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  1. Does anybody know of the procedure of getting a Memorial Mile Marker for a very good friend and a well know Angler in Weedon?
  2. Sorry if this is too late but you need two "C" Spanners. Mine are 2 inch diameter . They are the same size as the collet of a wood workers lathe. got them from a woodworkers supply company, but i do not remember the address.
  3. Hi I am having to replace my flue, Would like as avise as to how thick the wall of the flue should be? Have seen some in Midland Swindlers which look very thin to me.
  4. The picture is Whilton Marina canal side, where the boat was for sale, i think it was this year!
  5. Midland chandlers have a Freak Friday on 28th October , that will get the price nearer your £450!
  6. Thank you Ditchcrawler I don't no how to do the links!
  7. Just seen that Aldi are selling an inspection camera on Sunday 23 August, Has anybody used one of these? If so whats the verdict?
  8. Thanks to cuthound i have just got a quote of £19.30 from more -than using Boughtbymany.com same cover as Tesco except excess is £150 where as tesco is £60. Thats £17 per month cheaper!! Thanks for your help
  9. I have just received the pet insurance renewal for my 10 year old Jack Russell the premium has gone up by 50%, to £36 a month! With Tesco. This is for a dog that has never had anything wrong with it, yet an insurance claim! Do you know of a cheaper insurance?
  10. Hi Can anybody tell me the size of the screws which hold the glass in on a Squirrel Stove (1410)? Thanks
  11. Sorry to butt in, Can anyone tell me how a layman can check to see if the smartgauge is giving the correct SOC readings? Also how do you know that it is not faulty? I had one installed by Dave Reynolds last year and quit frankly it does not make any sense to me! Any help would be most appreciated.
  12. I bought a new motor for £9.99 from Canalshop Hillmorton. www.canalshoponline.co.uk/
  13. Am i right that you can set up a company for only £4.99??
  14. Could it be Baby Wipes? These are not disposable but a lot of people think they are. If these are put down a toilet and get stuck they are like a wet T shirt, and are one hell of a job to clear.
  15. I bought mine from Midland Chandlers yesterday, Not only does it have these small modifications BUT it has sheet metal baffles on the back and underneath. I am wondering that the extra depth at the back of the stove will mean that i have to reposition the stove forward to maintain the gap between fire and baulkhead?
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