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  1. Tumshie


    There is a quick note here about it. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/99668-horses-in-case-youre-wondering/
  2. Tumshie

    Open fire, smokeless zone, options?

    I love burning peat and now that you can buy it in a compressed brick form you don't need to cut your own to get it. It smells wonderful, of course I could be biased because the smell of peat will always be home to me. I think it's safe to say it burns some where between coal and wood and if you add a stick to it you get a marvellous open fire. However I have no idea where it falls on the scale of smokelessness.
  3. Apolloduck is an option, I don't know how successful it is but the turnover of advert on there is quite active. https://www.apolloduck.co.uk/boats-for-sale/waterside-properties
  4. Tumshie


    Camera bags and things are all very personal and what you choose will depend very much on what works for you, but two of the best little things I bought that weren't expensive but helped a lot were - A UV lens filter, this really made a difference as I was out side most of the time but it adds a little protection to the (expensive) lens too. The other thing was a bean bag, I can shove it in my pocket and pull it out as I need it and it lets me rest my camera on things I wouldn't other wise like to, good for when I want to wait for a shot and saves a tripod.
  5. Tumshie


    Wouldn't it have been better to just hide the one no one was commenting on rather than clutter up this one?
  6. Tumshie


    I have one of the now older iPhone 7+ models and the camera's pretty good on that, it definitely makes photography much more accessible. It also cost almost twice what I paid for my Nikon. That's a really interesting site - thanks for that one Dr B.
  7. Tumshie


    I think that's a brilliant idea. I'm not very good or knowledgable - I went from never having a camera to deciding to invest in something that I could learn on and that would last me a good while. I watched loads of different reviews for cameras on YouTube - there are an amazing amount of people making a living with their photography on YouTube. My local library gets in a huge range of different magazines both paper and online, I asked the librarian what happens to the paper mags when they're finished with and could I have them, she kindly said yes so I pick up any of the older ones that are going for recycling and any others I can down load from/in the library app. Our local libraries should never be underestimated when picking up a new hobby. I also got quite a lot of incredible advice from my local camera shop. I might live in the wilds of nowhere but its well photographed wilds so the camera shop here is pretty good. They also sell very good quality second hand equipment and they will be happy to spend time talking to you about any thoughts to worries you may have. Delivery is also something they are very good with. (Other local camera shops may be available - they just might not be as good) https://ffordes.com/home In the end I decided on a DSLR, it was a big investment at the time but I'm very glad I did, I bought mine new but they can be bought from reputable camera shops second hand. this is the one I decided on in the end. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1919406 I've had so much fun with it - I won't be giving David Bailey a run for his money any time soon but the learning process is just as much fun as the little gems that I occasionally manage to snap. I'm sorry I can't offer much practical advice but I hope these places to look for ideas are helpful. I'm sure as soon as I hit send I'll think of something else. Tumsh.
  8. Tumshie

    Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Welcome to the forum, Tanukichan. The members here love chatting about buying boats so you should find lots of helpful advice, but there's also lots of interesting stuff to be found in the older posts so having a rummage about using the search function can be really worth while. Good luck Tumsh.
  9. Tumshie

    A grim New Year.

    Actually I gave you the big red love heart greenie because I think you need it more that most.
  10. Tumshie

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to Pud & Tree Monkey - I hope you both feel better soon. Tumsh
  11. Tumshie

    A grim New Year.

    Sam I am quite sure that you won't see this post - I'm also quite sure that you do like sidetracking humour (secretly), you just don't see as much of the kind that you like. Regardless, I wish you a very happy new year, I hope all the best for you and yours, and that you see good health until I can wish you the same next year. With much love and (my famous) hugs - Tumsh. PS I gave you a big love heart greenie cos I can. 😉
  12. Tumshie

    Happy new year everyone.....

    Happy New Year to all on the forum
  13. Tumshie

    Speeding on The Fosse

    Aye, The Corries are certainly in a class all their own when it comes to their comedy @Dr Bob
  14. Tumshie

    Hogmanay approaches.

    That is fantastic, Ray thank you. I think the most famous version of that in Scotland is the one The Corries did so it's nice to hear a different version. A few years back I worked in a small rural pub but it used to have really busy acoustic music session most weekends and that song was always a popular request.

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