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  1. Ditto the Severn, live in Stourport , just been for a walk and the river is well up.
  2. So on a canal, on a narrow boat, we don't need to show nav lights other than a tunnel light ( in a tunnel ) unless we intend going on the rivers mentioned or, if navigating at night, one white light in the bow ?
  3. OK, so if we are on non-tidal, inland waterways the collregs as applied to nav lights don't apply, however, if you intend transiting from these to rivers you would require said lights ? Mind you, if I was approaching a bend and heard all this horn blasting going off I would seriously wonder what was happening. I worked on deck at sea for years but have never used the collregs sound signals in 23 yrs on the cut. I am not being intentionally obtuse but, at 2/3 miles an hour I could never see the point.
  4. I take it you are on tidal waters ?
  5. Mind you, a lot of boats seem to have been registered at Watford, is this a throwback to BW days ?
  6. Just been for a walk down to the Severn and waders would be no good really.
  7. Or one I made up." Cast adrift featuring Veronica Lake and George Raft."
  8. The Jay Blade guy makes me giggle. On Money For Nothing he invariably gets a wee chair, rubs it down and paints the legs different colours, that'l be £50, ta. I have no doubt he is highly talented but we don't see much evidence of it on tele.
  9. colmac

    Fender rope

    Thank you all. Will need to wait for Santa as I believe he is bringing me the books and a fid. Now I know some of you are of a sceptical nature but please don't tell me Santa is not real as, with all that is going wrong in life just now I need something positive to cling to.
  10. I am going to have a bash at making my own fenders, so does anyone know the best supplier of the necessary rope in the quantity required ? Thank you
  11. Well that explains it. Enjoyable programme.
  12. have often wondered if he has someone with him flying the drone for the airborne shots though I suppose he could fly it himself and use a bit of clever editing.
  13. Thank you all. As ever some good advice. Will give the matter some thought before doing owt drastic. I did consider fixing some sort of plate to the area affected by the bow lines so they can rub that instead. Boat down here in Stourport has bits of 5 bar shaped and attached but I guess fraying the ropes comes in to the equation then. Thanks again
  14. Hi all, as per the title, I want to fit two fairleads to the bow of my steel narrowboat. Do I need to cut threads in once I have drilled or is there some sort of bolt I can use without having to cut threads ? Thank you.
  15. Possibly over simplifying things but, what's the difference between driving to the shops in a car and going in a boat ? The big difference I can see is , on a boat you have very little contact with anyone en-route which is the whole point of all this isolating lark anyway.
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