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  1. My dream was always to live on a narrow boat. So when I inherited enough money to buy a boat at the cheap end of the market I did. Ok I knew it was unsuitable as a live aboard but the original plan was after the house that also came with the inheritance I would get it totally refitted. What I never bargained on was the boat having major electrical problems. Anyway decided that when the house was sold I would just buy another boat.. Moved onto it's enough yesterday. So I have a second chance at it
  2. I have not had my fire lit as such. But I have occasionally had one of those 99p fire logs that burn for about two hours lit when it's been a little chilly
  3. A slightly funny incident I witnessed in Chester a couple of weeks ago. Cyclist speeding up the towpath passes me from behind. But just ahead is a lady walking a dog, dog on a lead. Said dog shoots from one side of the towpath to the other Speeding cyclist has to slam on brakes and swerve stopping inches from the edge of the canal. The only disapointment for me was. That the cyclist never ended up in the canal
  4. Not so much silly. But down right stupid and dangerous. But in my defence I had no other choice. Single handed on the Shroppie at Beeston iron lock the one with no ladders. Get the boat into the lock empty it and start pulling it out with the centre line. I know all about dropping the rope and lifting it again after the footbridge with a boat hook. My problem was I never had a boat hook so decided on plan B. Take the pole with me pull the boat out then my reasoning was, if I give the front end a shove with the pole the front would swing over to the far side and the back swing in to wher
  5. I never use the centre line when moored. Apart from when on a lock landing while working the lock
  6. We did it in three days. Obviously could have done it a lot quicker but there where places we wanted to stay. And where taking our time
  7. Am I the only one who thinks. Given the cost of the licence boaters should get a vote in all CRT elections
  8. Well my experience today when cooking dinner. Looked up and down the canal by sticking my head out of the window. Heard an almighty splash. I had spooked about five ducklings and mother. Their reaction spooked me. Don't know which of us where more spooked lol
  9. It got a little exciting at Christleton as well
  10. Well I never got a licence to display either by post or email when I sent my written forms off in time to renew last November. I put it down to the fact I was paying by DD. It's most embarrassing not having a licence to display when you know you are paying for it
  11. That's what I did after being advised to when hiring from a well known hire boat company at Stoke Prior
  12. I just sat there with a stupid grin on my face and didn't really think about what I never took
  13. I have bean living aboard Jem for four months now and it has been a very steep learning curve for me. Before buying Jem my main skills and knowledge regarding boats was 99% boat handling And even most of that I'm having to learn again as a single hander. But it has to be said, I don't regret moving aboard even though it's been a real challenge at times especially Xmas eve until the end of February without electric but I came through it and am now looking forward to a summer of boating and hopefully have found myself a home mooring as well. One thing I have learnt is my original plan won
  14. Sounds reasonable to me as a CC. Having said that I hopefully will have a home mooring by Easter
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