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  1. Hey Chucky Egg - :hug:

  2. Sorry I mean no harm. I do have a heart David in real life.

    Everyone is making me out to be a Looney with no heart.

    So opposite in real life.

    1. Tumshie


      I know that you care very much. Sometimes people misinterpret our intentions when we post because they are the part of what we say that is so hard to covey in so few words. Big hug.

  3. Living remote and dragging my dog through the mud for 8 mile a day I don't have a washing machine in the boat. After three days I look like I've been rolling in mud literally, if I go near a road or sit on a park bench with my dog people ask me if I am ok. Nò thanks I don't need money. Skint but rich with the small things.
  4. Sorry I did not see the narrow boat episode I thought the thread was about the one In France and smashed window...
  5. No we're all on the same team but, I don't think fault finding and causes should happen on here. With respect. I'll open one.
  6. I liked both 5 casts mistakes and all. Quite funny. No one's perfect but if can take the piss all good.
  7. Scary very scary. I am a nervous person around locks. Totally, = I don't them.
  8. Sorry but this thread should be about paying respects only. This thread, just leave it and start another out of respect to those still in shock, I imagine many close boaters are struggling right now and the rescue people who we all 'sometimes think are in immune to coping. No more discussion about why or if's
  9. Sad about a lady and her doggy.

    And her partner right now.

  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Yes dogs are are a part of family and having them out if the boat while on the go is appealing, sorry I don't mean to be down beat bit I've pulled out 2 dead dogs last summer ok both did not have life jackets but both came from boaters unaware their dogs had even fallen off after quite a few miles. No judgement but both boaters were on holiday with their house dogs. I realise everyone loves their boating dogs but when it goes wrong it happens so fast. Sorry to be a grim poster.
  12. First my condolences to all of her family and it seems she was a really well known lovely person. I think we should only pay our respects to all on this thread. And I think in A week or so maybe ' on another thread we can discuss how we can all help each other to be safe'r ', but not here. Two Angels xxxxx Hugs
  13. Mike that's a bit harsh, ? Sorry but I have zero money and you don't know anyones''s money status. WINED YOUR NECK IN A LITTLE. Your a long time poster with a lot of knowledge bit it's not a golden ticket to be rude to 'NEW BOATERS '. Seriously. https://www.sofa-company.co.uk/store.aspx?cat=8 Speak to these they sorted me out.
  14. Life's too short chucky egg, have a brill day tomorrow, they said it might be sunny.??? Don't put all your eggs in that bowl.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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