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    No such thing here. Normality fosters this "it was so much better in my day." mentality. I remember my grandad telling this to my dad and my dad telling it to me. I break with tradition by telling my kids that life is what you make of it not how crap old folk might tell you it is inevitably going to be. People have been shouting "slow down!" since I started boating in the early 80s and the modern age has no monopoly on selfish gits. Smile and wave at them and remember that it is them who are missing out and the world will be a happier place. Getting grumpy about grumpy people just creates one more grumpy person.
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    I’m convinced it’s the training that’s at fault, having experienced it at first hand while I was “worked” through Atherstone top lock by a team of new volunteers and their CRT gaffer. The gates slammed behind me then he immediately whipped a top paddle up without even looking in my direction for any sign from me. As soon as the boat stopped banging around I shot up the ladder and explained as politely as possible that he wasn’t teaching people the correct way of working a lock. The trainees actually seemed keen to hear what I was saying but unfortunately their boss didn’t, and wouldn’t even make eye contact. Part of a volunteers training should be a passage through a lock that’s been worked badly, so they get an idea how easy it is for things to go wrong.
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    Hey! The number of times I've threatened to turn his monkey nads into earrings... I need a new threat. Or maybe just to follow through on the previous one 🤔 Trouble is I've got 14 earring holes and only one pair of monkey nads... 🐒
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    We're still here!! Sorry we have been so quiet. We were hibernating for the winter. Absolutely we are still loving every second of life aboard. The way we went about it was too much by the head and not the heart for a lot of people, but for us it really worked out well. We ended up with a fantastic bote, for a price that we knew was terrific, and we sailed away in confidence even though neither of us had ever driven a boat before. She ticked pretty much all of our boxes, but of course there had to be one or two things we overlooked! Honestly I think making a list of your needs and wants is still a great idea, and I'd do it again - the point of them was not to list dealbreakers, but rather things that counted for and against each boat we looked at. It's a big decision and there are tons of factors. There are the must haves, the nice to haves, the whatevers and the definitely nots. To be fair to the forum, the advice everyone gave makes so much more sense in retrospect. One piece of advice that we received time and again was to go out and look at boats. We looked at over 50 that were for sale before we bought ours. Still not totally sure what it means that the boat found us. We found her on Facebook, I don't think she was even looking for us . But when we saw her... we knew instantly that she was the one! (Partly thanks to the spreadsheet, of course...) @Fly Navy have you found your boat yet? Happy to offer more tips from our buying experience, if you have any specific questions. We might have a different perspective as boaters less than a year in. In the end we settled for an ex-hire boat, and I would encourage new boaters to do the same. We got a Black Prince. Absolutely fantastic boat. She's got the typical BP bumper on the front and rear, has very generous sacrificial chines, and is built like a tank besides, in 10/8/6mm steel. These features are designed for hirers - and are all really helpful considering for the first few weeks you are going to have exactly as much experience as a hirer. You're also likely to get a relatively new boat for relatively low cost. Beta engine. Yes, ours is awesome. Silencer. No. Don't think so anyway. Why? Seems pointless. Epoxied hull. I also wanted this but changed my mind - the expense isn't justified IMO and I don't want to worry about my epoxy with every bump. I actually want her out of the water every couple of years to get a good look at her bottom, so blacking is the way for me. Cruiser stern. Actually we originally wanted a trad for more internal space. So glad we got a cruiser. Ours is 65' so there is plenty of space anyway. It also makes the engine and weed hatch really easy and convenient to get at. I might consider a trad in future if I ever go for a shorter boat, but I would really miss that back deck. Reverse layout. I can see pros and cons. We have a walk through bedroom, I originally wanted a cross bed for the extra width. Forum advised against the cross bed and now we're very comfortable on our small double. I really enjoy being able to get out of both ends of our bote. Cassette toilet. Agreed - wouldn't have it any other way. I could always tell which boats for sale had a pump out. By the smell. Besides they take up a lot of space. Emptying the cassette is much less disgusting than I'd expected, as long as you aren't stingy with the Elsan blue. Double glazed. This was also on my list, but it's rare so something you'd have to install it, probably. Black Princes like ours have a double glazed bow door, and I really can tell the difference in noise insulation. For that reason I'd love double glazing everywhere one day. Heat insulation, it turns out after having cruised through a winter, doesn't really matter that much. All it means is that you'd save on coal - and considering you're willing to burn diesel to stay warm, heating costs doesn't seem to be a concern for you. Refleks stove. Too expensive to run. I can see the convenience and lack of coal dust being nice though. Maybe I'll consider that for our second stove at the stern end of the cabin. I do like the redundancy, in case we run out of coal someday while frozen in. Our Morsø Squirrel in the saloon right near the bow goes all night and heats two thirds of the boat with minimal fuel and we love it. (Side note: After trying a lot of different fuel brands, we're Excel devotees). Bow thruster. Yes - the missus and her barge pole. Unless you mean the expensive unnecessary extra-moving-part kind, in which case, begone heathen. Cratch. Nah. If your boat is big enough, you'll want the outside space. And the cratch covers I've seen tend to end up looking tatty. Convector fans. People either swear by them or think they are quackery. We don't have one, so I think they are quackery, naturally. Victron inverter/charger. Nope. We run everything off 12V and a single 110Ah leisure battery. So far, so great. We don't have a washing machine yet though, and it has been winter so our fridge is not an issue. And the wife is increasingly dissatisfied with her 12V hair dryer Christmas pressie. So, we'll get one of these once we have the money for this and a washing machine. Calorifier. OH YES. Hot water in 15 mins with the engine running. And I really like the redundancy of having the calorifier and Ebersplutter. I'm even considering adding a second stove with a back boiler, I love redundancy so much. LED lighting. There are other kinds?? (This is easy to change if the boat doesn't have it). Gas galley. Has to be. PV panels. Not yet. The most important part here - how many watts? We've been living without PV for several months as we try to determine how much we'll need. Walk thru bathroom, no bath, shower only. Yes. This was our criteria too. So much more space. Ex-hire boats don't usually have this, so we were extremely fortunate that the previous owner had redone the bathroom. Ebersplutter/Webasto. Yes. As I said, I like the redundancy. However we exclusively use our engine for hot water - since we don't have PV and it has been winter anyway, we need to run the engine for electricity anyway - so the hot water is for free. The Eber is going to be a boon once we have PV though, I think. 4 plus 1 battery bank. double alternators. split charge relay. Only the split charge. See the electrical posts on this forum. You need to be doing a proper electrical audit before you can confidently say you need all this gear. We do 100% fine on the one batt. Lots of other people are horrified to learn this. Really depends on your usage. LPG changeover valve. No. And I don't want one. Although when it was a hire boat it had one. Changing a pigtail over is almost as fast and you do it once every 2 months. What I would rather have is a low pressure hose with a regulator that screws directly into the bottle. Less pipe under high pressure = less chance of leakage.
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    My best one was being told to slow down while sitting out of gear approaching the narrows / turn at sutton stop / hawkesbury I had watched a full length boat ahead of me go through the narrows and mess up the turn so decided to hang back and let them get sorted before going through the narrows myself so I had dropped out of gear and slowly drifted to a stop between the boats moored each side and was now just sitting not moving when a head popped out shouting slow down, I looked at them, their boat and my own boat and asked them if they want me to tie up alongside them as that was the only way I could go any slower, the head dissapeared.
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    Yes but Ray Bowen will give you a much cheaper quote than going direct. Tuckeys wanted over £5k from me but give them a call and check for yourself.
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    Are these proper mountaineering carabiners, or the sort of thing that is used in a dog lead? Mountaineering krabs have a typical breaking load of around 2000kg and essentially just don't release when put under to much strain. Climbers would die if they did! Jen
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    The various arguments discussions regarding this point generally suggest securing the warp to the upstream end of the boat and having the anchor close to the steering position.
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    This should be in a book of boater quotes.
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    Several of my cats have behaved like both , but sensibly drew the line at invading russia
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