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  1. If its a steel pipe, like mine was its rusted up on the inside reducing the diameter. No amount of huffing, puffing & blowing will get rid of the rust. Cut the vertical steel pipe off just below the bend inside the tank, you should then be able to scrape the rust out of the bend. Replace the vertical steel pipe with a suitable piece of plastic hose pushed over the stub end, add a jubilee clip it its not a tight fit.
  2. They offer me a service every year & my membership is only silver.
  3. RCR? don't they do that? Are you a member?
  4. sharpness

    Co-oP X Buns

    The Tesco buns are pretty good too but best of all are the M&S mini ones, 9 in a pack.
  5. Oh yes I remember it well. How do you spell Boogie Street in Singapore? Had a week in a hotel there waiting for a VC10 home.
  6. Google Breathable Roofing Membrane. Tyvek is the best known name but there's lots of different brands, and colours!! We used to sell it at work.
  7. No, but another lockless canal.
  8. Saw "Dreadlocks" today, had to think about that one, I wonder if they do?
  9. Nor to me, but someone obviously thinks it is at £120,000
  10. Advert in the January 2020 Waterways World. 654 sq m 45m canal frontage https://www.brown-co.com/properties/12699655/sales#from-grid Vendor has added a development clawback clause of 30% for 40 years!!!!!!! I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on CWF
  11. 16.5 sq m per 2.5ltr tin doesn't sound very much, I would have thought 16.5 sq m per 1 ltr would be more like it. A tin of Dulux Satinwood here on the side at home says 17sq m per Ltr. So primer to cover 160 sq m would be 10 rather than 25
  12. Went to see the plans this evening at an open meeting, they start work next Monday on site preparation with work proper starting in the new year with completion next October. The tunnel under the road on the north west side of the A38 roundabout will be done first with 2 way traffic the wrong way round the other side of the roundabout then the south east side. That will cause some confusion.
  13. Brilliant, thanks. Christopher Trace, Valerie Singletons old chum.
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