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  1. Tumshie

    Buying An Electric Car

    That BBC story isn't particularly well rounded - Rapid-Gate! is a thing but it's not quite what that article suggest it is. Jonathan Porterfield (the chap who first brought it to Nissan attention) has a video explaining it as he experienced it driving from the Midlands (I think) to Orkney. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOgqM8iBtPM E.T.A. The video is about his drive to Orkney not of his drive up. Its about 11 mins in full.
  2. Tumshie


    If you think that it is definitely sewage and not bits floating up off the canal bed then it could be a faulty / badly maintained septic tank contaminating water that runs into the canal - I have experienced this but it's still too traumatic to talk about. 🤮 It was reported to SEPA who took it very seriously and dealt with the guilty party PDQ. So if like Tigerr said you can see toilet paper or sanitary products contact EA as soon as you can and let them investigate the matter. It's more likely a faulty septic tank that boaters I would have thought and more likely stuff floating up from the canal bed than sewage - but I don't know cos I'm not there. 😉 *SEPA - Scottish Environment Protection Agency.
  3. Tumshie

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Adding to Ronnie's video clip of the First Minister, this was on the Scottish Canals website - though I'm sure most have seen it already and I'm not sure that it really says very much. By Scottish Canals 28 JUNE 2018 Categories Boating News The Scottish Government has today announced an additional £1.625m funding for Scottish Canals, to enable repairs and improvements to Bonnybridge and Twechar bridges on the Forth and Clyde Canal, and to carry out further repair work at Ardrishaig Pier. Catherine Topley, Interim CEO of Scottish Canals, said: “We are delighted with the news. We have been in dialogue with the Scottish Government for a number of months about needing additional investment to fix these assets and this injection of money will enable a long-term repair that ensures the bridges and the pier fully operational once again. “We are passionate about maintaining a moving canvas on the Lowland canals as this is important to their renaissance, which has delivered significant investment, new jobs, tourism spend as well as health and environmental benefits since they were reopened in 2002. “However, we are managing a complex portfolio of 250 year old heritage assets which hold a large percentage of Scotland’s water and are under increasing pressure from climate change. With a repairs backlog in excess of £70 million, we continue to work with Ministers to find a way of addressing this challenge.” *Copied from the SC website.
  4. Perhaps they're deploying some otters with some very special skill sets..... 🤔
  5. Tumshie


    The scooshie bit.....
  6. Tumshie

    "orse harness

    If you're not a 'horsey person' I could imagine that being pretty scary - you might get bumped into the lock. Collars, depending on how they are made, don't always last as well as the harness; some times the stitching rots or if the inside that sits against the horse is felt it just breaks down.
  7. Tumshie


    Did you understand what I meant? then it's a sorta word..... Ok - it's not a word.
  8. Tumshie

    "orse harness

    I was wondering if you ever used this harness, Fittie. Do you have any of its history that you could tell us?
  9. Tumshie


    You get different types of fire hose so I'd guess it would depend on how heavy it was. The stuff The Fire Brigade use - prolly not. If you put any thing too heavy in your (front loading) washing machine it just won't allow the drum to turn and in an old model could burn out the motor. The bits at either end of the hose (the scooshie bits) might dent the drum. I think I've talked myself out of it, how about you? If it's a lighter weight or in smaller strips then it might work.
  10. Tumshie


    I'm not overly sure but I think it has to do with the mining process. The talcum and the asbestos are found in the same rock formations and cross contamination would happen as it was being extracted. I think - don't hold me to that. 🤔
  11. Tumshie

    Otters at Napton

    The otter isn't in this picture but this is were you can find him. The Telford Street swing bridge is behind me and I'm standing on Canal road side path as I take the photo. The otter pops in and out of pipe work in the wall on the left hand side of the photo and at the end of the wall is a really old set of steps that you can watch him scamper up and then he just scrambles along the grassy bits of the towpath till he's passed all the lock and he slides back into the water at his leisure - he does not give a jot for the people who may be there on the path and does not seem at all bothered by noise or busy goings on.
  12. Tumshie

    Otters at Napton

    That's the place to see them and when ever I go I seem to time it wrong. Some times they put on a spectacular show jumping and playing. I'm glad that you got to see them because I can pop down any time but if you were only here for a short time that was brilliant.
  13. Tumshie

    Otters at Napton

    Do you know I have never seen the Dolphins and it's not for the want of trying.
  14. Tumshie

    Otters at Napton

    Just like that - but I must say that I didn't realise that it was particular to here. We have a lot of otters up here, there are even some living in Inverness, just up from the Scottish Canals office.

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