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  1. the reason for your pointless little gibe is? With regard to boots I supply my own, I stopped letting other people dress me around the same time my testicles descended, and on your last war comment, I think we have been at war for the last 10 years or more, if not why has my daughter in law spent 6 months on a war ship off of Syria and ten months in the desert serving with the marines out of the last two years, and she also buys her own boots because she does not like the ones given to her by the queen, maybe she should get a solicitor on it ? easy mistake right city,right industry and very
  2. . And I do agree with you regarding the changes, but we have gone far beyond that now, fuelled by greedy lawyers telling everyone to sue any one they can, to the present situation were nobody feels responsible for there own action and just looks for the person they can sue whenever they feel wronged
  3. I don't care if it leads to being identified its all true and was proven, the £26 grand was the best deal we could have hoped for, had the case been lost it would have had another 100k stuck on it fix it or cry it's still your home and your choice, but as is becoming quite clear you would rather moan,
  4. well sadly I,m not but I am a relative of someone that's just been fined £26,000 because he employed someone on the back of a pack of lies, who then fell from a scaffold that he had made unsafe by removing all the decking boards after a liquid lunch, oh and he decided not to wear the safety harness that he had been supplied, the victim now drives around in a brand new Audi convertible, while my lad has had to sell the company to settle the legal bills, seems like a really good system can't believe I fail to embrace it at face value, the only people really benefiting from it are the lawyers and
  5. I know I'm not the sharpest chisel in the box, but sorry if I fail to see any relevance between the British empire and health and safety, personally I have know interest in invading anyone, and empire building has been a massive failure since it started, we just have not learned that yet
  6. or move if your not happy, I think there may be a little bit of a class war issue here, a bit like the fat lazy types that live in council houses and refuse to do any home improvements because it's not there responsibility, if you want to live in shit, no one is stopping you in much the same way as they would not stop you if you wanted to make your space a bit better, after all it's you that has to live there not your capitalist landlord, your choice can't actually find the bit were I said that
  7. . If your not happy there move on, if more people did this the crap marinas would soon be empty and have the choice of improving things or going bust
  8. what part are you struggling to believe? It's quite simple really I take responsibility for my own actions and don't try to blame my bad judgements or mistakes on someone else, if your mooring is a bit dodgy you can stay and improve it,or move on until you find what you want, or the modern choice stay there moaning, then try and sue someone when you fall over the thing you have been moaning about for the last year
  9. . You work and make a living from H and S I,m guessing, I was brought up by my nan, who survived for 100 years,saw two world wars the coming of the motor car, mans first flight, and loads of other things that make you proud to be a human, all those things happened completely unhindered and unaffected by H and S, all I see in your modern H and S world is a noose slowly tightening around the neck of the human animal, a classic example that we all see is mans lack of ability to cross an empty road unless the green man flashes and bleeps to allow it, kids have learnt not to touch the fire by burni
  10. . I,m waiting for an op on my spine at the mo but next year in the summer I intend to cycle the K and A from the river Kennet back to my house at the mouth of the river Avon about 120 miles, I will be taking a rucksack with all my cooking gear, a sleeping bag and bed roll and just crashing at the edge of the tow path at night,will take a train also to my start point, it's something I've always wanted to do but have to except it's now or never as the body is slowly heading south, good luck on your journey,let us know how it goes
  11. . If it worry,s you fit your own ladder, why does everyone expect people to do everything for them, I fell off a slippery jetty in the middle of the winter last year in full winter clothing when I got out I stripped off in the laundry room chucked my cloths in the tumble dryer rushed back to my boat and sat by the fire until warm, I did,not complain or moan or try and blame I just went and got my pressure washer the next day and cleaned the slippery green shite of the jetty, it seems that no one wants to take responsibility for there own actions any more and just moan and complain and ultimate
  12. sorry mike but know the hand held kirby is mains as well, but even my yoghurt pot has an inverter if I'm off mains and four 240 sockets if I'm hooked up, so does not make much odds, out of interest do you not need a 240 socket to charge the battery on these cordless beasts ?
  13. Looking like someone's slipped on a wet leaf and wants to find someone to blame and hopefully pay for Christmas ?
  14. . My wife is a bit ocd and has bought dysons since the very first one, as far as I can see every model has got more and more expensive, while the build quality has got more and more crap, last year when picking in skips I found an old kirby upright and a hand held one, apart from them being a bit heavy, they knock spots off the dyson in both build quality and performance, dyson has gone from being a bit special to an also ran, in my opinion, I also can't believe I'm having a conversation about good and bad hoovers with a group of elder men, only on cwf
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