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  1. Good idea! I've got a switch that isolates the fan feed, which relies on me turning it on if it is getting hot.
  2. thanks for your quick responses. They will be useful.
  3. Can anyone advise on laundrettes around Stoke or the Caldon with easy access from the canal. Thanks.
  4. What sort of spell-checker substitutes 'glorified' for calorifier?
  5. No, no, no. Brown sauce is for sausage sandwiches, only good quality ketchup for a bacon (and mushroom) sandwich.
  6. Probably not, but most drones bought are under £200. l’m not sure if the registration is going to be per drone or per flyer. I’ve currently got three (not counting a little indoor one, which as well as being the most flown, is also the most fun), so cost could be significant.
  7. Much to my disappointment, I lit our stove today. It’s not so much the temperature as the dampness that prompted it.
  8. Wrap a greasy rag round the prop shaft. Undo the retaining bolts. Now slide the old seal off and slide the new one on. It shouldn’t take a minute and water ingress will be minimal. check alignment of the prop shaft, as misalignment is the usual cause of this seal failing.
  9. Thanks. I was hoping it might be a simpler job. It’s barely leaking a drop a day at the moment, but I guess it will need doing sooner or later.
  10. On most of the Shroppie locks I’ll stay at the back with the button on the gates. Easier to see if anything could hold up. However on deeper locks I’ll have the bow resting on the cill and then the gates as it rises. This is particularly the case with Wardle Lock.
  11. I appear to have a very slight oil leak coming from the oil seal to the output shaft on a PRM 150. There are four bolts which look as though they retain a piece with the oil seal, but the output shaft has a raised ridge around it, along with the shaft flange which would prevent the oil seal sliding off. So, presumably the output shaft would have to be withdrawn from the gear box. Has anyone got experience of changing this oil seal, and if so, do they have any tips or procedure to follow?
  12. Interesting. The T&Cs quoted above say that cables are excluded as they are considered to be consumables.
  13. All boats will tend to rock a bit when someone moves around or steps aboard. It can be a bit of a concern to someone new to boating, but might just be normal and you get used to it to the point where you don't notice it. Before getting too involved in moving ballast etc. it would be worth trying other boats, or get someone else to try out your boat. Of course your boat might be a bit tender*, in which case you want to increase the ballast as low down as possible. * 'tender' is the term used to describe how much a boat rocks when someone steps aboard or moves around.
  14. Interesting that Andy Russell spells 'gunwale' wrongly ...
  15. Some time around the middle of the 19th C the waterways experimented with using a small steam loco to haul boats on the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union. The loco, an 0-4-0, was borrowed from the Crewe works where it was used to move stuff around the site. It wasn't a success and was soon abandoned.
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