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  1. I understand that - but nothing has changed in that regard - thanks I dont even have new slippers... Floors are wooden And I dont tend to wear synthetic fabrics...
  2. Hello :)) I have recently experienced static electricity onboard for the first time, from the radio, the stove, a metal chair - any thoughts? Thanks a million PS I did do some searching on the forum but did not spot anything...:)
  3. Hiya - thank you - I have been on boat listings but only the current name comes up - Cat n Mole - since 2008 - the boat is a 1989 Cole Craft and i think it has had at least two previous names - I thought about asking Calcutt, who fitted the boat out...
  4. Does anybody know how to find out all the past names of a boat - is it something CRT will tell you? Thanks
  5. Hi Tony - thanks a lot - yes i just got through to Allparts and they can do both - at least they could once I got my glasses on and sorted the right numbers ? thanks!
  6. Hi there can anybody please suggest where i should go - online or shop - London - for a Fleetguard ff16 fuel filter and a wix 7070 oil filter - Thank you :)
  7. Thank you! Yes - dead end indeed - i saw a boat for sale there - looks like a stunning spot - bit pricey - thanks for replying
  8. Hi there does anybody know about the River Waveney (Beccles) and if it is possible to navigate inwards to the canal network, or only outwards to the sea?? Thanks
  9. Lovin’ the sense of adventure....i see loads of boats lying about in boat yards that are being chopped up for other things....who says they need to match? I saw a people carrier doubling up as a wheel house the other day :))) i will ask the couple in the Aylesbury basin what they did with their tube....
  10. Hi again Thanks a lot, I much appreciate the photos. Good point about length - as if I did get the money together ever to do this it would be so I could get further up north on it, so that all makes sense. I would like to work towards knowing the rough cost for the most expensive elements, which I assume are: taking and keeping out of the water, cutting and re-welding and reinforcing - the section I would remove is at approx 40 feet from the bow, to 50/55 feet - after the galley - there is no gas to deal with (this ends at the galley), water and hot water heating is basic and would need cutting and connecting, and both 240v and 12v pass through, but I can see all these. The section is not currently fitted out, except for ceiling insulation, wood wall panels and a temporary floor (I have seen the floor and treated it). Fitting out afterwards is something I have to do anyway, but will be doing myself. I have painted the exterior in the last couple of years, and expect to have to keep doing that. I would need to store the cut out til I won the pools, and in an ideal world would attach a salvaged bow and stern. So I guess if people are willing to add wisdom, any thoughts on stage one and costs would be of much interest. Thanks for thoughts, links and pictures so far, Jane
  11. Morning all :))- great thank you - i might pop to Aylesbury for a look and a chat if possible. I am wondering about doing it in the future - i live on a 70 footer - the back is partially fitted out and i could lose a ten foot tube before fitting the back out. It may be too expensive but i have done a lot to the boat (1989) which i dont think i would get back in selling it to buy a smaller boat. The electrics would need to be addressed though and i recently did that. I wondered about long term effect to the hull and i wondered about the damage the re-welding would do and how far the heat travels - if there is much distortion in the overall shape. eventually i would think about the tube becoming a pull along workshop... Am grateful for the responses and info and would happily visit a shortened boat. thanks a lot!
  12. Roland can you say anymore? I thought there might be some tales on the site but i haven’t found anything...
  13. Has anybody done this, or know of this being done?
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