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In Topic: Should my invertor burp?

Yesterday, 07:04 AM

I know the noise you mean. Ours does it as well, especially when a heavy load like kettle is added. If they all do it then must be normal.

No, don't think this is it. It's def an electrical sound. Nothing else seems amiss - we use the 2.5kW electric kettle, when on shore supply, it all works fine.
It just goes boing! Maybe I'll email Victron.

If you do and get an abswer please post. As I said, our Victron 12/3000/120 does it too

In Topic: A new job / change of direction

Yesterday, 06:58 AM

I am being very off the wall here, but how strong is your sewing machine??
Cratch repairs to me would be an ideal canal based income, most of the existing companies just make new, don;t like repairing.
Pressure wash off, (in garden) treat for milldew/mould/lichen, then resew broken or loose stitching/replace battered presstuds or lastic thingys. - patch holes caused by aggresive lock sides. perhaps also adapt existing cratches to incorporate windows etc....

Yup. I would be a customer for this. Ours was from AJ at Braunston made in 1992. Repaired by them on a while you wait basis in 2010 but needs a bit more now.

In Topic: How can some get away from paying for a license

19 July 2014 - 09:46 PM

No they would use the extra income for something else

True. Wishful thinking on my part I expect.

In Topic: How can some get away from paying for a license

19 July 2014 - 09:06 PM

How many members agree that 4% is acceptable . . . it actually represents one unlicenced boat for approximately every one and a half miles of waterway under C&RT control . . . is that good?

No. If all boats paid for a license then maybe us lock keepers might get paid a reasonable wage increase for once

In Topic: How can some get away from paying for a license

19 July 2014 - 07:25 PM

CRT have indicated at the highest level in meetings that provided they can identify a boat from its index number they have no interest in seeing paper licences displayed, and no longer make any use of them when boat checking.
They would very much like to discontinue paper licences, and apparently it is only people like you obsessed with the fact that people are not displaying up to date ones that makes them shy away from this obvious cost saving.
(Just saying, like!).

However, certajnky on the River Trent manned locks our policy is no license no passage. And whilst there was a plan to put pocket links like PDAs in all manned locks. But not enough money!
So if no license is displayed and enquires dint get good answers then. .......