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  1. Possible Charging Problem

    Yes, as you say, interesting. As ours didn't have one I asked Beta to supply one & I would fit it, they refused.
  2. Possible Charging Problem

    The Beta charge controller was discontinued quite a while ago. I was expecting one on our Beta 35 when we had our sailaway in 2002 but there wasn't one. I exchanged letters with Beta who said that it had been discontinued because of problems caused by user misoperation. The wiring diagrams etc are still in my copy of the engine operators manual.
  3. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    When ( & a big if) the system gets up & running there will be an app you can download to operate the bridges. If like us you don't have a smart phone you will need to phone the control centre in Gloucester & they will open the bridge, presumably every time you reach one that needs opening as not every one of the 16 needs opening for a narrowboat.It seems at the moment it is not working as expected & there isn't a live date yet. At the moment it is still being tested on Sandfield bridge & presumably when they've got a working system it will need to be installed on all bridges.
  4. Ours (old cottage) was 60a but electrician that did the rewire & extension said to get on to supplier & they came along & simply changed the fuse to 80a as we had some extra storage heaters. Steve
  5. Hull questions

    Exactly the same here.
  6. Land dwellers ganging up on boaters again

    And if he didn't the objecting neighbour would no doubt bring it to the buyers attention!!
  7. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    There's all sorts of stories/rumours locally but its very much a stop / start thing. The old bungalow on the site has been extensively upgraded & renovated & now looks like it has been sold off separately. Before my time but apparently they used to run Sunday steamer trips down to The Castle from Gloucester & had a very good reputation, a bit like The Pleasure Gardens at Sharpness!!
  8. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    Absolutely agree, best way every time. Unfortunately there is no office and appears to be no presence of the proprietors at the Parkend moorings which makes it more difficult as I could never get any reply to phone calls. Cant agree about Saul Junction though, mooring on the arm, easy walk from home, love the place.
  9. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    There's a few widebeams at Sharpness Marina. We had a mooring there for 13years until 2 years ago, nice spot, quite easy going & relatively inexpensive (1/2 the price of Saul Jct Marina then, don't know about now though) Good luck Steve
  10. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    The G&S is certainly wide enough for widebeam moorings pretty well anywhere along its length. If you mean offside, rather than offline moorings there is also The Patch at Slimbridge & north of Saul Junction & a few at Purton. Have you registered on the CRT Moorings site so you get emails about mooring vacancies? The only other offline moorings I can think of are Sharpness, there's a few widebeams there.
  11. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    Sam As far as I know Carla has no connection whatsoever with the Green Shop or The Stables but they may be able to give you a number for her. I never managed to track her down. I cant remember her surname but interestingly it is still on the Stroud District Council music licence on the wall at the bottom of the stairs in the café. If they cant help ask at the Pilot at Hardwicke, I don't know if that connection still exists. If all else fails do as Rob suggested & try to catch a boater there at the weekend. Have you tried the Saul Junction Boat Owners Club moorings on the old arm up to the marina? I don't know if they would have a widebeam, perhaps beyond the marina entrance, but worth a phone call. Contact details are on the noticeboard a short way up the arm. The only drawback is we have no electric hookup. Steve
  12. Private Moorings Park End Bridge Sharpness

    That's not quite right now. The group, Watermarked....... something or other used to own The Stables, The Ship & The Pilot at Hardwicke but has been split up. There is no connection between the Stables now and the others. The Stables people also opened the new Green Shop on the green at Frampton. The person you need to speak to is I believe Carla.......... Those moorings are known as The Castle & when I enquired 3 years ago when they were greatly upgraded & extended I was told the waiting list was 40 or so boats. The Stables might be able to give you a phone number for Carla. Steve ETA Watermarked Inns I think it was.
  13. Unusual query from C&RT

    Isnt the CRT asset code shown on the actual licence, just above where it says Standard Canal & River Licence, ours is SJ-001-006, If you've been there 5 years, what has it said on yours for the last 5 years. Theres a page on RT somewhere where if you enter that code it shows the home mooring but I cant remember where.
  14. TV aerial pole mounting. How?

    Phew, that's a relief, I thought "they" were watching me! Steve