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  1. Thanks everyone for your help
  2. Totally agree, but still have this nagging doubt of what if the broker close down ?
  3. Hello ? Once again we find ourselves boat-less having sold our boat, just a couple of weeks before the lockdown. Which depending how you view things can be lucky or unlucky, but not having a crystal ball ? Which brings me to the subject of how people feel about brokers asking for a £ 1000 deposit to hold boats subject to viewing, which is refundable when viewed If boats not what you wanted.
  4. I'm sure someone on the forum must have a Canslmaster boat can maybe gave some advice/ opinions on builder
  5. Hi Our boat is a skinny widebeamor a fat narrowboat 30ft x 8.6ft, we used DCL Transport Services Preston Total cost £480 - collect from Bridgehouse Marina PR3 0JJ Delivery to York Marina YO19 4RW
  6. We bought our boat at Lancaster and road transported to york and I found this quite simple ⚓️Possible due to letting the experts do they job. Once you price up, lifts & Transport cost, you can use this when purchasing a boat. Most Important was all the help / advice we received from forum members ? We listened and used there experience ??‍♀️
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I really like this stove brilliant price the only disadvantage is has a 4inch flue & the squirrel is 5inchs just thought it would be easyier to buy another stove with 5inch flue.
  9. Thanks we Love the quirky look of this but unfortunately it's a wood burner ☹️ We need a multi fuel stove
  10. Oops it is force 4 chandlers my mistake wishing it was Midland chandlers with a Freak Friday coming up thanks anyway.
  11. Yes spadfoot we have thought that & midland chandlers have A Morse Stoves on offer just under £600 which is a really good price. But getting old stove out & new one in seems to be the problem Any ideas on how to make this easier
  12. The stove is as old as the boat (17) so that's pretty good however we have only had the boat 3 years
  13. Oops Well it comes to use all old age our lovely cosy Morse Squirrel stove has developed a saggy top & wrinkles, that is cracks on the top. A little bit of plastic surgery preformed by OH has worked wonders, but sadly she will have to go We are looking for replacement : 5kw British made multi fuel stove budget of £450 Also,How easy |hard will it be to take the old stove out & install a new stove
  14. squirrel cracking

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