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  1. Have done Tardebigge countless times and am curious to know about the radio set up in the cottage half way up. Impressive array of aeriels there. Presume it's a ham set up ?
  2. colmac


    😁 Sounds delicious but, and I don't want to wee on your bonfire, but dare I say "Griegs" Apologies in advance for any offence caused.
  3. Just idle curiosity, I presume the hire companies pay the appropriate license fee for each boat and the appropriate fee for use of their bases. I imagine therefore that CRT make a shed load of money, especially from Black Prince and the other big companies. I suppose someone with a better grasp of numbers then I could actually sit down and work it out based on the number of boats owned by each company although why anyone would want to is beyond me so scrub round that one methinks.
  4. In a similar vein, when we were still members of the working classes we had a shared boat and experienced on several occasions sniffy comments from boat owners along the lines of " well you only own a share not the boat " This, of course is tosh as you do have a vested interest in the welfare of the boat. This was in the days of the now defunct Ownerships and all the boats looked the same.
  5. Hired for a few years and didn't experience any of the prejudices mentioned here. We have owned our boat for 7 years now and, like the majority of us, make no distinction between hirers or anybody else. You should be judged by your actions not the name on your boat. We have shared wide locks with hirers many times and had no problems, on one occasion with a couple who were very nervous due to lack of experience and had not slept all night worrying about tackling the Hatton flight, we paired up with them and they were only too willing to learn and did a good job.
  6. Good point. We are only in the planning stage for next years' voyage so will do some more research. Thanks for all replies.
  7. So by my reckoning, a 7 day "certificate" would cost £68. I take it from the replies that 7 days would be ample to explore Lechlade ? We have no plans to go any further.
  8. So I gather the immersion in canal water during the clearing of props is also a hazardous business ? Might try and get some of those elbow length gloves vets wear when inspecting a cows' innards.
  9. Planning to cruise from Oxford to Lechlade next year and was wondering; do you need a full Thames license for this ? Thank you.
  10. Having maintained Naval helicopters for some time I can only say that, but for WD40 ( dubs) and masking tape, many of our aircraft would have been grounded. This fact was never revealed to the aircrew as it may have affected moral. Pleased to report though that all of my aeroplanes returned safely.
  11. Ah but the VC 10 was crab air so not nearly as safe and well maintained.
  12. Not usually but I think the cumulative effects of 2 weeks on the piss probably contributed . We were on detached duty up from Portland and therefore free of the usual constraints of home. Flew over the review a few times and I don't think it was quite as impressive as it would have been many years ago when we had big ships and lots of them. Mind you we didn't have helicopters then so it wasn't a proper navy !
  13. WE were at Daedalus ( wafus ) for the queens' jubilee in '77 and were issued with a tot at the end of the operation. I got a tad squiffy on dark rum on my 21st and couldn't stand the stuff but we could have a triple tot of any thing we wanted, I had whisky and spent the rest of the day asleep.
  14. Many years ago we hired a Black Prince boat called Drummer Boy or Girl from Silsden on the L&L. I remember that shortly before we arrived there had been a dreadful accident with another Black Prince boat which turned over in a Lock with terrible loss of life I believe and I think it was near Gargrave ? Anyone any memory of this ?
  15. Thank you. Not the end of the world if we can't but we need provisions.
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