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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. To be fair that's not news it's just a blog but I agree with you in that I'm yet to find any thing online where aren't in the middle of something that could have been prevented without drama or fuss with just little effort a little earlier.
  3. Don't wipe any thing with orf
  4. You better towel that soggy crow off before to take don't the pup - he'll catch his death of cold out there. It would be a pity if he keeled over and quoth nevermore...
  5. Ah Lady Di meets Kylie Minogue 😉
  6. All that nylon and polyester is just more than I can cope with. 🤣
  7. Well it was definitely better than the fashions of the time that's for sure. 😉
  8. Can I just ask - when you have finished cutting down the oversized base units to the now slim sized base units how do you stop the laminate that's now no longer sealed from running amok and peeling off?
  9. See I knew you'd all love it
  10. Ah the need to relive the 70's is a potent thing... Gotta love those glory days.
  11. I suspect for a company there is a level of not wanting to get sued or perhaps even the most psychopathic business owner knows that people are supposed to be more important than things and that in times of shock and or trauma people do unadvisable things. The other aspect of it I suppose is that they don't want a fire fighter to have to put their life in danger in order to save you form your own stupidity.
  12. Yes, I'm absolute sure that was what they were told, the idea is that you get yourself to safety so that you CAN call 999, the thinking being that if you stay to help first you might not be able to call anybody every again. So get to safety > Call 999 > Assess the situation > Help if you can > Don't help if you are going to make the lives of the emergency services harder in the long run. Trying to be a hero when you don't have any training often makes you nothing more than a liability.
  13. I know someone who did similar and they just used wall unit cabinets and hung them so than when the worktop was fitted was at the same hight as the other cabinets and worktops. Wall cabinets are sometimes taller too, which can be handy.
  14. Well it's nearly November and thats NaNo time again, I asked this last year and a few people answered so I though I'd ask again this year - Are you plotting like crazy or flying by the seat of your pants ??? If you have no idea what I'm talking about (don't worry, nobody every really does) then November is National Novel Writing Month, it's where a whole globe of amateur, and the odd professional writers get together and do something Stoopid for thirty days, but we're all doing the Stoopid together so it's fun Stoopid. The idea is that you commit to writing a novel - yes that etherial thing floating around in the back of your mind that you keep meaning to do but as soon as you bring it into focus becomes so overwhelming huge that now is never the right time to start it. Well the 1st of November is NOW - or at least it will be. Some people are plotters and some pantsers - if you're a pantser and like to attack you story without a plot then the fact that I've left it to the last minute to remind you of all this mayhem won't matter to but if you are a plotter then I hight recommend a big old sheet of lining paper, some coloured pens, and a crazy uninterrupted brain storming session. There is quite a community around this craziness so even if you don't want to do it this year it is well worth a look to see what's going on, most of us do it for the love of it and don't dream of being the next Stephen King or Nora Roberts but there has been more than one writing career kicked off through NaNo. This is not a competition and there are no prizes, you don't even show anybody your work, it is just you and your ink well and the half million other people round the world who are also doing it. There is also a young writers program aimed at helping children to enjoy creative writing; I wish I'd had that at school. You don't have to be nuts to do it but it helps - so does copious amounts of coffee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Novel_Writing_Month https://nanowrimo.org https://ywp.nanowrimo.org - For young writers.
  15. This is normal in almost all situations and not because they were being nosy about your boat or life style. They do it for numerous reason but some that I know of and have been taught to use are to distract the "patient" and help keep you calm, also to keep you focused on them and not on your medical issue or your family / friends who might be worried and distressed and in turn might upset you with out meaning to, to see how compos mentis you are with out making it obvious they are checking and tracking you and to monitor how you are responding over the course of time that they are with you. Quite frankly they probbly didn't give two hoots about your boat or your lifestyle at that time, but I suppose that form of keeping up dialogue becomes habitual.
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