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Shropie Lad

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    Kiskadee ( Sold, New build in my Shed in Progess )
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    Here Today & Gone Tonight !

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  1. Yes BUT you have got those two muppets Dom & Bo running your world ! And we got Mark & Nicola running our world thankfully. !!
  2. A guy up the street in the village as been reported to police for visiting Spar five times in the day to buying a scratch card ! ( But that must of been an ESSETIAL Scratch Card )
  3. Sorry but this country is full of arrogant morrons who think it won't effect them !! And sod what anyone else thinks . 🤧
  4. Dimwit or Fuckwit !! You Choose ! ????
  5. If they have broke there T & Cs , Which they clearly have ! By blocking Visitors Moorings ( For a long, long time, can't how they could possible complain. ) Permission long gone sorry ! ............Move it Out of the way..............
  6. All the Above !! This is shamefull behaviour by everyone involved , It does nothing for the rightful boater that pays it's dues, It does nothing for 'CRT. our poor charity ' Visitor mooring are for Visiting ( 24hr or 14 day winter ) At lest That is what i paying my licence FOR ! ! ! ! ? ? ?
  7. Topside of Trevor is horrible !! ( Well worth a trip to the Sun at Trevor ! Then wind )
  8. Wonderful motors, A fair few working boats ran Armstrong siddeley AS2 two cylinder diesel.
  9. Shropie Lad

    Shropie Lad

  10. I came down that track Last Summer in me old transit !! would not like to bring a 4 wheeler lorry down there !! An artic ? Fair play to get that Far !!!
  11. Just a thought ! How much would it cost to have it done by a surveyor ?? A RCD etc.
  12. Just constant cruise can be as near or as far from home as you want ! Don't like covering the same ground twice !!
  13. No wonder He didn't want to show his business card ! That Sonny Smith looks like a pasty face old man with a big nose !
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