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  1. Braided hose connections are ok but they are usually smaller bore than their nominal 15 or 22mm and restrict the flow. Use full bore flexis.
  2. On an RFA ammunition ship I was on in the middle of the Indian Ocean it was the fire alarm system in one of the holds which was on fire!!
  3. They also stop the screw chopping through individual strands as it is tightened.
  4. Been past there several times, nice boat, did you get the shed as well?
  5. Take the tube & the fitting both ends to the local hydraulics company, perhaps Pirtek as in post # 2 and get them to make up a rubber hose with swaged ends, much less fragile than nylon tube.
  6. You can sometimes find used windows, cheap as chips, in the ads at the back of Towpath talk.
  7. Todays CRT update on Gloucester Lock, we're not going far in the near future it seems. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/14687/gloucester-lock
  8. Jambo - a Swahili? greeting is my granddaughters favourite word!
  9. I'd endorse that recommendation from personal experience, very helpful. Glad you're sorted. Is that Jambo that used to be in Victoria basin until recently?
  10. https://www.stroudauctions.co.uk/0184day2-lot-1679-a-collection-of-electrical-testing-equipment-to-include-avometers-tong-test-etc?arr=0&auction_id=0&box_filter=0&cat_id=&department_id=&exclude_keyword=&export_issue=0&high_estimate=15000&image_filter=0&keyword=meter&list_type=list_view&lots_per_page=12&low_estimate=0&month=&page_no=2&paper_filter=0&search_priority[0]=upcoming&search_type=&show_day_sale=true&sort_by=lot_number&view=lot_detail&year. Want some more?? Steve
  11. If its at Droitwich Spa marina they will be able to haul the boat out on their slip, if its in Netherwich basin its not far & only a few locks up to the marina.
  12. When we had our Liverpool Boat stretched at RW Davis at Saul the cut/join was staggered for strength.
  13. Phone Beta, in my experience they are usually very helpful. The WOC number would help them identify that particular engine, it should be on that plate next to the filler cap. 01452 723 492 eta phone number
  14. You will need to book all locks & the river is closed on Tuesday & Wed. Have a look on the notices & stoppages here; https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/13858/opening-times-for-the-river-severn-and-gloucester-and-sharpness-canal-2018-2019
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