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  1. Hi Mrs M, no, definitely don't need to drive although I am looking at finally getting my motorbike license and ticking that bucket list option. I've narrowed it down to 3, options now, two marinas and one CRT longterm mooring to keep an eye on for eventual bidding.
  2. Ah, sorry, that fills in another knowledge gap, I didn't realise the existing moorer got first dibs, I thought it just went straight out to tender 👍 In which case Goliath you are probably right, start off in a marina first. I've been researching occupied sites well outside London (but 1 1/2 drive of where I need to be in London). So north of London which is where (at least on paper) my number 1 CRT choice is located.
  3. Hi Athy, when your 3 years is up does it not go back out for tender so if you don’t win the bid you’d need to vacate?
  4. Yes, logged in and on my watchlist using the CRT’s website so will be emailed when they come up for renewal. So I’ve trawled through the few I’d want to bid for. But it would be helpful if I knew how many years the license had left.
  5. Hello all, after just over a year of skulking the forums it's time to get stuck in with some questions. I'm one of the lucky ones whose job makes working from home possible, workable and enjoyable for the longer term, a change hastened by the coronavirus and the inevitable question - why are we all shelling out £2k plus to treck in to London, only to sit behind a desk all day...finally got my boating holiday booked after which I think its time to take the plunge. I have a flat in London that will be rented out so if it all goes wrong I at least have a backup option. Plans - I'm looking to buy a 57ft (or thereabouts) in Q1 next year, cruiser stern, no pump out (yes, very much settled that debate in my mind at least for now). I'm on my own and very much I've already visited lots of marinas within the 1 1/2 hr radius (train or car) but I am yet to find a marina that fits my (admittedly) very specific needs: out in the country long term moorings plenty of space that looks out over open countryside and a sense of space - Yelvertoft Marina is the only one I've found that ticks all the boxes but doesn't do residential 😒 Others look the part on Google maps but the reality is very different when you visit in person. Cowroast looks the part from a birds eye view but the reality is way different. Anyway, question. I've done my time scouring the CRT website and marked off the tiny number of non-London (but still within an 1 1/2 of London) longterm moorings I'd be interested in bidding for. Does anyone know if there is a way of finding out when the current license for a plot ends? The CRT tells me there isn't, all you can do is wait which for planning purposes seems ludicrous. Is there a third-party website etc that logs bids etc, or is this a definite no? Thanks for any hints and tips both on the Yelvertoft-style marina and the CRT data, can't wait to get out on the water.
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