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  1. Congratulations, it’s a lovely boat. We pass it regularly at Lymm and every time I wonder about selling ours to buy it.
  2. Red rock visitor moorings at bridge 63 are a good place to moor not far from Haigh. Heading from the top of Wigan flight you’ll pass the permanent moorings, visitor moorings are just the other side of bridge 63.
  3. A JCB on site was used to trash the control box and push a site cabin into the canal. The damage is fairly severe.
  4. Just seen this in London boat museum Facebook page. Any ideas?
  5. Acacia https://www.apolloduck.eu/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional/600541
  6. I think you’ll be fine. We are 62ft and regularly go down the Rufford branch. I’ve shared locks with other boats and never had to go in diagonal.
  7. Well said that man! Although we have a home mooring as a back up and a place for some winter downtime, we spend 8-10 months of the year constant cruising and working a full time job. We are happy to commute up to an hour which gives us a large cruising area and no shortage of places to stay all well within the spirit of constant cruising. I work nights so we aren’t limited to moving at the weekend. we love the lifestyle and as mentioned above it’s always rewarding.
  8. Trent 5 re-listed https://www.apolloduck.eu/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional/573934
  9. We passed Duke on Monday on the Leeds Liverpool near Burscough and I’ve just heard that a chap in Scarisbrick marina has bought it, which is where it currently resides.
  10. Beech https://www.apolloduck.eu/boat/narrow-boats-traditional/435692
  11. They did sag a little especially when it had rained. I remedied this using a length of beading underneath the centre. I’ve ordered some adhesive magnetic strips to use as a permanent solution.
  12. Yes they are. https://e-magnetsuk.com/magnet_products/work_holding_magnets/pot_magnets/external_threaded_stud.aspx i used 4xE1006 on each panel. We moor on the western L&L where it’s pan flat and wide open and the panels haven’t budged even in the strongest winds.
  13. My flexible panels are mounted on pot magnets to raise them off the roof.
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