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  1. https://gherbertbanks.co.uk/properties/100243002604-cookley-kidderminster/ An interesting property, bit of a project, we went past today & was intrigued by the agents sign saying no vehicular access! You'd have to take all materials in by boat.
  2. Stopped in Kinver today, I see The Vine has reopened "Under New Management" It looked as though it has been smartened up outside, lets hope it has inside as well, didn't venture in though.
  3. Doesn't he mean on the inside where you used cork tiles?
  4. A £1-50 pack of blu tak will probably do it very nicely, and be reusable if you ever need to add or remove a cable.
  5. From personal experience I would say not, the chains hang/lay in loops flat against the wall. It really is best to use a hand to get a rope round the chain if necessary.
  6. Didn't French Letters used to be called prophylactics???
  7. I've seen that used on a house in Brewood, just up the road from the pub, to remove a build up of paint on brickwork. Judging by the brickwork which had already been done it was very effective. It looked like they were doing the whole outside of the house with it. Surely you're not testing it on the dog????
  8. It certainly will!!! (If he's got an inspection hatch he could put a cork on the inside)
  9. We had a similar problem a couple of years ago with very slow flow. After trying just about everything I eventually found that the inside of the stub of pipe welded to the water tank had rusted from 1/2" to little more than a straw over 15 years. Cleaned/drilled it out & all sorted.
  10. Thanks very much for the replies, I'll get the parts ordered & see how it goes, I'll let you know.
  11. I've just Googled it & got http://www.normanboats.co.uk/ which seems to work.
  12. You might remember I had a problem with my Mikuni last month where it turned out I had bent the fuel pipe when I was servicing the engine. I've now had a look to get it sorted & running again. The picture shows the problem, the silver tube is part of the glowplug boss and it appears that there was a short piece of brass pipe soldered in the end & connected to the copper fuel pipe from the pump with the coupling shown. The short piece of brass pipe has snapped off (and is left in the end of the coupling shown). I am left with the silver pipe which has an OD (measured with micrometer) of 6mm to reconnect to the copper pipe OD 4.75mm. What connector do I need to get please. Thanks
  13. There was a topic opened on this yesterday in General Boating
  14. Its been commented on several times on here in the past that the Vine isn't/wasn't up to much. We've never been in there but it always struck me as strange as according to the business cards in The Eagle & Sun at Hanbury Wharf they are in the same small group of 5 pubs. We've eaten at The Eagle & Sun many times over the last 5 years and in our experience they cannot be faulted. Strange.
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