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  1. 5 points
    An update..... I found a CV boot that was the right size. Works well and looks neat.
  2. 4 points
    Termination notice from Hutch...??
  3. 4 points
    Words fail me....if I wrote what I thought of you I’d most likely be banned from here for life....watching urban or country foxes is something to be treasured....they are truly magnificent creatures....I suppose you think the badger cull is justified despite the fact that the hunts regularly flout all sorts of farm Biosecurity by crossing fields of livestock including those farms where BTB is present.
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    Just before Xmas I picked up this model of an old narrowboat. It is 39” long and done in what might be described as ‘a naive style’. I think it is a real beauty! i’m wondering if it is a model of the Hardy that was in the news this year for sinking, and that is being currently restored.
  5. 3 points
    Traditions such as shagging your sister for example?
  6. 3 points
    Can't stop chuckling, let sleeping dogs lie, he he he and yet with great aplomb you attempt to rouse the dog with the toe of your boot while crying " no conspiracy theories " Phil
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    Sigh,I do hope you're not suggesting that we are all Trolls.Getting fed up now as the majority of us are extremely pleasant.
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  10. 2 points
    ……. well it was particularly accurate about us having no Navy ?
  11. 2 points
    You're being droll again - the dyslexics will blame it on the other forum.
  12. 2 points
    Last time I checked she hadn't got to me, I suppose I should check I have been a touch vulnerable the last few days
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    We can also be welcoming, come over and see our recently acquired collection of Odd Socks, have a bowlful of Billy Goat Soup.
  16. 2 points
    We can see who is having the most fun. Canalworld needs a Banging Donk to spice things up a bit. Not that TB has any "staff", did you learn nothing on your visit? They are just the locals in your video. "Staff" are surplus to requirements on a forum for adults. They can be divisive, especially if they have partaken of drink, leading to a risible forum.
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    Hi, joined a week or so ago. I am first engineer on a gas bunker vessel (big tanker). I have boated on canals a few times and find it a massive stress reliever. Intend to buy a boat when I have learnt more about narrowboat life and had a couple more hires under my belt. regards
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  19. 2 points
    A mate of mine was servicing his and phoned me with a cry for help. He’d removed the leg and replaced the impeller and was driving the shaft with a cordless drill. When I looked at what he was doing I asked “Are you sure you’re turning it in the right direction?” He reversed the drill and out spurted the water. He said “Please don’t mention this down the pub!” So I went down the pub and said “You’ll never guess what Bob was doing...”
  20. 2 points
    Awesome stuff! A cool Yule and a happy new year to all... especially all those who have helped and offered advice with our last 3 years of numpty-ass questions and crises! ?
  21. 2 points
    Hunting in the UK is so incredibly inefficient, quite apart from the ridiculous baggage that comes with it, hunting pink, MFH etc. I grew up living on a huge country estate, where the owner employed gamekeepers to keep down the fox population, which was done with a gun, and very effectively too. The local hunt was allowed to hunt there, once. The sensible fox lead the hunt over the landowner’s front lawn, and the hunters were stupid enough to follow the hounds, causing the destruction of a perfectly lovely lawn. The hunt was promptly banned in perpetuity from hunting on estate land.
  22. 1 point
    Apparently, in 1888 there was a competition in 'Answers Magazine' for people to submit their predictions of what England would be like in 1988 This won the competition: (Makes me feel quite odd)
  23. 1 point
    This might explain TNC-S earthing
  24. 1 point
    The simian is perfectly correct and I shall refrain from responding to anymore posts of inflammatory nature Shame that once again an eruption is brewing but happily I can sleep at night safe in the knowledge that it is not of my making Phil
  25. 1 point
    Lady G,you are a stirrer & the sooner the nicer folk on CWDF realise this the better.I can't decide whether you are ill or just plain nasty!Would love folk on here to go & see the bile you have been posting over there as Socks !
  26. 1 point
    Since when has posting on a thread been stalking, you see once again you are spouting bile while the rest if the forum is just getting on with each other and the business in hand. Phil
  27. 1 point
    So,dicussing matters in a civilised manner is going over to the other forum spouting bile-including calling someone an ar***ole without using *** ?I stand by what I said there,you are the one being a nasty piece of work.
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    Fascinating read. Spot on in some areas and wildly inaccurate in others. Thanks for posting
  30. 1 point
    One of the greatest insults you can call a working boater. To quote the retired narrowboat captain I visit, "We wern't f****** gypsies, we worked for our livin."
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  32. 1 point
    The same as the Trent
  33. 1 point
    You are perfectly correct that I am a member of TB as I am a member here and have been for 10 years I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of the same applies to the many other .members of Thunderboat who are also members here. Not sure what the problem is but can assure you that trolling is not even on my list of things to do and I feel fairly confident that other TB members such as Dyertribe, Bearwood Boater, BFG, Patty Ann, Metanoia etc etc likewise have no truck with Trolling Phil
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    Badgers used to tip our bins over in the New Forest, drove a stake into the ground and put a loop of old clothes line over the bin. B******* ponies and cows used to get in the garden if someone left the gate open. Solved that by remembering to shut the gate. Never needed to shoot badgers or foxes or ponies despite being country folk.
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    Bathing in cold water is not my idea of boating, neither is tying a water point up for 2 hours every 4 or 5 days. Its antisocial.
  40. 1 point
    No, just a direct question. Why start off a conversation in such an insulting/argumentative way?
  41. 1 point
    Yes - please do ban fishing (of the type involving rod and line in our inland waterways).
  42. 1 point
    I'm not sure if you are aware (apologies if you are) but there is not an 'abundance' of electricity points on the canals (in fact are there any for 'public' use ?) if you are only planning on using your washing machine when on 'mains hook-up' you will either not be doing much washing, or, you will be paying £15 per night (once a week ?) for the benefit of going into marina and getting some 'leccy. Far better to be self sufficient and to make sure you have the means of supplying your own 'leccy. Ideally a generator of sufficient wattage to run the washing machine But - If your Victron inverter has the separate button / knob to control the hook-up power ( a dial showing 2-4-6-8-etc) then you can use a smallish generator and use the batteries to supply a 'top-up' with the Genny supplying the bulk. The Victron control should look like this : I think that DrBob actually meant "do you know how to look after them", as in when to charge them, for how long to charge them and when to stop charging them. Are you aware that every time you use any 'battery electricity' it should be recharged immediately or you are reducing the life - as has been mentioned read up on 'how to kill you £1000 battery bank in 2 weeks' its very easy to do. The more batteries you have, the more it costs to replace them.
  43. 1 point
    Don't be so sensitive, you'll melt. I was proposing another line to add to your rant, for the boat thief. You are correct however, All together now, 2,3,4 Oh Jeremy Corbyn........ Happy Socialist New Year
  44. 1 point
    Everyone seems to be assuming the pumpout tank is the source of the damp but the OP has said there is no smell. Believe me when it starts to leak there is a smell, a very strong one. You have given up on finding the leak in favour of a pumpout versus cassette discussion.
  45. 1 point
    Lets hope a few of those on the horses fall off and suffer a long slow death....or worse! Thankfully the pro hunt lot are a fast dying breed...not fast enough though in my opinion....they care nothing for either the fox or the horses or hounds...all are expendable and just there for their entertainment. I will no longer use the pub at Norbury as it’s hosted hunt meets. Please also note that hunts are not allowed on any CRT land....if you see them feel free to photograph and report. I'm happy to be an anti hunt protester and will do everything I can to stop this barbaric sport.
  46. 1 point
    Sam of course is right and there are two sides to the Loo problem. I would never have a dump through though and ripping this one out to replace it with an HDPE tank would be difficult.....so replacing with a cassette is the obvious place to be. However, then you are carrying buckets of sh*t around every 3 days and constantly looking for places to empty them. I much prefer taking my boat to a little man, for him to pump it out, each month.
  47. 1 point
    Moderated by a Moderator
  48. 1 point
    For fox sake stop hunting.
  49. 1 point
    This was very much on my mind when I posted, and exposes the lie that the hunts of today are chasing a dragged scent trail. If foxes are a genuine pest then the gun is the only method of control that approaches humane despatch. Suggesting bull fighting is worse is disingenuous, there are many documented acts of cruelty carried out by those intimately connected to the hunts, and is akin to saying being done over the head with a lead pipe is preferable to being stabbed. The term snowflake is a fairly vacuous response to many points of view that are hard to defend, and as such is meaningless. What is your take on hare coursing, cock fighting, etc? These were once regarded as traditions. I struggle to place angling in the same category as the wanton cruelty that is fox hunting, and have personal experience of many occasions of pollution and illegal netting being reported by anglers. Many of today's rivers would be devoid of life without the campaigning of various angling organisations, with the Thames having recovered from near extinction on the lower reaches by the mid eighties-which sadly has been undermined by regular discharges of raw effluent from the Hampton court area.
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    CWDF Staff party . . . . . . . . . . TB staff party
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