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  1. The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings (google SPAB) has a lot of info about limes & different types & uses
  2. But then you've got to find somebody who can/will do the work if you are unable to. Walk away.
  3. In my experience they're very helpful.
  4. When you get old & less bendy, a shower is much easier to get in & out of, don't ask me how we know.
  5. Those had been discontinued by 2002 when I exchanged letters with Beta about fitting one on our new engine.
  6. That screw is for assembly of a kitchen cabinet, through a side panel and into a chipboard shelf, nothing to do with the boiler.
  7. Guess how much the Fray Bentos pies are in our local Poundland. They've usually got 2 or 3 different flavours as well!!
  8. Grandson & I put a canal on our N gauge railway. Langley models do some very nice white metal kits in n gauge including Kit A18 Waterways scene which has motor & butty, lock gates, bollards & paddles. I think you can also get them ready assembled & painted too. Scroll down the link to kit A18 http://www.langley-models.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Accessories_A1__A65__incl_canal_boats__59.html
  9. A bit of " London white" perhaps?, might sell better down there.
  10. Dr Bobs post in 2018 it was newly developed, empty, with a price of £1.1m, now with a different agent, occupied with a price £950K.
  11. Its back on the market again https://www.knightfrank.com/properties/residential/for-sale/southam-road-napton-southam-cv47/str180249 It was better as a pub.
  12. If its a steel pipe, like mine was its rusted up on the inside reducing the diameter. No amount of huffing, puffing & blowing will get rid of the rust. Cut the vertical steel pipe off just below the bend inside the tank, you should then be able to scrape the rust out of the bend. Replace the vertical steel pipe with a suitable piece of plastic hose pushed over the stub end, add a jubilee clip it its not a tight fit.
  13. They offer me a service every year & my membership is only silver.
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