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Jez Walsh

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  1. So I was wondering do lunar eclipses effect fish activity? I know that they can have an effect on other animals. Thoughts?
  2. Sorry this is going to be off topic. I went down to the canal last night and found a young buck that had been run down quite recently so when we went to the boat I grabbed some gloves and bin liners and bagged it up and took it home. At midnight I started to possess it. I only managed to save the front leg joints and neck meat. I also kept the "cape" wich is the pelt from the shoulders up. Im hoping to turn that into a head mount. The horns were small only about 5-8" in length. And it weighed close to 50lb. So my question is, any good deer recipes?
  3. Going to see if I can get some crayfish later. What are the laws and rules of using a trap? I know about the hole size for otters. Buf do you need a licence to use them or can you just buy a trap and use it off the side of your boat (if you have a fishing licence)
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions for catching crayfish in canals. Like bait and maybe making homemade traps? Think I saw something about making them from plastic bottles. Thanks for all the replys
  5. Thanks for the replys guys. I know a spot on the canal after the Hanwell flight of locks where I have seen some big carp. But if it isn't legal ill stick to just catching them. Are there crayfish in canals?
  6. Hi there. I started fishing a few months ago. I mainly fish in canals and was wondering if any of the fish I catch are any good for eating? I've heard pike is good.
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