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  1. Thanks Dave, We had been trying to sort out a slot there but now we have Gary's details we have Percy booked in for blacking and for John from Dadsford to do a few bits of touching up.... thanks for the details Nev NB Percy
  2. Nev


    Sad but it’s ever more present around the system. My boat neighbour got a full single mattress around her prop on the Shroppie last week. If it is scrap and we have to presume so it may be worth someone’s time collecting it and weighing it in at a local scrap yard. I got 2 quid for a pair of disks of the wife’s car ( I did replace them and I’m not that skint, I was weighing in three batteries and a load of copper )
  3. Just by way of an update the police have been and taken away a couple of items that the person touched/used. I can't fault Staffordshire police for their timely response. After the initial anger and feeling of intrusion I have decided that I can only feel sorry for the person who came onto my boat. They took money and cash and left other bits that may have had a resale value. I have to conclude their need was /is greater than mine. However they did commit a crime and if they get caught so be it. I am a little frustrated that it seems the other boater who had their boat broken into did not report it to the police. I would hope anyone who had their boat broken into would contact the police to help show there is crime on boats in an area.
  4. Had my boat broken into last night. Shebdon moorings (offside) Second time in the last few weeks a boat has been broken into on these moorings. Only moved here a few weeks ago - never imagined the moorings offside would be unsafe. Money and and food taken alcohol left. I have my theories - I thought I'd just warn other people who have boats in the area to be aware. The police were informed just to ensure the crime was reported and he/she left a screwdriver. Not happy at all, but thats life I guess. Nev
  5. Well its sorted and I am a bit wiser on how this old lump does its suck squeeze bang blow. I tried bleeding it from the top injector pipe and that is where I made my mistake. Plus what I thought was a bleed screw was not. I took the pump off which was quite easy, a couple of split pin linkages, the injector pipe at the top then two bolts that held the pump on and took it over to Sheaf diesel services in Sheffield. http://www.sheafdieselservices.com/ They were very helpful and took the time to explain the workings and what might be the issue. They said they would strip it and check it and call me back. Less that 24 hours later Andrew the owner (I think) called me to say they could not find anything wrong with the pump. They had cleaned it checked it for wear (non) and suspected it had had an air lock and described how I should bleed it. They said if I collected it they would show me the way to bleed it - and that had been my issue all along as described in my opening post.... just was not aware how to bleed the pump. For anyone else coming this way - or as a reminder if it happens again its quite simple. I took the top nut off that connects the injector pipe thinking that would release the air. What I should have done was slowly loosen the full top fixing to allowed fuel to flow out then screw the fixing back down which removes any air lock. Took two goes but it was that simple !! So I know a bit more about my engine. I also know there is no wear in the pump - so hopefully can assume the same for the other pump. I know where there is a very decent diesel service centre hopefully I'll not need them again anytime soon. Thank you again for the helpful comments. If an admin could retitle this post with a - fixed at the end so people know there is a solution to the question I think that would be useful. Now I can move Percy to her new moorings on the Shroppie - have a read - http://nbpercy.blogspot.com/2018/09/giving-it-upmilestone-post-for-blog.html Regards Nev
  6. Yes already been in touch and they have said they will have a look. It'll give me a reason to bike the part over there through the Peak District next week. https://www.stationaryengineparts.com/Lister-CS-Bosch-Mico-Fuel-Pump-Large-034-type.html Just over £100 plus postage for a genuine Bosh unit
  7. Thanks again for all the help, it is appreciated. I have a couple of enquiries out for a direct replacement and also a repair, may do both so I have a spare as if one can go - so may the other ! I like to try and understand the workings of these bits of my engine to make me as self sufficient as possible. I have found this very helpful description of the workings of the Bosch unit. It may one day help someone else who has a similar issue. http://www.oldengine.org/members/diesel/articles/diesel1.htm As and when I have it repaired or replaced I'll let you know . Thanks again.
  8. Yes the pump piston on both pumps seem to be the same. I also checked the rack movement for similarity on both pumps and they were the same so I have to assume ( in the absence of any self serviceable bits on the pump) it’ll have to go to a specialist to look at it for me. Many thanks for your diagnostic help. Nev
  9. I tried taking the injector pipe off the top of the pump and with the engine running there were no spurts of fuel, there was some air being pumped ( best description I can provide). I also took the pipe off and blew through it and it was clear. It fuel is getting to the pump but not pumping. I can see the injector pump is pumping ... it’s quite a basic engine ( which I like ) Pic of the pump attached Cheers
  10. Thanks for keeping help coming. I guess that means taking the top “ connector” off the pump ....never had one of these apart before. Anything I should be aware of before I get the spanner’s out over the weekend ?
  11. Just tried that and nothing is being pumped .... I have bled the pump with the screw and fuel is flowing. I am starting to think the pump had died/ has a fault. No idea what the internal workings of these pumps are and what can fail?
  12. Hi, I think I have introduced some air into my system and I could do with advice on how to bleed it to get the engine running on 2 cylinders. I have read through some old posts and I have done the same as this ...... dietaylor87 said: - we turned off the fuel lines as there was a tiny drip, but have opened them up again now. I think this is the problem. By closing the fuel valve from the tank, you made the fuel system on the engine a closed system. If you did that when the engine was warm, then as the fuel in the pipes cools it shrinks, and the pressure in the pipes drops. That turns the "tiny drip" from something that lets diesel out, into something that lets air bubbles in. Air bubbles in diesel pipes stop engines. To get the engine going again, you need to bleed the air out of the pipes, and to avoid a repeat, don't close the fuel valve, and preferably fix the leak. I don't know the details of bleeding an SL3, not hopefully someone else will be along with those soon. MP. ......The engine will start but I can feel the right hand cylinde exhaust is getting hot whereas the left hand is not. I’d like to have a go myself so any advice from the knowledgeable would be much appreciated. ( ...and yes I’ll fix the leak from the day tank !!) Thanks Nev
  13. Similar circumstances to you ... we put a Nest controller on our oil fired system. This enabled us to monitor the house temp and turn the CH on if needed. It has an eco setting that basically does this for you....the benefit is that it can all be monitored and changed while away via the internet. Gave us peace of mind. When it was really cold earlier this year (remember that ?) we went to the boat as it was warmer there and it enables us to keep the boat burst free while the CH kept the house at a safe temp.
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