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  1. Ho Ho I was only saying what I had found to be available & where it can be got, I'll let you know when I have tried it!!!!
  2. Rustins, a common brand, also do a wood bleach, though I've never used it. I got some Oxalic acid from Amazon but haven't used it yet.
  3. The OP said " We know your boat said Romiley but can't remember anything else. " Is that a place name then, I took it to be the boat name. There is a "Romiley" on the G&S, might be out & about.
  4. Might not be much left for the Historic Boats weekend on 29th 30th June.
  5. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/15481-river-severn-gloucester-lock-to-lincomb-lock Having waited 4 months to get out of Gloucester Lock, now we cant get back home!!!
  6. I know what I mean. Capital works are the responsibility of CRT under the terms of the lease. The club was formed in 1976 so they've managed so far, the only profit needed is enough to cover the postage on the AGM notices!!!
  7. I stuck mine on with gripfill, 17 years later they are still there.
  8. In our case, the boat club is a Limited Company, run by the members, with a lease from CRT of the length which it then rents out to the club members. Certainly a commercial operation, non profit making maybe, but certainly regarded as commercial.
  9. sharpness

    Mikuni MX40

    Sorted. I spoke to Ed Shiers, he gave me some useful pointers. I had the boards up to check some of what he suggested & straight away found a problem with the fuel supply. It looks as though I knocked/leant on the fuel pipe between the fuel pump & glow plug boss & bent it & so restricted the fuel supply when I was servicing the engine/changing the coolant before we came away. I very carefully bent it back close to where it should be and all is well again. I'll remake the pipe properly when we get home. I remember I struggled with the bottom skin tank hose down in that corner but hadn't realised I'd bent the pipe. Thanks for suggestions.
  10. There are some Thetford produced videos on You Tube covering this & replacement of all the parts of a C200 cassette. They used a cutaway cassette for this particular problem, made it a good bit clearer. All the videos are listed about 2/3rds down this page. https://www.thetford-europe.com/gb/products/toilets/cassette-toilets/c200-cs-no-longer-available
  11. sharpness

    Mikuni MX40

    Thanks for that, I'd be reluctant to take it apart, not really knowing what I'm looking for, we don't really need it at the moment & are away for a few weeks yet so I'd have problems having parts delivered. I do however already have a spare glowplug & gasket set that I have never yet needed.
  12. sharpness

    Mikuni MX40

    Thanks very much both of you, both ideas worth trying, I'll give it a go. Steve
  13. sharpness

    Mikuni MX40

    Sadly, our MX40, after 15years unfailing, albeit light service has given up the ghost. The on/off switch flashes 3 slow flashes followed by 6 quick flashes which, if its the 6 quick ones that count, not the 3 slow flashes means "fuel pump failure" We are out for 6 weeks at the moment & at this time of year its not a major problem but will need sorting. My first thought was to ask member NMEA but sadly it was last October that he was last seen on the forum. When I switch it on the start up sounds normal, I can hear the fuel pump ticking, it fires up as the nearest rad flow pipe starts to warm but it then stops working after a couple of minutes. The Mikuni Flow chart suggests replacing the control box, if that doesn't sort it replace the fuel pump, I'd have expected that to be the other way round. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions please. Thanks Steve
  14. Stoppage notice https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/14486/gloucester-lock says now operating normally & open from 7am tomorrow 3rd May.
  15. Crt update today https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/14486/gloucester-lock Also posted in Stoppages
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