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    Practical Research and Development Ideas & Applications for the Liveaboard Cruiser. In order to achieve a Cost Affective & as near Self sufficient cruising lifestyle as possible.

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  1. Come on Gang, enough of this silliness, We all know its home to 'The Clangers' I remember seeing them going about their everyday business years ago, kind of the 60s version of Neighbours !.
  2. Hi Col. When I was in MK (Yes a few moons ago now) there was two Marinas, (Funnily enough the was owned/run by the same family as I recall). Anyway,,,There use to be a guy who came in & frequently serviced Diesel Heaters !, might be worth asking at either of the Marinas for a Name !. Unless another One has popped up (Witch wouldn't surprise me in MK) You shouldn't have any problems finding them, Good luck matey
  3. So you didn't open my link then lol lol.
  4. Shhhhh https://www.dropbox.com/s/lovhfde0jzhgqzj/IMAG0974.jpg?dl=0
  5. Hi Gang, Not been well lately, (Still ain't right) but neededa pick me up, So went out for a Mornings cruise the other day, Got about 16 mile out, and dropped a Mackerel or two while I had my coffee and watched the Sun come up, After 2 hrs Circle Drifting over a wreak I Harvested https://www.dropbox.com/s/kohwh9jupjl8q58/IMAG0992_1.jpg?dl=0 A 50 cms Bass, A 47 cms Cod and a 45 cms Bass, & after getting back late afternoon, and prepping the catch They was All welcome additions to my Freezer, among the Pollack, Huss, Rabbit, Wood Pigeon, and a Pheasant Breast, yep I like my meat .
  6. Sorry but I can't even read the link (Through choice, not Glitch) but WHY,,,just why,,,it really saddens my hart how 'People' and I use the term very loosely can knowingly and actively hurt animals just for cruelty sake !, Sad.
  7. I bet that's going to be Brill for the Sea, or Open Flowing water,,,questionable in enclosed water, or canals, imo,,,Needs more pre filters lol.
  8. Don't know if the above kinky thingymajigs to my Gallery are going to work, as I've not done it like that before, But above gives an insight into my old set up and testing kit.
  9. Hi Gang, Have a look at 'Taylor's',,,I had one, and it was BRILLIANT, Very economical, Drip fed, 5kw, Good solid build, (I had the S/S one). The only negative I would say was the drip feed knob wasn't Brill, but replaced and all was fine.
  10. Hi Gang, Great idea, and Experiment thus far, I would suggest if you're going to Have fun making a 'Filtration System' to wash in,,,Why not go the extra and get 'Fully Drinkable' water !. But to start with I would suggest - A Course Metal Strainer, A 'Manifold' of 2 x 10 micron spun poly filters. A 'Manifold' of 2 x 5 micron Spun poly filters. (These will have to be changed fairly regularly) A single 5 micron Carbon Block Filter. A single 1 micron poly filter. This should produce fairly good 'Usable' water. Then by adding A second single 5 micron Carbon Block Filter A Thin Film Composite R/O membrane. A sterilite UV Sterilized. You should get Drinkable' water !. Have fun and keep us posted, I think it's great. BTW If you go to my profile card thingymajig, go to my Gallery, there is a pic or two of my pre filter system and filters I think !.
  11. Shame there isn't a pet section for posts like this, Then others could maybe ref it easier in the future !.
  12. As there isn't any on the roof 'Wood, Logs' possibly !.
  13. OMG Yes,Yes iI do !, I know someone who thought it was Chalk and used a bit for a Hop Scotch grid Drawn on the pavement !
  14. Shame we haven't got a 'Pet Section' or something so we could post pictures and helpful information in, it would make it easier for reference purposes as well !, (Cough cough nudge) Dogs can be trained fairly easily and it's all about repetitive familierization (think iI just made that word up) so in the beginning you will need eyes in the back of your head, and a mindset of having a Exploring Toddler on Red Bull on board, but it will get easier fairly quickly.
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