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  1. Get some cross straps and a bucket with a length of rope from the rudder of Sickle. You will easily tow Sickle - I have managed to tow mostly successfully a 56tft boat behind Rufford. Makes life a little easier, but a lot lot slower...
  2. I presume its EP80-90 oil that goes in a Blackstone gearbox, can anyone confirm this or point me in the right direction?
  3. I'm equally capable of making a mess or a tight bend with or without a drink. . .
  4. When I bough Rufford I was asked if I also wanted to buy the rather tired sofa that was on board. I of course asked is it no included in the sale and was told no. So I offered to give them a hand removing the sofa and chair if they so wished. They eventually relented and included it in the sale. A few years later it took me an entire weekend with an axe and a saw to remove them....
  5. Nope, just me. Decided to have a mission on Saturday. Glad I did, looking forward to seeing some new places
  6. Well I'm a year late but I am now on the bcn. Currently at pelsall for the rally. I have to say that the so called bad lands look honestly delightful. I'm tempted to give them a bash.
  7. I cant find Slough on the GUCCC fleet list. Did she used to be called Deimos?
  8. Sorry, getting my acts mixed up. I shall endeavor to get my act together...
  9. No worries. They have since backed down. What does worry me is I have had exactly the same letter come through for my other boat. They have stated that I am not moving enough and then ask me to get a mooring. And on the next page they list my home mooring and other details... No doubt it will be a nightmare to get a license for that. It would appear that CaRTs system is not well set up for people with multiple boats. I don't believe so. Do expand...
  10. It doesn't. Just haven't had chance to get it all sorted, main issue was not having a valid BSS which is now sorted. Must admit I have not been very organised on the boat front due to being a recently new single dad (long story) and working full time long hours and the extra hassle of an on going court case in the family courts. Still, two weeks out of license and it is all in hand to be sorted on Monday isn't that bad surely? Coming from the view point of me having 2 or 3 boats for the last 6 years which have always been licensed. My main point, if you care to climb down of your judgemental high horse - is that they threatened section 28 proceedings because the boat is listed as a continuous cruiser and has been spotted malingering in the same place since January and not complying with the move every 14 days rule. The simple fact that the boat is in a Marina on a mooring has not registered with their fantastic computer system. I did already clear this issue up way back in July, yet at the tail end of last week received the letter from Shoosmiths. CaRT have since backed down and apologised. No doubt when I apply for a license on Monday they will tell me I am not eligible for one despite emails from them to the contrary.
  11. How do you like this? Shoosmiths have just sent me a letter threatening S28 enforcement for not continually cruising and not having a current license (waiting on a BSS, now have it will license on monday) for a boat that I do not live on and am currently storing in a Marina... So yeh... they really do not think.
  12. i looked at the basin. but someyhing didnt ring quite right. a 400 page legal pack that came out about 5 days begore the auction and was then updated a day before the auction? i just felt like it was only liabilty that was for sale.
  13. CaRT tried to not give me the historic discount. I informed them that Rufford had been converted longer than she had been working and that it was a token gesture as a thank you for looking after a piece of history. I further went on to say that she is a deep drafted boat and they havea legal obligation to keep the waterway to a sufficient depth for me to use Rufford and if they were not prepared to give me ghe token gesture of 10% discount then i would be calling out CaRT each and every time that I got stuck. Which was quite often back then. In the end they relented. As for criticism, never had any other than the shame of not having a National DM2 in her. Have thought about dropping one in but why swap a nice new reliable lister for an engine that broke don when they were new? That being said, if the National from Alcor became available I wpuld find it hard to say no.
  14. The real question is, is a good pint considered reasonable grounds to stay longer... Some judges may well agree with that one!
  15. Rufford


    Baby is here. All healthy and happy. Tired. Can't fathom why people would have more than one child unless they really are a glutton for punishment
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