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  1. sharpness

    Whats going On ?

    Fountains are still doing the cutting on the Gloucester Sharpness.
  2. Sorry to disagree David but in that picture, looking at the grains, the feloes appear to be jointed into the spokes with a separate wooden ring made up of separate parts with the joints centered in the middle of each feloe & very securely screwed into the feloes & spokes to bind it all together. The grain & joints, & lack of joints in the middle of the feloes is quite clear.
  3. sharpness

    Tardebigge Flight

    Didn't there used to be a pub part way down, closer to the top if I remember? We went there by road to some canal related event donkeys years ago.
  4. sharpness

    Continuous Cruising in Reading/Oxford

    I knew a girl once who always said she was 5ft 12" because she didn't want to be 6ft tall.
  5. sharpness

    Hour meter

    On my Beta panel with the black keyswitch (the silver one is different) the ignition switched positive feed is marked 15/54. Apparently the silver on is marked AC. I fed my 2 wire Durite hour counter from that. I've not yet left the ignition on without the engine running. Edit to add the Durite I used was Part Number 0-523-28. Left it connected to a battery for a couple of weeks to get the hours up to match the intermittent LCD one Steve
  6. sharpness

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    It wasn't yesterday when we came up.
  7. sharpness

    Fridge Coil Cooling

    I'm no electrician but presumably the fan shown on the right of the wiring diagram runs when the compressor is running so use the terminals that fan is connected to if it is a 12v?24v fan ?????????
  8. sharpness

    Grease nipple on tiller

    Haven't got a photo of mine but the usual arrangement on a Liverpool Boat I think.
  9. sharpness

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    I wonder what that makes mine ,allegedly by Nurser, worth then?
  10. I've used Internationals Pre-Kote & Toplac over Hammerite Red Oxide primer without any problems. Steve
  11. sharpness

    From inside Braunston Tunnel

    Or up!!!!!!1
  12. sharpness

    Launching a 12' with outboard - rules ?

    If you used their car park to launch then parked in the public car park that might be ok, the model radio controlled boat club meet there Friday PM I think.
  13. sharpness

    Launching a 12' with outboard - rules ?

    We've spent 15 years on the G&S & I cant think of anywhere that has vehicle access that doesn't have 18 - 24 inches of steel piling except perhaps Purton a few yards above the northern of the 2 bridges on the non towpath side. There is a bit of a landing stage there they use to launch canoes. The steel piling elsewhere which mostly has a steel angle running along the top of it would be reasonably easy to slide the boat down into the water with gravity helping but it would be a bit of a bugger if not impossible to pull it back out single handed.
  14. sharpness

    Before the internet...

    I did that in 1970, rang my mum from the middle of the Indian Ocean via Ilfracombe Radio. She was struck dumb in surprise. Only time I've known her lost for words. I sent the girlfriend some flowers via Interflora (do they still exist?), she's still the other half 49 years later.
  15. sharpness

    Solar Panels Basic Info

    Yes, works a treat, the best way.

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