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The only grey area is my percieved cruising pattern. The crt say I have only moved a distance of 10km over several months when in fact I have travelled to the head of navigation (chesterfield canal) and back to the Trent, a total of around 70 miles. This included 8 locations on the way out and 7 on the way back. Apart from one 24hr visitor mooring (the Boat Inn at Hayton) none of my stops were on visitor moorings and none were longer than 14 days (I have not been accused of over staying)

Tell me your boat name and the dates you passed through each lock abd I can check records. Pm if you like

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23 July 2014 - 02:26 PM

I have a mooring. Occasionally I want go for a long cruise. For most of this time I can use the short VMs. But, not being a liveaboard, I sometimes need to leave the boat for a while. It is quite hard to find 14 day moorings for this that don't involve pins and long walks, and anyway, 14 days is sometimes not long enough. I need proper 14 day moorings ie not pins to be available and the ability to stay somewhat longer several times per year. 

Marinas offer this service

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22 July 2014 - 09:09 PM

Are you saying they do offer a proper boat registration service confirming ownership?

My beef is finding out if the person who is selling a bo


That needs to work both ways then surely offering us protection against dishonest people not just to equipt themselves.

If I buy a car I can check its ownership with the DVLA but with CRT there is no such provision.

No you cannot. If you read the DVLA vehicle registration document it clearly states it is not proof of ownership, only of registered keeper. You can have a car on hire purchase. You might be the registered keeper but the finance company is owner until the final Optio to purchase fee is paid. 

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22 July 2014 - 09:04 PM

I'm guessing that having all locks manned would add somewhat to CaRT's costs and cause the licence fee to rise a LOT.

Yes, but at least I would have a job all year and not just April to October!

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22 July 2014 - 04:43 PM

Thanks J
Been in touch cheers.gif
Another question is, does the fuel filter actually fitted to the engine need changing at the same time as the fuel filter coming from the diesel tank. I've never bothered to change the one on the engine, it's also painted in with the engine block colour. 

My system has two filters. The first one js an agglomerator which seperates the water and shit. The engine one is a finer filter. That is the one I change. That is the Perkins part. The other one could be any make and Diperk will not know the type.