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  1. Heard there were chains to come on some key locks soon....
  2. Have you seen that they have found active virus on the Diamond Princess...17 days after the passengers left !.. Hire boats could still harbour this regardless of how much cleaning they do.
  3. I heard ( ?) That the Flemish canals and the French canals are closed to all but non commercial traffic ...and that leisure locks are shut down..AND chained shut. Guess that will come here...
  4. Oh no....! I'm really sad to hear this.... I remember her curled up asleep on me that night....while Dave's homebrew bubbled all around.....😟 Sorry for your loss... Bob x
  5. I use a cheap cream undercoat. I then use cheap Wilco...WATER BASED...coloured varnish with a scumbling brush. Being water based,,,I can easily get it exactly as I want and if not I can use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Once dry...I varnish with clear varnish. Works for me.
  6. That's what I was told. So if it rattles...it's overheating. An easyJet plane had a near miss with one during approach to Gatwick.
  7. Some years back..I took this up with the manufacturers. They told me that it is designed to do that. If it gets too hot and risks damage, it lifts the base slightly to cut down the heat. If yours is at high speed , maybe that was the problem.
  8. Thanks... I have a rubber seal around the hatch...
  9. Hi all. I need to line my water tank. I scraped the rust last year and used a Thomson potable 'bitumen type ' coating which said it went direct to metal, but its getting rusty again. I did a thorough job (as much as I could ) , drying it out and Hoovering the dust out. The dust had absorbed any left over moisture as well. I have looked at various rust treatments, but they say..."Not for potable tanks " so I didn't stabilise the rust I 'think' I need to line it, but how do I go about that ?. Its a sort of 'cheese shaped' space that is the entire bow of the boat, so who would make this up and how do I fit it ? Thanks. !
  10. Thanks. My rope...was of recent installation...but a good tip for people with who don't change it much.
  11. Hi all. Maybe this us already known...but here it is anyway. In the past I've spent ages using old screwdriver etc..to remove the solidified glue from the groove. Today I had the door on the bench...and had already scraped some out..but there was a lot if solidified stuff in the groove that was like concrete. I had my cordless drill on the bench with a 6mm drill bit in it. In desperation...I put the drill bit into the groove at a low angle and ran the drill. I did not have it in a position where the actual but could drill anything. Wow !!... I ran the bit along the groove and it cleaned it out and broke off all the old scale and hardened cement in about a minute !. It was amazing and there was no danger of it actually drill or cutting into the groove. It was great ! I had to share it !.
  12. A nice narrow one to keep the widebeams out.....?
  13. Too bloody right.! Measure the boat in chains and cubits like the rest of us !!…..?
  14. Just a note......if you (like me)…..rinse ...turn off the shower...soap up....then on with the shower...thus saving water... You can buy a shower head with a 'pause' button...to save winding the main shower on and off...costs about £7
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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