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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Thank you Richard. As I said earlier I had no joy trying to contact Thetford for the definitive answer but, I have now found a gas engineer ( narrowboats ) and he said the electrical supply was only for ignition which can be done manually and no fan.
  3. It would appear that gas engineers who are also qualified to work on narrowboats are like hens teeth, managed to find one though. Just wanted to ask, has anyone ever tried to contact Thetford by phone ? Had no luck at all so if anyone has a phone number they have had success with that would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. OK, thanks for that. The oven/grill in question is a; Midi Prima 7200 so hopefully someone who has one may know the definitive answer ? Apparently there is a 12v conversion thing available but, if we can just light it we would rather do that. Also, can I disconnect and remove the old one ? The gas is turned off so can't see a problem as long as I get a gas fitter to install the new one.
  5. Ah, thanks for that, could change things.
  6. Another question if I may;the oven has electronic ignition requiring 230v which we don't have. Will it still be suitable i.e light it with a gas lighter ?
  7. Well we neither live aboard and I could never be described as competent with regards to gas related things so I think we will stump up and get an appropriately qualified chap to do it. Thanks anyway
  8. Hi, as per the title, we are fitting a new gas hob to our narrowboat due to the sad demise of our old one. It would appear to be a case of disconnecting one gas pipe and connecting a new on with the appropriate sealants. Is the ruling that this should be done by a gas safe ( narrowboat registered ) engineer or could I do it myself ? Seems such a shame to get someone out for such a small job and charging gawd knows what. Presume for BSS purposes it should be a gas chap ?
  9. Is that the boat where the helmsman sits with a remote control thingy ? Can't see a tiller
  10. I quite like the sound of creaking ropes. It's a "boat" sound peculiar to our environment and quite soothing especially when lying awake in the wee small hours as us older people tend to do.
  11. I don't think vlogs and documentaries would be the same without some level of implied jeopardy. I remember watching a programme about , of all things, people driving Eddie Stobart lorries. I honestly thought it was a p..s take ! This bloke was driving a lorry over the Severn bridge and was banging on about how dangerous it can be. If you want a proper narrowboat/engine vlog go to Youtube and watch "Starting a Bolinder" Could watch it over and over.
  12. I suppose if you watch theses things with the eagle eye of an experienced boater, especially one with long experience of this canal, it was all a bit disjointed. One scene showed them leaving Kinver, then nearing Autherly junction only to appear on the Wolverhampton 21. However, I don't think these programmes are made for any other purpose than entertainment and should just be accepted as such. However, how old Sheila puts up with the Brandreth boy is beyond me. Small doses recommended.
  13. Maybe check his prop ? Bet the weed box is a thing to behold.
  14. Also agreed. We have been with the Border Collie rescue for 35 years and have had 5 dogs in that time. Obviously they are always older dogs so their time with you is limited. The last one, Molly, was a brilliant dog and much loved. She became very ill whilst out on the boat on the Shroppie. We didn't know if a vet would come out to a boat but, thankfully we were near Chester so managed to get her to a vet in Christleton where she was put to sleep. The decision was made not to have another dog , this was 3 years ago, and we have stuck to this although we do miss having a dog in the house/boat. We are both retired and have enjoyed the fact we are no longer tied with a dog to consider so swings and roundabouts I suppose.
  15. Thanks for that Peter, have read that before and missed the summer bit. Ah well, plan change then, will just be glad to be out to be honest.
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