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  1. There seems to be a good selection on eBay, all sizes and styles - I tend to go there and to Amazon as first ports of call as they often do click and collect to Morrisons, Sainsburys, Argos etc, I don't have a land address. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R8.TR11.TRC2.A0.H0.Xrain+cap+.TRS0&_nkw=exhaust+rain+cap&_sacat=0 I have an old camping pan I hang underneath the stern hatch on my trad to catch the rain that gets in from the lift-up hoop, never had more than a few mils in there last 4 months and plenty of wet, emptied this morning after Hannah, was about 2 pints! I think if you get the 'wrong sort of rain' it can really build up, learned my lesson about the exhaust stack for sure.
  2. I think there's a bit of a 'Crying game' dynamic going on, the first bloke said 'Oh, is that a Gardner?' and seemed genuinely offended to find a Septic-via-Frenchy lump in the engine room. Priceless look on his face.
  3. I think it sounds nice and I get a lot of compliments as I'm passing, have had a couple get instantly sniffy when they find out it's a Beta though!
  4. Yes, I'm hoping there's no damage - I've just ran it for an hour and gave it full revs in gear, stopped and started again, seems fine. I think the rods etc on the base engine are pretty tough by all accounts, though don't intend to test them on this too often. My silencer is a DIY gas bottle job to give it a more traditional pop (not my doing, I like the sound of tractors lol) and think it just goes straight down/through.
  5. It's outside, but there's plenty of scope for other ingress. All canned up now and hopefully no damage done. Thanks all.
  6. I'm not seeing any cross-contamination of oil/coolant, or noticeably losing any , barely uses oil, exhaust isn't smoking, it does seem to be running very well other than these 2 times, (and once started, fine after) and both have been after some serious downpours. I see loads of stacks with hoop tops, is this a common problem, or does everyone always cap the stack after running?
  7. Thanks - no following issues so far (fingers crossed) but I did think if it was this it'd be really unfriendly to pretty much all of the engine. It's only happened once before, wasn't sure if it was starter problems, then it happened again after the biblical rain from Hannah . It's got a can on for now, will sort out a flap for it.
  8. I've just had a second occurrence of a starting problem on my otherwise sweetly running JD3. Turn the key, engine turns over for half a second then stops dead with a loud clattering (starter cog jumping?) until I let go, sharpish, of the key. Leave it for a minute, turns over ok, though takes a good few goes to start now, normally it starts within a couple of seconds at any temperature, no spluttering or trying hard at all. Both times I've had a lot of rain and boat movement (bad weather) the preceding 24 hours....could this be rain going down the stack and collecting in an open cylinder, stopping the engine abruptly on a compression stroke? I've got a hoop cover on it, wonder if I need a flap. Or any other suggestions as to the problem? Have tested diesel for water and emptied filter trap, nothing in there. Cheers Andy
  9. Thought these may be helpful. bx JD3 TUG QUICK REFERANCE ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST.pdf JD3 TUG Rev May2016 221-10476.pdf
  10. If the speaker cones or drivers are to be suspect at all then the symptoms are going to be distortion and crackling during audio being present, especially bass notes. If the buzzing is there at fairly constant levels and with no audio (quiet or the TV is on but muted) then you should cross speaker issues off your list. Just going back to the original post, you mention "12v speakers". Not sure what you mean by this.... bx
  11. That sounds like a cable or hardware fault (tv or inverter). You've probably got a mobile phone, portable radio or other audio producing device with a headphone socket the same as your TV. Try plugging that in, that'll at least eliminate the TV as the source of the problem. If you've a battery device and one running off AC that's even better, if the battery is clean but the AC is buzzing it points to power issues from your inverter, maybe intermittent grounding? bx
  12. First off I'd try popping some reasonable headphones in the TV and check that the hum isn't actually there in the signal to start with, maybe the small TV speaker doesn't go low enough in frequency to reproduce it but the big speakers do? For any hummy audio interference, belt and braces is decent cables (prior to amplification, speaker cables can sometimes act as an antenna and bring crap back to an amp, unlikely though) with plenty of copper in the shielding, electrical isolation with a 1:1 transformer and harmonic suppression with inductors, your mileage will vary with all these things though. This: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-3-5mm-Jack-Ground-Loop-Isolator-Audio-Noise-Filter-Unwanted-Hum-Inductor/232000190447 with these clipped everywhere: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-20Pcs-5mm-Ferrite-Bead-Clamp-Choke-Coil-EMI-RFI-Noise-Filter-Clip-Cable/372607193446 Stands a good chance of improving the problem, it's likely the TV that's the origin of the noise, though so much electronics these days makes use of solid state power conversion, often done poorly, hence the noise, square wave hell, the TV could be picking it up from something else, passing that to the amp... Now, is that drip I can hear inside or outside my boat....? bx
  13. Not quite on the new topic, but seeing as it's been resurrected...I just used some Fuel Guard water test paste to check my fuel tank, not a spot of water in there, so that's a relief, as it had been stood half full for some time. As far as I can see, the only filter I have is the one on the side of the engine. The manual says you should check the water trap on it every so often, and I've identified the bleed screw on top and a drain screw on the bottom - however, I'm not sure about the correct procedure, do you just release the screw on the bottom, let a certain amount of fuel out, tighten then use the manual pump to bleed from the top screw until no bubbles? Or do you have to release both screws initially to get fuel out of the bottom? Do people usually do fine just bleeding at the filter or do they have to chase bubbles to the pump/injectors etc?
  14. Yep, it's non virginal but I don't have a square socket, looking all over eBay for a 5/8" square socket or sump plug tool - any ideas what fits? You can't get a spanner to it.
  15. As requested: The top of the header tank (outside) is about level with the bottom of the 'mushroom', and the calorifier in/outs are the 2 pipes above the metal band, if I filled the tank almost to the top then they'd still be 2-6" higher than the water level. Will try filling the header some more, can't try and bleed the cylinder head right now as don't have a square socket of the right size to fit the plug (15mm/5/8th?). It's crane in day tomorrow (touch wood, was supposed to go in last week) and I'll be able to give it a proper workout, see if I can get confirmation the keel tank is circulating.
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