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What woke you up too early this morning?

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7 minutes ago, Mike Tee said:

If they can’t get rid of George on the K & A I don’t think they will even turn out for a cyclist!

Show him some love and affection mixed with a little discipline beak holding, give him some food and he may turn out to be your best friend. 

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It wasn't too early 08:00.

The nurse asked how I had slept.

I'm (half) enjoying an unexpected stay in the Coronory Care Unit in the local hospital.

Not the best place to be, but the scenery is quite pleasant to the eye. I haven't seen one over 35 yet !!!!

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On 19/03/2023 at 08:57, Heartland said:

You can shoot or strangle Canada geese, cyclists are too fast to catch.


Bring back the towpath barriers ! Maybe a system of CCTV for the boat may help to identify them and is the CRT bye law about noise?


No honking between 8pm and 8am. I'm sure there is some sort of bylaw about that for Canada geese.

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When applying for court orders to remove craft the CRT uses a BW order. 


Now if the BW rules are still used


(1) No person, unless authorized by the Board or otherwise legally entitled so to do shall: (a) Ride or drive any animal or vehicle over any towing path


is a bye-law from 1965!

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10 hours ago, Francis Herne said:

Someone yelling "Breakfast in five minutes!". Worth it though.


kipping in a big row of sleeping bags at Tipton for the WRG cleanup on the Walsall.

Good man, all praise to all the WRGies there.

Wish I was young and fit enough to join you, especially for a cooked breakfast.

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