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  1. The Princess Matilda was a Cat B sea going barge and the 'Back at Sea' episode is about how he traveled up the west coast of the British Isles and where he vowed to never do it again. Much as I love the Caley I don't think is a substitute for the inland waterways of Europe, not to mention that as you can do it from one end to the other in two days and then can't go anywhere except back the way you came it probbly won't fill someones retirement (hopefully) . https://www.steelboats.co.uk/fcn_steel_seagoing_barge.html Oh look the thread has taken a faceplant, what a surprise.
  2. The ch isn't a hard sound, think along the lines of Llangollen, It's a soft Celtic ch. I can't really think how to describe in the written word. 😆 There is also a Glen Quaich, between Kenmore and Amulree.
  3. I suppose that's why the highlands is easier for people who don't want to be constantly under someones eye.
  4. Interesting. I've wondered before cos I suspect there are quite a few people up here who live in little plastic boats that if they lived anywhere else in the country would probbly be classed as homeless. It's not unusual for people who can't cope with society for what ever reason to end up in the highlands, and boats and bothies are plentiful. But there also seems to be growing communities of people living on yachts, working class people like us so on regular boats not big fancy millionaires toys.
  5. It was a good attempt - I've seen worse. 😆
  6. What figures? I'm genuinely interested, so if you could post a link or tell me where to look that would be great.
  7. Like Alan says the RYA are probbly the people to contact about this but you could also have a rummage about on the YBW forum as they cover a wider area; it's British but it's sailing so it's, you know, global. https://forums.ybw.com/index.php https://www.rya.org.uk/Pages/Home.aspx
  8. Did you ask the local heritage society if they wanted any of it? Our local one takes things like that and builds local historical knowledge of all the families and businesses in the area, it's all stuff that might not seem relevant on it's own but when you add it all up you get a wonderfully complete picture of the area.
  9. Wise people tent to be naturally more observant and do learn form what opportunity gives them; but that has more to do with personality rather than age. Most people will know more or be wiser then they were when they were younger but that still doesn't automatically mean with their age came "great" wisdom.
  10. Some people are naturally wise and some people never get wiser no matter how old they get.
  11. To be fair there's not a lot you could do with it, you would need to go back for it with a wheel barrow and cart it off to a skip or one of those large commercial wheelie bins. Funny thing is the wind could have blown it down to the canal before it got water logged. That's a generic 'you' before anybody thinks I'm casting blame.
  12. I had a friend at school who used to use his words like that, instead of saying 'I was outside playing' he would say things like 'I wurs outside playing', I liked him, he was cool. He had a set of wellingtons, one of which got a hole in from a burn when he was helping his dad out in the workshop, so he went back in and asked his mum to patch it up, she did so and about a week later he took it off, when she asked why he'd done that he said that he's thought it would have healed by then. He's grown up to be still just as wonderful and he and his lovely wife have raised lots of little people who are just like him.
  13. A couple of articles about how Greta is received by the climate denying right that I thought were interesting. https://newrepublic.com/article/154879/misogyny-climate-deniers https://theconversation.com/misogyny-male-rage-and-the-words-men-use-to-describe-greta-thunberg-124347
  14. What was national health orange juice? Did you take it with the cod liver oil? Cos that just sounds bouffin
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