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  1. The small private marina you refer to is called Ellerbeck narrowboats. It’s about half a mile from white bear off Rawlinson Lane.
  2. Probably not in your budget but I can’t recommend Brompton enough. They’re superb bikes and a step above all the competition. We’ve ridden ours everywhere from the towpath to the Alps.
  3. The panels have an open circuit voltage of 21.24v so a combined voltage of 84.96 is well below the 100v max or am I missing something?
  4. I would like to add an additional solar panel to my current array. This would make the system comprise of 4 x 100w panels wired in series. The charge controller that’s fitted along with 3 existing panels is a Victron 100/30 i.e 100v/30amp. Using the calculation for required controller size, peak panel watts / battery voltage a figure of 33amps is stated. 400w/12v = 33.3 amps this is 3 amps more than my Victron controller capacity. Would It be safe to add the 4th solar panel without changing the controller as the over capacity of the panels is only 3amps?
  5. I can thoroughly recommend Briare in the Loire valley. No shortage of canals to explore
  6. Fettlers wharf marina built several similar floating homes before it changed hands.
  7. Congratulations, it’s a lovely boat. We pass it regularly at Lymm and every time I wonder about selling ours to buy it.
  8. Red rock visitor moorings at bridge 63 are a good place to moor not far from Haigh. Heading from the top of Wigan flight you’ll pass the permanent moorings, visitor moorings are just the other side of bridge 63.
  9. A JCB on site was used to trash the control box and push a site cabin into the canal. The damage is fairly severe.
  10. Just seen this in London boat museum Facebook page. Any ideas?
  11. Acacia https://www.apolloduck.eu/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional/600541
  12. I think you’ll be fine. We are 62ft and regularly go down the Rufford branch. I’ve shared locks with other boats and never had to go in diagonal.
  13. Well said that man! Although we have a home mooring as a back up and a place for some winter downtime, we spend 8-10 months of the year constant cruising and working a full time job. We are happy to commute up to an hour which gives us a large cruising area and no shortage of places to stay all well within the spirit of constant cruising. I work nights so we aren’t limited to moving at the weekend. we love the lifestyle and as mentioned above it’s always rewarding.
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