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In Topic: Whats going on at the Basingstoke

Yesterday, 06:29 AM

The Basingstoke Canal managment must be the most high handed and unfriendly managment on the waterways.Unpowered craft licences have gon up from £2:70 to £50 p.a. this is to bring into line with other waterway , however the River Wey is only £30 pa. The state of the locks and passage times are horrendous and dredging is very badly needed.
Rumour has it that the hire boat operation at the canal center has been forced to pull out because of astronomical price increases from Surrey County Council , an increase of 350% just before they were due to open . Their 72ft 47 seat function boat, 2 self drive day hire boats and disabled access boats have all been withdrawn .
Quite a few long time boats on the canal have gone off with no new ones to replace them, maybe they are put off by increased navigation charges, the Surrey C.C. say they can get £3,500 per year for so called "premium" moorings at Mytchette
It would appear that the BCA and Surrey C.C. are only interested in money, still what can u expect from organizations that are run by people who know nothing about canals and care less.The way they are going on the canal will soon be back to a derelict state what a waste of all the time and effort put in by hundreds of enthusiasts over many years.

This seems a similar theory ti the Beeching era. Maje it difficult for people to use, then claim people dont want to use, then close it!
I lived in Mytchett for a while. The facilities were always off and on even then.
Veware boater of Surrey. It will soon become a Nature Trail with no water

In Topic: decent alternatives to sawley marina.

18 April 2014 - 09:19 PM

No Paul you misunderstand. At sawley you pay it 10months and get 2 months free.

No you dont. If you pay monthly, your mooring charges are djvied by 10 and you pag over ten months. The last two months are already paid for. Not free

In Topic: BWML - why all the bad press

18 April 2014 - 09:16 PM

no joined meaning as becoming a berth holder started in April new to boating


Generally they promise lots but deliver little

In Topic: Glossary- canal and river terms, and regional variations

18 April 2014 - 09:14 PM

It strikes me that a lot of terms and words for things and actions differ around the country, and so I thought it would be interesting to collect some variations. I've got a few, I'm sure there's plenty of others.

Paddle (generic modern term) - AKA Slackers (Cambridgeshire area, perhaps others?), Penstocks (Middle level, not sure if historic), sluices (Thames), lashers (Gloucester and Sharpness)

Cabin shaft (Generic term?) - AKA short shaft (general), hook shaft (Severn and W&B), gate shutter (Severn & W&B),

Long shaft (generic) - Quant (broads), hitcher (Thames sailing barges) Severn shaft (but can these really be compared, as they had forked ends? Similar shafts used IIRC on lighters)

Snatcher and snubber (GU c. 1945>, elsewhere also?) - AKA Farling (Severn)

Hobbler - informal general canal term for someone who worked locks for money. Used for casual canal employees on the Gloucester and Sharpness, who opened swing bridges, broke down coal, bunkered ships, etc.

Steerer (GU and general?) - AKA driver (if motorboat, BCN)

Narrow boat - AKA monkey boat (?Thames?, Severn and West Country), long boat (Severn and West Country), barge (BCN)

Sluices are also used on the Trent locks

In Topic: Gunthorpe to Lincoln in a sailing dingy

18 April 2014 - 07:11 PM

Thanks for that information that's really useful, yes we will motor through Newark, we will probably take the mast right off for that and put it on a cradle along the length of the boat. We hope on Monday to set up a pulley on the bow for the forestay so we should be able to drop the mast from within the boat hopefully without having to stop.
Time on the tidal Trent depends a bit on the wind speed and direction and whether we are sailing or motoring. The lockie at Cromwell reckons about 4 hours, we have a draught of 20 - 30 cm with the centre board up so that shouldn't be too much of a problem!
And in answer to Barry we are not members of the dinghy cruising association although we have done a few trips on the Broads in the past so have some experience of dropping the mast for low bridges.

Coming down from Newark, no facilities at Town Lock. Water point and leccy on pontoon outside Crt kffjce just after Town Bridge.
Nether Lock (besf one on the River since J am seasonal lockie there) has toilet, water and Elsan.
Cromwell has water, leccy, waste disposal, toilefs and showers.
I look forward tk seeing you af Nether. (Jf you get there before Wednesday!)