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  1. Tumshie

    Ebay scam

    The Lighthouse ?
  2. Yathink? Possibly not even his first username. I'm not sure what a B week is. How we see our selves and how others see us are often two completely different things, one is relevant and the other irrelevant, which is which usually depends on the situation we are in at the time. 🤷‍♀️
  3. Wait for it, they'll be reactivated and you'll get 50 of them all from me. 😳
  4. If I do this do you get an email? 😃 How about if I do this... @Dr Bob ? 😆
  5. Tumshie


    Not sure exactly, he just said he'd sorted it.
  6. Blimey - you sound quite sore and a little jealous.... if you were Boater Sam I would offer you a hug to cheer you up.
  7. Tumshie


    I reported it as a duplicate last night - they hardly ever do anything about them though. There is nothing said on this thread that warrants it being merged, in fact merging the two threads with make the other threads overly cluttered for no good reason. And Carl says he's sorted his problem rudder so the other thread is probably finished now anyway.
  8. I'm no fan of the milk snatcher - but credit where credit's due when all the men were pansying around and kowtowing to idiots who only cared about their back pockets she stood up and saved the planet - quite literally. If she had not been intelligent enough to understand what the chemists where saying about the impact CFCs were having on the ozone layer we would all be in a much bigger pickle than we are now. Ronald Reagan pandering to Dupont had no intentions of doing anything about CFCs, it was only because Maggie gave him short shrift that anything was done to sort that mess out. That woman did a lot of harm I'm my book but far more men have done a lot worse - and most have got away with it.
  9. Tumshie


    brilliant - well done
  10. Tumshie


    There's another thread here from last year, obviously only Carl knows what's going on but this might help shine a light on the bigger picture.
  11. Tumshie


    Oh bother - Sorry
  12. Tumshie


    I'm always confused - I fuddle by as best I can
  13. Tumshie


    As people have discussed your rudder on the first thread you started but not on this duplicate thread it might be best to stop posting on this thread to avoid confusion.
  14. Tumshie

    Ebay scam

    Oh right, I see.
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