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  1. Have just heard on the Middlewich that there is a problem on the Liverpool Link. Not on the web site yet and no info from CRT on the phone. We are booked in on the 8th May so have you any further details ? Sorry, just read the other post concerning this, must pay attention ! As you were.
  2. I have to put my hands up and be honest here. I will still have 6 brass portholes ( scuttles ) to satisfy my need to rub something vigorously.
  3. Thank you all. As an ex-matelot and merchant seaman ( EDH Lifeboats ) I have painted a yard or two of brass especially on No. 9's ( matelots will understand the reference ) The mushrooms in question are 22 years old and have been polished to death so a coat of paint , pushers red lead sounds good, is the answer.
  4. I have decided, for various reasons, to paint my elderly mushrooms so I don't have to polish them any more. Any paint boffins out there who could offer advice on whether there is any prep required prior to painting and is there a specific paint to use. Thank you.
  5. Thank you all, will buy it then. I have downloaded and printed out the C&RT skippers guide as well so all should be well for our visit in May provided the canal remains intact.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if the latest Nicholsons book 5, North West, includes the Liverpool Link. The edition I have doesn't have the link on it, just a dotted line i.e yet to be completed. Can buy one on line, hence the reason I can't just look in it. Thank you.
  7. Since my typo I have been amusing myself ( as you do ) with changing vowels all over the place such as the Tront and Morsey canal etc. but, quite frankly it got a bit silly so stopped as I was spending far too much time giggling to myself in a corner.
  8. Thank you all, much appreciated. So once we have done the Lonk we will crack on and get into the Pool.
  9. So I take it none of you have cruised the Liverpool Lonk then ? Charming canal I have to say.
  10. HI, just booked for Liverpool in May. This is our second attempt and we are hoping the canal retains it's watertight integrity long enough for us to get in and out. Can anyone who has done the trip please advise the best place to moor for the night prior to setting off on the trip into the city. Thank you
  11. Thanks Bruce, will give that a bash. Whilst on the subject of Safari, I am frequently confronted with a message saying " Safari cannot find this ( whatever I have tried to access ) This includes banking, so much so that we use Firefox which works OK. Will try the show certificate route, thank you.
  12. Hi, every time I log on to this forum I get a drop down thingy saying : Safari cannot identify this web site " It has two options, "show certificate" or "continue" I just continue. My question is : what does this mean and, am I doing the correct thing by continuing ? So much publicity now about various viruses etc attacking your computer. For information I use an AppleMac. The site loads perfectly ok so no no dramas there. Thank you.
  13. Where else but on a narrow boat web site could you tell someone that you like the proportions of there cratch ? Different language aint it ?
  14. The only bridge we have an issue with on the S&W is White Horse bridge near Kinver. We have an air draught of around 6ft and find it quite snug but no real problems.
  15. Sort of as per the title. Have discovered a slight leak on one of the unions in the engine bay taking water to the calorifier. Question: if I take it off, replace the PTFE tape and do it up again, will I need to bleed the calorifier and, if so how do I do that ? Thank you.
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