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  1. I made a typo in my last post #181 but it was out of the allotted time for making edits.
  2. Yes and there in lies the problem, people don't realise that turbines do not* cope particularly well in domestic or lower level settings so a turbine at a festival is never going to work as well as it could. At places like festivals and shows they can only ever be a gimmick or for promotion. I think that's why the little marine ones don't work so well on narrowboats. *typo corrected by Magpie Patrick
  3. Hi Graham - you might want to repost your question in the general boating section because I thing it may have got a little left behind over here. Hello Skins and welcome, no questions are silly questions. If your other half want's to have their own account then the more the merrier. 👍🏻
  4. Could you provide a link to that please, cos it sounds interesting but I can't find anything on their website, I must be looking in the wrong place.
  5. Oh right - cos the post before mentioned a festival and to be honest festival is not the optimum environment for running turbines.
  6. I wouldn't worry about that, we won't be eating fish for much longer; but panic not they're gonna take seaweed and mould it in to little fish shapes and call it vegan fish - we'll all be none the wiser so it'll be fine. ------- Which turbines are these? Are they the ones that are permanent structures and feed into the grid?
  7. I often wonder why Springers get such bad press when they seem to be pretty resilient, they're like the R2D2s of narrowboats, they just keep going and going.
  8. Tumshie


    I rather thought that was the point I was making - you're on a British forum discussing when you come to Britain, for the most part we in Britain have long practice at deciphering Americanisms so you're American English to English English dictionary is probably nothing to worry about, but if (when you're in Britain) you ask for gas when you want petrol you probably won't get petrol. The gas/petrol thing is probably the only thing that doesn't translate well. But hay, you do you as they say. Oh that's brilliant
  9. Tumshie


    So long as you remember the gas is gas and it's definitely not petrol you'll be fine. Or maybe that should be petrol is petrol and it's definitely not gas
  10. Doesn't it have a fibreglass superstructure? Or maybe it's wood either way I don't think it's all steel. I'm too tired to go look myself.
  11. With all my dogs and outdoorsiness I'm not very good to carpets. 😬
  12. Tumshie


    I have one of those "heavy garden trolleys" and it is fantastic. It really is brilliant on different terrain, it's really easy to handle and steer, it's really stable, it doesn't have any breaks but if you think it might roll when left unattended then you face it in the right direction and swivel its wheels and it usually sits just fine, you can remove the sides so you just have a flatbed which is still really stable but it's also really easy to add bungie too. I love mine and it copes with so much abuse poor thing, I bought mine in a garden centre in Devon over 10 years ago, it's had a paint touch up but apart from that she good. I thought about mentioning it before but I wondered if it might be a bit bulky for a narrowboat, the only down side is that it might be a bit difficult to store. You can get several different sizes so it's worth checking the dimensions of them before you hit buy. It did come in more than handy when my dog took very ill quite suddenly, she had to be rushed to the vets and couldn't move around under her own steam nor was she ok with being lifted so I dismantled the trolley and placed a mat on it then gently got her onto the trolley, she could then by wheeled in stead of carried and the trolley could be lifted meaning she remained stable. From the time she left home to having her examination to returning home she didn't need to be removed from the trolley once. She was a medium sized dog. With her medication she became her usual perky self but her skin was very tender so walking on anything but the softest ground would be painful for her we solved this by using the trolley to wheel her from one soft bit to ground to the next, she was quite the sensation in our village. She's long past now but she is still something of a local celebrity with her trolley.
  13. I think it has something to do with which location field you fill in, as in whether it your own location or your boats location. But I'm not really sure.
  14. I just clicked his profile and it says the boat is located in London.
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