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    Eating, drinking, floating and being merry. DIY-ing the boat, Greenery, cute furry creatures, and a snifter of Talisker... ah...bliss!

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  6. BSP already knows about your Professor Alice Roberts fixation. And quite frankly, BSP approves.
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  8. I like House of Mistry shampoos and conditioners. https://www.houseofmistry.com/hair-care
  9. I was about to suggest Warwick Parkway station too. I used to travel from there when working in London. Moored either at Saltisford or at the bottom of the flight or near the Cape pub, or below the two locks towards Kate Boats.
  10. Variation on a theme. Instead of desmo legs, I bought a VW campervan swing out table leg. It's L-shaped and rotates around a vertically mounted bracket in the crook of the L-shaped sofa. The leg and table top swivel independently and a lever clamps each in position. I use a harp shaped mirror as a small table top now because it's all I need, but it would work with any shape (I used to use a much larger table top). It swings in and out for getting in behind it to sit down or using it at a different angle, and it's height adjustable. Or it detaches altogether and table top and leg stores under the gunnel and behind the front steps. It works well for up to 4 people, but would be less sturdy for a massive banquet. When a double bed, the base slides out like a drawer, supported on 2 sides by the sofa base and on the outer side by 2 fixed wooden legs attached to the sliding bed base. The table isn't part of the bed. I've included a pic of before the sliding bed base was varnished so it's easy to see how the supporting legs fit between the drawers under the sofa. The photo of it as a bed is from before I had the cushions covered, hence the delightful railway carriage style upholstery 😃
  11. My header tank has a miniature ballcock type thing in it. When the level goes down, a white plastic float that usually sticks up above the top of the header tank, dips down. If the stop valve is open, the floating ballcock automatically fills the header tank from the main water supply, and stops when it's full enough. When the stop valve is closed, I can top it up manually instead. In other words, a floaty indicator thing for header tanks already exists. Just need to find out what it's called 🤔
  12. Corridors and the bathroom might be more tricky to negotiate for someone particularly tall and broad. Personally, I would consider those things rather than the beds as priority for accessibility for taller or broader people. A person can sleep with their knees bent if need be, but it's hard to curl up in a shower because it's not centrally positioned to be in the tallest part of the boat, or to sit on a loo that's positioned a couple of inches from a bulkhead or sink, so that shoulders and hips don't fit into the space above the toilet seat. As someone suggested above, a holiday on a widebeam canal boat might be sensible. It would be more likely to have a spacious bathroom, double doors or wider internal walkways (an accessible boat will have a wet room which would overcome the problem of trying to find a taller shower cubicle), and room to manoeuvre around the living space and kitchen without the difficulty of others trying to pass by, which can already be logistically tricky even for the skinniest or shortest people new to being on a narrowboat. As soon as you need to be standing or walking to the far side of the cabin or corridor, the ceiling curves downwards reducing head room. So a widebeam ought to give more comfortable options to your taller and broader friends.
  13. Welcome, Greg. If you're looking forward to those classic British cuisines, I suggest buying the eggs, bacon, and sausages for your full English breakfast from a local farm shop you pass on your travels on the boat. It'll be all the more delicious than anything from a supermarket. And if you're going to have Yorkshire Pudding, you gotta have a proper roast dinner to go with it, to really appreciate it. (Lots of decent pubs do a good roast beef with Yorkie puds dinner or carvery on a Sunday lunchtime, if you're not making your own. Lots of pubs are eateries too these days and you don't have to drink booze. There's always tea, coffee and soft drinks served in pubs. Although you might want to try a good British ale at least once while you're here - all my American friends think we drink warm lager on this country, until they come to the UK and actually try a nice cool glass of proper ale, which is totally different to lager. We have lager too, but that is served very cold, as it should be). And don't forget desserts like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Apple Crumble for the full British weight-gain experience Keep us posted how you get on.
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