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  1. .....or those perennial targets the hire boaters.
  2. Where is this naturists paradise..?
  3. Alexander Hulls are used quite widely by quality fitters too.
  4. Knowing the owner, this will have been very well maintained. The tug sounds like a cross between a Gardner 3LW and a tractor. One of the later Stowe Hills so will not have the gas locker into water tank corrosion issues that earlier builds had.
  5. Strange, who is " They"? As the post you quoted was completely about the underground.
  6. Home Bargains have them near the tills. Again, like the quarantine for arrivals nor starting until the 8th June.......I cant understand why they are waiting so long. I thought Boris was the "Lets Get It Done" man, not the lets have a few more thousand cases and faff about chap.
  7. Well heres a local KFC story.... Coalville KFC earlier in the week. Crumbly coated chickens head with beak still attached......not sure whether it replaced the leg or wing.
  8. It's where number 8 is on your map. You would really struggle to get anything more than a kayak up the river section now, it's full of rubbish, tree branches and other stuff blocking safe navigation.
  9. We know that Alan, that's what this thread is about.
  10. That'll be one of the regular collapsed culverts he had his feet in then.
  11. The moorings were being put in place early 2018, Limekiln lock has always leaked a lot, and the surrounding areas residents are renowned for filling the canal with rubbish.
  12. The river is on the pound above through North Lock, shouldn't have been as bad as that, or taken all day to refill* unless all day is the 11-3 that manned structures can be booked.
  13. Nobody in Europe is daft enough to buy the Joke....sorry, Juke..
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