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  1. I’ll take that as a lesson learnt. At least now I’m feeling the disappointment it’s woken me up to how quick one needs to be. Lesson learnt!
  2. Yep, my feeling exactly. Still, I can live in hope.
  3. Thankyou @matty40s and @The Happy Nomad for flagging that, really appreciated. Ticks enough of my boxes to warrant taking a look. Am currently on a work posting but if its still there at the end of the month (one can live in hope) then it's an absolute must see.
  4. Thanks, those tips will come in useful for the next shortlisted boat. This one dropped off my list following the incredibly useful scrutiny of the many excellent forum comments.
  5. My thoughts exactly as I've finally reached a stage where I have no ties and can just get on with it. Seen a few boats over the last 12 months where I'd have loved to put in an offer but didn't have all my stars aligned. No more, I'm now free to put in an offer ASAP as I would have done with the this East West one had it ticked enough boxes.
  6. Signed up to all the brokers. One thing that put me off this boat which I hadn't considered at all was how attractive it would be to the next prospective owner after me. I think if I had bought this one that would have really played on my mind from the off. That's not something I've felt with other boats I've been very keen on. A lot of very helpful comments here. Rugby Boats have had a fair few I've been interested in but not quite been in the right position to buy. I keep an eye out on Apollo Duck but am almost certainly going to pay the extra margin and go via a broker.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. I think this is one to miss for me.
  8. I did, and appreciate the candid response 😄
  9. Thanks, all good advice and much appreciated 👍
  10. Note to self, always search the forums first 🙄
  11. Wow. Can't remember seeing much for £40k that would be in this condition in the last year.
  12. Very, very interested in this 57 footer. Any opinions on value (yes, I know this are subjective) and other things that may cause concern. Full write-up also attached. Am now in a position to buy and finally get going. No hints of hull condition but am hopeful a survey won't throw anything too negative up. Also, guesstimates on the cost of: - removing the pumpout in place of a cassette - removing the 'lounge' seating area to make it open plan Thanks. Custom East West Narrowboats Tingdene Boat Sales.pdf
  13. Anyone used one of these or similar? The reusable element appeals. Yes you could just go to Poundland and keep buying refills etc but I’m trying to minimise waste etc and am prepared to pay more to do so.
  14. That's helpful, cheers. I'm 6ft. Not bothered by the mattress, I'd be putting my own in. Hoping to see one in action if/when we ever get to experience the fullblown retail experience again. Nice model by the way, great way to spend the Winter.
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