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  1. If you earn the hourly rate of an airline pilot... not if you're a student... Time doesn't have a fixed monetary value so this doesn't really hold up.
  2. Replacement oil filters for BALDWIN B7240: Brand Model BETA-MARINE 2117051002 Fleetguard LF3706 GRAINGER 3XUG4 HASTINGS LF713 Kubota 7000074035 LUBER-FINER PH253 I can't find the Mann reference but got the above list off oilfilter-crossreference.com which may or may not help. For the fuel and air filters try fuelfilter-crossreference.com and airfilter-crossreference.com Respectively.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Perhaps, although I thought the use of capitals indicated an acronym. Might be better still to type the whole thing if it comes up again as it would probably still have needed an explanation.
  6. Ditchcrawler is right, Public Right Of Way. Sorry for using the acronym, I thought it was well known.
  7. I think 'fisheries' is just relating to the general fish population rather than impacting a club, lake or farm. It's a term that I've seen the EA use in this way before. They do seem to like ambiguous terms at times. From what I read the entrance is towpath side with a stipulation within CRT expression of interest as to the continuation of said towpath. I'm also fairly sure that I read that as the towpath is a PROW that the council themselves would install the bridge with the developer taking ownership after the fact. I think I remember a figure of £10,000 for this. There was a drawing of the bridge showing a 1:20 rise which if I remember my DDA correctly is the correct figure for wheelchair access. I can't help as to the orientation of the map, I don't know the area well and the amount of crap I read fried my brain slightly I'm afraid ?
  8. I've seen this myself, way back in 2008 I project managed the HLF restoration of part of the Lambourne through Newbury. I remember talking to people whose gardens actually backed into the river who didn't know it existed. The really stupid thing was that most of them actually crossed the river via a bridge to get to the houses. It's crazy how little some people pay attention to their surroundings! They've actually already done a water resources impact study as part of the expression of interest and feasibility stages. From what I can tell this was done by CRT, there is probably a cost to the developer I agree.
  9. I've often wondered about the relationship between CRT wanting money through a NAA and the supply of water for marina development, there must be a income/benefit calculation somewhere! I didn't pick up on the dwelling vs lesuire mooring point, well spotted!
  10. Being quite sad and having a bit of free time I've read most of the information in the link posted by Tim. So for those without the time to read through. It's a 250 berth marina, set up as semi-individual lagoons. Essentially the owners cite potential loss of agricultural grants due to Brexit and the need to diversify Every public comment is an objection The EA has objected on 4 points 1/ The proposal is in a flood risk area 2/ Because the proposal requires banking to bring the level of the field to the canal it means a reduction in flood relief. 3/ There will be an impact on Wildlife and fisheries not yet mitigated 4/ Lack of connection to public sewerage and related risk of pollution They have recommended possible ways to mitigate The local council have objected due to the rural nature of the area, unsuitable access from road and lack of public transport in the area The area planner objects due to visual impact and recommended reducing the scale CRT have objected to the bridge and clubhouse design due to impact from the canal I may not have got all this 100% right as I've spent an hour reading through and paraphrased a fair chunk.
  11. And boom... Your comment reinvigorated my fading memories and I now believe the yard I thought had been talked about (bottom lock) is the Anderson base (or should maybe be said second base) The Caldon and the Weaver were both great when I did them last year. Although tbh, every bit of canal I've done in the three years I've been aboard have been.
  12. Thanks both to you and dmr. As I said fading memories put me wrong. I do remember they were nice buildings and seemed to be thriving last year so am surprised to hear they are no more. I certainly don't have enough finance to have taken on a lease of this size anyway, let alone enough to improve anything. Also the scope wouldn't mean a lifestyle business I suspect. Good luck to the new tenant. Town Wharf could/should be something special. It appeared to me to have been up for sale for some time... Again, would need finances significantly more substantial than mine though. I've seen community initiatives take on things like this, if my impression of length of sale is correct maybe CRT could consider something like this.
  13. On this note, as much as I love cruising extensively I do have the need to earn money... at some point.... maybe. If I could combine the two and maybe earn from the cut that would be pretty nice. Are we discussing the yard at the top of the locks, the bottom of the locks or the run down buildings known as town wharf? I think from what's been said and my fading memories from a year ago it's the bottom of the locks, if so who should I enquire with. i.e are they CRT or private. I feel that knowing I personally don't need much income and would prefer a lifestyle type business I might be able to do something here.
  14. Maybe the sign should be 'No Mooring - Dates' in the large text and 'trade boat only' in the small text?
  15. I can see both sides, I wasn't there the year before and I find it sad to hear that the issues I encountered were possibly due to hostile boaters the year previous. This however was my first encounter with the trading community in this festival environment and it wasn't a good first impression What upset me at the time was that even after I'd explained my point of view, and the fact that I'd actually cut short a family visit to make space, was that I was essentially being accused of only mooring there to cause trouble. I understand that troublesome boats are.... well troublesome. Anyway, it seems clear to me from this brief discussion that you wouldn't have been one of the hostile traders. I understand the situation clearer and you have improved my thoughts on reserved trading moorings so thankyou for that. Happy trading.
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