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    …….. which all goes to prove it's not only those of us on meds that need help and understanding, but also those undiagnosed and who are probably self medicating, however we also forget/ignore those who live with or care for those with poor mental health. Without that support it's a slippery slope for one and all.
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    Oh no it's not .... that's the 18th October! https://thebms.org.uk/2016/10/tuesday-18th-october-world-menopause-day/
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    But only need to run my engine for 1 to 2 hours per day anyway. I think there is another option: Get a decent set of lead/acid domestic batteries and set your boat up for low power consumption when away from shore power. LED lights throughout, gas fridge, small flat screen TV that draws 1 - 2 amps, 12v car stereo that draws an amp, etc. I don't use my laptop when I'm away and just go online on the phone. It's all about reducing electrical power consumption, but I really don't feel that I'm deprived in any way.
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    Interesting 'historic' boat films turn up on YouTube now and again and I thought a separate thread to capture the best ones might be helpful. I have not seen this film before which captures the opening of the Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port:
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    I would imagine that a suitable 12v - 24v step-up that would handle the output of a (say) 70 or 100 amp alternator would cost in excess of a 24v alternator. Try some truck supply places. I have phoned the local one I use and they passed me onto their electrical specialist (Gary Hare) I have spoken to him and he said "don't go down the 12v to 24 volt booster it just adds unreliable complexity and will cost a fortune to get one big enough anyway". What he has said is that if you provide him with the model number off the 12 v one you already have he will match it exactly (mounting brackets, pulley size / design etc) with a 24v version. Alternatively good photos with some dimensions and he could probably work it out. You then simply bolt it on in the same place using the same brackets. He even offered to come out to the boat (if you were local and sort it out for you) 40a - 50A 24v alternator prices start at £50-£60 but he could not give any idea of what yours would cost without more detail. Should you wish to call him his number is "079 three 0560 six 3 seven" Hope that helps.
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    Shower begining to come together, nearly ready to sand and finish port plywood for painting / cladding depending on what she who shall be obeyed decides on, can't wait to move from structural to decorative ?
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    I once got on the tube at Euston (after a 14 hour stint at work) , Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale got off and walked up to Stonebridge Lock realising eventually that I had moved to Cowley Peachey opposite Packet Boat Marina over the weekend .......
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    But then, to quote Oscar Wilde,"..There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about..."
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    There is a lot of ignorance by people who have not suffered or been in contact with these devastating conditions and the dramatic effect it can have on peoples lives. I have had personal abuse by complete strangers who have walked up to me blatantly told me I am a bad and nasty person just because the Internet has decided that completely unqualified people are capable of making a professional diagnosis based on no, or very limited, information, no skills and a seemingly insatiable appetite to get online ticks and credits from their peer groups. Funnily enough I can understand their fear of the unknown and their desire to keep their distance. I decided a long time ago that my priority should be to concentrate on identifying the problem areas and research possible solutions to these problems, fortunately after many misdirections and blind alleys I have to a very large extent managed to largely resolve these problems, still a way to go but firmly heading in the right direction, major advances in the significant areas and almost getting a life back. I also decided not to waste any energy dealing with negatives, that's all part of life always has been and I suspect always will be. So stay strong Ange, support is out there its just a case of identifying where it is. Eta To make it boating related I sincerely think that boating life has been a significant factor in helping to resolve my personal health issues, there is a far more tolerant view of the seemingly strange than in many other social groups, for that I will always be grateful. Now that I am no longer 'strange' hopefully my experience can be of benefit to others although I do in the main try to keep that side of my life away from boating forums and use the experience where it just possibly may be of more use to others. After all I don't tend to discuss Solar panels and Elsan points on health related forums, it's nice to keep a divide.
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    I bet this crew member was a great deal younger than me. There has been a movement in the last thirty years or so to pronounce Latin as though it were modern Italian, Those taught Latin fifty odd years ago would pronounce the last syllable to rhyme with "days" and the "v" as a "w". So I would say "wool-pays" Incidentally since we are in pedant mode, it should be pointed out that a more usual spelling of Vulpes is Volpes. There are changing fashions in pronouncing classical Greek and Latin. I remember hearing Harold Macmillan reciting Aeschylus with a plummy Edwardian accent which was barely comprensible to later generations. The fact is, it doesn't really matter.
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