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  1. Orange bookmark?

    It means that you got 5 greenies! Yey!
  2. No Forum

    Face Bump - Fluffy Bird - Furry Boots - For Bed Night Night.
  3. Of course this is true. Life is nothing if not complex and there is no one size fits all to it.
  4. No, you can't, but that's ok.
  5. It was not my intention to lecture. I am sorry if you felt that I did. I was just expressing how I feel about the connection between mental heath and behaviour. And you are correct I should have said - "But it saddens me that you assume this woman might have mental health issues"
  6. I read about this last night and was horrified that someone would do this. At first I thought it had to be the same person that was in the news not that long ago for doing the same thing, but no, new person. I am glad that it has been dealt with, this is not something that can be allowed to go with out reprimand. But it saddens me that you assume that this woman has mental heath issues because she behaved badly. People with mental health issues can go through their whole lives with out behaving badly. And people can behave quite badly quite regularly with out having mental health issues.
  7. Handy for cloning parts

    Ah. I've used it to make moulds but I've never really used it in any other way, so I just wondered.
  8. Handy for cloning parts

    May I ask what you used it for that you wanted to paint it?
  9. Today is a good day

  10. Today is a good day

    It's been sunny today and sometimes I have to do something productive. Honest.
  11. Today is a good day

    It's mostly by good luck than good judgment to be honest - I just randomly click on stuff till something happens. And before anybody says it - no, I don't think I broke the forum yesterday.
  12. Today is a good day

    And just cos I wanted to practice adding a link here is where it started. Yey - it worked
  13. End of winter?

    I was going to answer that then thought better of it - I can sometimes not spot the obvious till its too late -
  14. End of winter?

    Naw I just gives me self a good shake.
  15. End of winter?

    Bloody global warming - now it just rains - all the time. Had to go out last summer & buy a tumble dryer.