payable at Tewkesbury & Stratford, over & above whatever licence you have.
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